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Chemistry Lessons

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Chemistry: Introduction to the Periodic Table.
Chemistry & Physics: History of the Atom (Dalton, Thomson, Rutherford, and Bohr Models).
Chemistry: What is a metal? (Metallic Bonds).
Chemistry: What is an Ionic Bond?.
Chemistry: What is a Covalent Bond? (Polar and Nonpolar).
Chemistry: Ionic Bonds vs Covalent Bonds (Which is STRONGER?).
What are Intermolecular Forces? || Chemical Bonds || Chemistry.
Chemistry: Boyle's Law (Gas Laws) with 2 examples | Homework Tutor.
Chemistry: Charles's Law (Gas Laws) with 2 examples | Homework Tutor.
Chemistry: Gay-Lussac's Law (Gas Laws) with 2 examples | Homework Tutor.
Ideal Gas Law PV=nRT (Chemistry) - 5 examples.
Chemistry: How to Write Electron Configuration | Homework Tutor.
Chemistry: What is pH ; How to Calculate pH (3 examples) | Homework Tutor.
pH of 10 Common Household Liquids | Chemistry | acid or base | pH scale.
Is this a CHEMICAL REACTION? | Chemistry | Chemical vs Physical changes.
5 Types of Chemical Reactions (Chemistry) + Activity Series, Solubility Rules.
Chemistry: Balancing Chemical Equations | Homework Tutor.
Chemistry: Balancing Chemical Equations (algebraic method) | Homework Tutor.
Chemistry: Unit Conversion / Dimensional Analysis - Easier Problems.
Chemistry: Unit Conversion / Dimensional Analysis - Harder Conversion Problems.
Significant Figures | Add, Subtract, Multiply & Divide Sig Figs | Chemistry Physics Engineering.
Scientific Notation VERY BIG & VERY SMALL numbers + Calculations.
Chemistry: What is the Mole (Avogadro's Number)? 2 practice problems | Homework Tutor.
Chemistry: Average Atomic Mass (amu, Daltons, etc.) - 2 examples | Homework Tutor.
Chemistry: Molar Mass - with 5 examples | Homework Tutor.
Molecular Formula | Chemistry | Homework Help.
Empirical Formula | Chemistry | Homework Help.
Chemistry: Percent Composition with 2 examples | Homework Tutor.
Intro to Stoichiometry - Moles to Moles + Example Problems - Chemistry.
Intro to Stoichiometry - Moles & Grams + Example Problems - Chemistry.
Chemistry: Limiting Reactants aka Limiting Reagents 2 example problems | Homework Tutor.

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