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Neogene Life and Human Evolution from Early Apes to Australopithecus to Homo

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This course explores the evolution of life in the Neogene Period, focusing on the transition from early apes to Australopithecus to Homo sapiens. By studying this period, learners will understand the development of whales, ungulates, herbs, rodents, songbirds, snakes, and humans. The course covers topics such as the evolution of early apes, the emergence of Hominins and Australopithecines, the transition to Homo habilis and Homo erectus, and the interbreeding between Neanderthals and humans. Students will learn about the tools used by early humans, the impact of bipedalism on brain size, and the cultural evolution of Homo sapiens. The teaching method includes lectures on key events in the Neogene, with a focus on important evolutionary milestones. This course is intended for individuals interested in paleontology, anthropology, evolutionary biology, or Earth history.


Life Events in the Neogene
Marine Life
Cooling & Drying changed environments
Animal success cascaded up food web
Large mammals during Neogene
Unusual mass extinction ~6-7 Ma
When Apes evolved
When Hominins evolved
Australopithecus led Homo
Homo Habilis Handy Man made tools
Baby brains of Australopithecus vs Homo
Aridity forced Australopithecus to leave trees
Larger pelvises allowed larger brains
Homo erectus & Flores people
Homo heidelbergensis
Neanderthal brains & culture
Homo sapiens tools & jewelry
When Neanderthals & Humans Interbred
Human cultural evolution
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