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Columbia University

Special Relativity

Columbia University via World Science U


Einstein’s Special Relativity upended our understanding of space, time and energy. While the ideas are subtle, they only require high school algebra, so join this math-based introduction with acclaimed physicist and author, Brian Greene.


  1. Scale
  2. Speed
  3. The Speed of Light
  4. Units
  5. The Mathematics of Speed
  6. Relativity of Simultaneity
  7. Pitfalls
  8. Calculating the Time Difference
  9. Time in MotionHow Fast Does Time Slow?
  10. The Mathematics of Slow Time
  11. Time Dilation: Examples
  12. Time Dilation: Experimental Evidence
  13. The Reality of Past, Present, and Future
  14. Time Dilation: Intuitive Explanation
  15. Motion’s Effect on Space
  16. Motion’s Effect on Space: Mathematical Form
  17. Length Contraction: Examples
  18. Coordinates for Space
  19. Coordinates for Time
  20. Coordinates in Motion
  21. Clocks in Motion: Examples
  22. The Lorentz Transformation
  23. The Lorentz Transformation: Examples
  24. Combining Velocities
  25. Spacetime Diagrams
  26. Lorentz Transformation: As An Exotic Rotation
  27. Reality of Past, Present, Future: Math Details
  28. Invariants
  29. Cause and Effect: A Spacetime Invariant
  30. Intuition and Time Dilation: Math Approach
  31. The Pole in the Barn Paradox
  32. The Pole in the Barn: Quantitative Details
  33. The Pole in the Barn: Spacetime Diagrams
  34. The Pole in the Barn: Lock the Doors
  35. The Twin Paradox
  36. The Twin Paradox: Without Acceleration
  37. The Twin Paradox: The Twins Communicate
  38. The Relativistic Doppler Effect
  39. The Twins Communicate: Quantitative
  40. Implications for Mass: Intuitive Explanation
  41. Force and Energy
  42. E = mc²
  43. Special Relativity: Course Recap
  44. Final Exam

Taught by

Brian Greene


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  • Darryl Willard
    I really like World Science University class in Special Relativity. There are some drawbacks though. The major ones is that the videos are two small on the screen to watch. The equations that Brian Greene writes on the board is very hard to read, an…
  • Syed Waqar Hussain
    Dear Reader

    I did masters in physics and read lot about relativity but found some flaws and need to discuss through phone or by email.

    Please guide. I will be thankful to you in this context.

    Waiting for your valuable reply.

    Best regards

    Syed Waqar.
    Islamabad Pakistan
  • Li Zhang

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