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Life in the Cambrian and Ordovician - GEO GIRL

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This course explores the major life events and organisms present during the Cambrian and Ordovician periods of the Early Paleozoic Era. The learning outcomes include understanding Early Paleozoic life, evolution, and biodiversity during the specified time periods. The course teaches about Cambrian burrowers, different life intervals, Tommotian fauna, large skeletonized fauna, soft-bodied organisms, Cambrian predators, modes of life, reefs, evolutionary experimentation, first vertebrates, Burgess Shale, Ordovician life, convergent evolution of shells, biodiversity in the Ordovician period, Ordovician reefs, predators, and the Ordovician mass extinction. The teaching method is through a 27-minute video presentation. The intended audience includes individuals interested in paleontology, geology, evolutionary biology, and Earth history.


Timeline & Summary
Cambrian Burrowers
3 Cambrian Life Intervals
Tommotian Fauna
Large Skeletonized Fauna
Soft Bodied Organisms
Huge Cambrian Predators
Cambrian Modes of Life
Cambrian Reefs
Evolutionary Experimentation
First Vertebrates
Burgess Shale
Ordovician Life
Convergent Evolution of Shells
Great Ordovician Biodiversification
Ordovician Reefs
Ordovician Predators
Ordovician Mass Extinction
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