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Nanotechnology in Agriculture

NPTEL and Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur via YouTube


COURSE OUTLINE : Modern agriculture is a chemical intensive process starting from fertilizer, pesticide to food preservation. Modern nanotechnology tools if used judiciously in future, have the ability to offer sustainable development along with the optimal, precision and more effective use of chemicals. In this course, I will be sharing my journey from basic agriculture to modern day nanoparticle based agriculture practices.


Introduction - Nanotechnology in Agriculture - Prof Mainak Das.
noc18-bt25-Lecture 01-Introduction.
noc18-bt25-Lecture 02-What is Nanotechnology.
noc18-bt25-Lecture 03-An outline.
noc18-bt25-Lecture 04-Agriculture: Natural versus Modern.
noc18-bt25-Lecture 05-Modern Agriculture: Controlled or out of Control.
noc18-bt25-Lecture 6-A Restart:Utilising Our Discoveries.
noc18-bt25-Lecture 7-Classifying nanomaterials Based on Shape and Geometry.
noc18-bt25-Lecture 8-Classifying Nanomaterials Based on Chemical Nature.
noc18-bt25-Lecture 9-Physical Approaches to Nanomaterial Synthesis.
noc18-bt25-Lecture 10-Biological and Chemical Approaches to Nanomaterial Synthesis.
noc18-bt25-Lecture 11-Detailed Physical Techniques - I.
noc18-bt25-Lecture 12-Detailed Physical Techniques - II.
noc18-bt25-Lecture 13-Detailed Chemical Techniques.
noc18-bt25-Lecture 14-Detailed Biological Techniques.
noc18-bt25-Lecture 15-Basic Characterisation Techniques of Nanomaterials.
noc18-bt25-Lec 16- Characterisation Techniques.
noc18-bt25-Lec 17- Nanomaterials in Agriculture.
noc18-bt25-Lec 18- Iron Pyrite and Seed Pre - treatment.
noc18-bt25-Lec 19- Nano - Pyrite and its Lab trial with Chickpea.
noc18-bt25-Lec 20- Nano - Pyrite Field Trial with Spinach and its Mechanism Details.
noc18-bt25-Lecture 21- Mechanistic Details of the Action of Pyrite Nanoparticle.
noc18-bt25-Lecture 22- Application of Pyrite Nanoparticle in Different Crops.
noc18-bt25-Lecture 23- Application of Different Nanoparticles in Agriculture - I.
noc18-bt25-Lecture 24 - Benefits of Nanoparticles in Agriculture.
noc18-bt25- Lecture 25 - Nanotechnology in Animal Production.
noc18-bt25 Lec 26-Antioxidant nanomaterial in animal production-I.
noc18-bt25 Lec 27-Antioxidant nanomaterial in animal production-II.
noc18-bt25 Lec 28-Antioxidant nanomaterial in animal production-III.
noc18-bt25 Lec 29-Antioxidant nanomaterial in skeletal muscle development-I.
noc18-bt25 Lec 30-Antioxidant nanomaterial in skeletal muscle development-II.
noc18- bt25 -Lec 31- Skeletal Muscle Development and Nanomaterial Intervention.
noc18-bt25 -Lec 32- Fabrication of Nano- Micro Devices to study force Generation in Muscles.
noc18-bt25-Lec 33- Summarising role of Nanomaterials in animal production.
noc18-bt25-Lec 34- Nanomaterials in food Processing and preservation-I.
noc18-bt25-Lec 35- Nanomaterials in food processing and preservation- II.
noc18-bt25 Lec 36-Multifuctionality of nanomaterial Water Purification,Wate Disposal & Energy.
noc18-bt25 Lec 37-Futiristic Multifunctional, Sustainable & Green Nanomaterial.
noc18-bt25 Lec 38-Case Study of Titanium Di Oxide (Part-I).
noc18-bt25 Lec 39-Case Study of Titanium Di Oxide (Part-II).
noc18-bt25 Lec 40-Intro.

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IIT Kanpur July 2018



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  • Profile image for Anamika
    Nanotechnology can increase agricultural production, and its applications include: (1) nanoformulations of agrochemicals for applying pesticides and fertilizers for crop improvement; (2) the application of nanosensors in crop protection for the identification of diseases and residues of agrochemicals; (3) nanodevices . Its amazing course
    The course is very interesting and the lectures is good easy understand the lecturer. Nanotechnology is good to all aspects of agriculture particularly in the farming activities.
  • Udaysinh Bhagvanbhai Jadav
    best course and good Information providing like how to improve agriculture use of nanotechnology .

    thank you for developing this course very helpful.
  • Anuj Ghosh
    It was a great session and i have learnt a lot from here. Thankyou sir for this wonderful session it will help me a lot in my future
    Nano materials are very very important in agriculture. Very very informative. The concepts are good for synthesis of nano materials.

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