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Calculus - Trigonometric Integrals, Stewart Calculus Solution, 7th ET Edition

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This course focuses on teaching trigonometric integrals in calculus 2. The learning outcomes include mastering the integration of various trigonometric functions such as sin, cos, tan, sec, and csc. Students will learn different approaches and techniques to solve trigonometric integrals, including the use of trigonometric identities and substitution methods. The course aims to enhance students' skills in integrating trigonometric functions and understanding the underlying concepts. The intended audience for this course is students studying calculus 2 or anyone interested in deepening their knowledge of trigonometric integrals.


integral of sin^2x cos^3x.
Q37, integral of cos^2(theta) from 0 to pi/2.
integral of x*sin^2x.
Q43, integral of cos^2x*tan^3x.
Q46, Integral of (cos(x)+sin(2x))/sin(x).
Integral of tan(x)*sec^3(x), tan sec approach.
Integral of tan(x)*sec^3(x), sin cos approach.
Sect 7 2 #23 Integral of tan^2x.
Q39, integral of tan^4x*sec^6x.
Integral of tan^3x secx.
Sect 7 2 #39 Integral of csc(x), the standard result.
Sect 7 2 #39 -ln|cscx+cotx| = ln|cscx-cotx|.
Q40, Integral of sin(8x)cos(5x).
integral of tan^2(x)*sec(x).
Integral of tan^3x*sec^4x (read pinned comment).
Calculus, 7.2 #22, integral of tan^2x*sec^4x.
Q45, integral of (1-tan^2x)/sec^2x.
Q77, Integral of x*tan^2x.
integral of tan^3x, with sin cos approach.
Q41, Integral of cos^5x, by Edward Ezike.
Integral of cos^4(x).
Integral of cos^3x.
integral of cos^2x.
Integral of cos(x) vs derivative of cos(x), with BEHIND THE SCENES!.
Integral of csc(x), without that trick!.
Integral of cot(x), plus behind the scene.
Integral of cot^2(x).
Integral of cot^3(x).
Integral of cot^4(x).
Integral of cot^5x, cot(x) and csc(x) approach.
Q48, Integral of cot^5(x).

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