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Storytelling Fundamentals for All - 1 Hour Supercourse

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Presenting, writing, selling, editing: Fast & practical strategies to increase your engagement, connection, & success

What you'll learn:
  • The secret to effective storytelling simple lessons anyone can learn
  • How to concept big ideas and present them to make them connect
  • Why tension is a storytellers greatest tool -- with simple ways to manufacture it any time you want
  • Why taste is critical & how to develop yours
  • How to start - a trusty method for breaking through creative blocks and beginning any story
  • How to design engagement into your stories
  • Simple and effective tools to create more impactful stories
  • Much more!

My promise to you:if you give this course an hour of your time, you can become a better storyteller.

I work for a living as a storyteller. These are real, useful methods learned from years of hard-earned experience and countless helpful tips, classes, and books on storytelling -- all boiled down into three simple chapters. I don't waste time on history or pretentious theoretical musings, these are tools I use in my work every day, communicated swiftly and clearly.

This isn't a comprehensive storytelling course -- after all, it's only an hour. Rather, this course comprises the most fundamental lessons Ithink all storytellers should know -- and ways to avoid mistakes many unsatisfying stories make. These are some helpful fundamentals Iuse in my own storytelling every day - explained in a simple way Ihope anyone can understand. This is the course I wish I'd had and I'm excited to share it with you.

Why is this course effective?

Because I create stories for a living. I've made podcasts, documentaries, and overseen hundreds of branded projects for digital platforms. My work has been distributed on Netflix, Amazon, nominated for Emmys, won film festivals and more.I started my own storytelling company based largely on using these simple principles - you can find samples at my company site listed in my bio.

From Instagram to Facebook to Youtube, I've earned millions of views online through engaging online storytelling and have a deep understanding of how to convert stories most effectively into all shapes and sizes. Iuse these same principles to train former staff at digital media empire Uproxx and Pepperdine University. And I've used these tools to win numerous studio awards for excellence in story telling.

It doesn't matter what storytelling medium you're trying to improve, if you aren't taking into account how digital media has compressed our consumption habits, then your skills may need an update. And Ifundamentally believe they shouldn't be expensive, time consuming or boring.

Please feel free to scan some of this course's reviews -- here are just a few 5 star reviews from real students:


Damien Duma:Honestly speaking I wasn't expecting so much value in such a short course, but it was truly amazing! I am not new to storytelling, but it helped me a lot to understand the whole game better and I got few golden nuggets from the course too. Thank you and well done Matt!


Laura AnnMoore:Thank you for giving me such valuable insight on how to keep people engaged and excited about what I have to offer. The course was short, convenient, and straight to the point. Awesome!


Mario Mendoza:This course arrived to my hands on the perfect moment, exactly how I wanted to be presented.. I really recommend this to everyone at any levels

Why should Icare about being a better storyteller?

Being an effective storyteller increases your ability to connect with others. Whether among your friends, your coworkers, or those you want in your circle, you can inspire and draw the world in with a great story. It also shifts your perspective on how you experience and enjoy the world, creating rich memories that benefit you for the rest of your life.

No matter where you're starting from and can help in the following storytelling mediums:

  • Filmmaking &videography - editing, directing, screenwriting

  • Branded video content

  • Podcast creation

  • Creative writing & screenwriting

  • Pitching &selling ideas

  • Presenting

  • Toasts &Speeches

  • Public speaking

  • Interviewing &making a good first impression

  • This course is for anyone, no matter where you're starting from.

Who is this course for?

Whether you work in digital media, are trying to write a book, finish a screenplay, or speak in public better, this course is designed to increase your engagement, help connect with audiences, and leave them captivated through your stories.

My background is cinema, so many of my references stem from that world, but Ibelieve the fundamental lessons in this course pertain to many avenues of storytelling. I've received 5-star reviews from product managers, tour guides, marketers, entrepreneurs and many more. I try to use an overview of relevant examples and lessons anyone can learn from and apply to their specific needs.


This is a one hour course. My promise is this will make you a better storyteller inan hour - even if that's just one helpful tip you can use in your own storytelling - it doesn't necessarily mean you'll immediately be able to go from zero to writing COUNTOFMONTECRISTOafter only an hour (If only!). The fundamentals taught in this course are widely applicable across mediums. But as Buddha aptly said, "Knowledge can be taught, but wisdom must be experienced." Applying these skills in your own time is essential. Storytelling is a muscle - the more you exercise it, the stronger it will get.


I'm a passionate storyteller and my aim is to help improve your ability to connect and inspire in the quickest amount of time. Thank you for checking out the course!

Happy storytelling!


Taught by

Matt Livadary


4.6 rating at Udemy based on 3985 ratings

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