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JavaScript Full Course for Beginners to Advanced

Amigoscode via YouTube


This course covers a comprehensive Javascript curriculum from beginner to advanced level. By the end of the course, learners will have a solid foundation to build both backend applications using NodeJS and frontend applications using React or Vue. The course teaches a wide range of skills including variables, objects, arrays, functions, loops, conditional statements, ES6 features like arrow functions and classes, asynchronous programming with promises, generators, coroutines, and async/await. The teaching method includes video lectures and hands-on coding exercises. This course is intended for beginners looking to master Javascript for full stack development.


- Intro.
- Quick word before we begin.
- What we are going to learn in this section.
- The Setup.
- Variables.
- Objects.
- Arrays.
- Arithmetic Operators.
- Functions.
- Loops.
- Break and Continue Keywords.
- If Statements.
- Switch Statement.
- Logical and Comparison Operators.
- Type Coercion.
- Single vs Double Quotes.
- Map | Filter | Reduce functions.
- Callbacks.
- Wrap up.
- Name Exports and Imports.
- Name Exports and Imports PART 2.
- Default Exports and Imports.
- Variable Scope and Let Keyword.
- Const Keyword.
- Template Literals.
- Spread Operators on Arrays.
- Spread Operators on Objects.
- Arrow Functions.
- Lexical and the this keyword.
- Enhanced Object Properties.
- Array Destcructuring.
- Object Destcructuring .
- More on object destcructuring.
- Function Default Parameters.
- Classes in a nutshell.
- Creating classes.
- Inheritance.
- Static methods.
- Promises Keynote.
- Creating Promises.
- Promise.all.
- Promises and Fetch API.
- Generators Keynote.
- Your first Generator.
- More on Generators.
- Coroutines Keynote.
- Generators Promises and Coroutines.
- Intro to Async Await.
- From generators to Async Await.
- Handling Errors.
- Wrap up.

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