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Building Materials and Construction

NPTEL and Indian Institute of Technology Delhi via YouTube


Instructor: Prof. B. Bhattacharjee, Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Delhi.

This course deals with topics: functions of buildings and structures, types of loads on structures, functional requirements of buildings, and role of materials in construction. Concrete as a material, its ingredients and Concrete Production Process including prefabrication, modular coordination; Cement: Hydration of cement, Chemical reaction, Structure of cement paste, Consistency and setting; Fresh Concrete: Role of aggregates and water in fresh concrete, workability Test for workability Role of admixtures, Segregation and bleeding; Strength of concrete: Role of porosity, Role of aggregate, aggregate-mortar interface, Tensile strength, Modulus of elasticity and their tests; Durability and long term performance of concrete, Role of mineral admixture; Mix design of concrete: Bricks and mortar and their properties, brick and other masonry construction; Metals with reference to Structural Steel: Structure and its role in properties of steel; Plastics and Polymers in construction, admixture paints, sealants and adhesives; Timber and plywood and glasses; Typical roof construction and foundations.


Module 1 Lecture -1 Functions Of Buildings.
Module 2 Lecture-1 Role Of Material In Construction.
Module 3 Lecture -1 Concrete:Material.
Module 3 Lecture -2 Concrete Production (Contd..).
Module 3 Lecture -3 Concrete Production (Contd.).
Module 3 Lecture- 4 Concrete:Production (Pumping, Placing).
Module 3 Lecture- 5 Concrete:Production (Curing).
Module 4 Lecture -1 Cement: Hydration.
Module 4 Lecture - 2 Cement and Cementitious Material.
Module 5 Lecture - 1 Fresh Concrete.
Module 5 Lecture - 2 Fresh Concrete: Role of Mix Parameters.
Module 5 Lecture - 3 Fresh Concrete : Role of Admixtures.
Module 5 Lecture - 4 Fresh Concrete : Segregation & Bleeding.
Module 6 Lecture - 1 Strength of Concrete.
Module 6 Lecture - 2 Strength of Concrete.
Module 6 Lecture - 3 Strength of Concrete.
Module 6 Lecture - 4 Mechanical Properties of Concrete.
Module 6 Lecture - 5 Mechanical Properties of Concrete.
Module 6 Lecture - 6 Strength of Concrete : Non Destructive.
Module 7 Lecture -1 Durability of Concrete.
Module 7 Lecture - 2 Durability of Concrete.
Module 7 Lecture - 3 Durability of Concrete.
Module 8 Lecture - 1 Cement Aggregate and Water Selection.
Module 9 Lecture - 1 Mix Design of Concrete.
Module 9 Lecture -2 Mix Design Of concrete IS Method.
Module 9 Lecture -3 Mix Design Of Concrete: British.
Module 10 Lecture -1 Masonry : Materials.
Module 10 Lecture -2 Masonry : Walls.
Module 10 Lecture - 3 Masonry : Walls : Resistance.
Module 10 Lecture - 4 Masonry : Walls : Resistance.
Module 10 Lecture - 5 Walls : Functional Performances.
Module 10 Lecture - 6 Walls : Defects and Durability.
Module - 11 Lecture - 1 Metals Fundamentals.
Module 11 Lecture - 2 Metals and Iron Systems.
Module 11 Lecture -3 Steel: Uses in Construction.
Module - 11 Lecture - 4 Steel : Uses in Rebar.
Module - 12 Lecture - 1 Polymer in Construction.
Module 12 Lecture - 2 Polymer in Construction : Uses.
Module - 13 Lecture - 1 Glass and Timber : Glass.
Module - 13 Lecture - 2 Glass and Timber: Timber.
Module - 14 Lecture - 1 Roof and Floor Construction.

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  • Engineering has always been part of my big dreams.This course has improved on my knowledge and understanding more about construction.Therefore for anyone who wants to be a good engineer,this course will be of a great help to you.
  • The course content is nice and in a continues manner form the scratch to the completed one. Power point , sound voice and description is very explanatory. Thanks in advance for your time and efforts.
  • Inayat Mohammad Sayeed Gothekar
    It's absolutely fantastic my all dabt and problems is clear when I watch sir all videos . So thank you for this informative videos
  • Good basic civil engineering course. Thanks to the faculty and IIT Delhi for the course and class central as well for providing the course.
  • This course is more useful for civil engineering students. Like i never see this before. The explanation by sir is in very easy method.
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  • Excellent class by the professor. It was a great learning experience. I got to know more inside details of the subject.
  • I'm arvind Kumar
    I'm very excited to this course
    This is very good course of building materials and construction.

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