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Organic Chemistry - CSIR-NET, GATE, IIT-JAM

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In this course, you will learn about Organic Chemistry for CSIR NET, GATE and IIT. You will learn about enolates, Mitsunobu Reaction, alkylation, thermodynamic and kinetic stability, Birch Reduction, Stork Enamine Reaction, Michael Addition Reaction, aldol reaction, Baylis–Hillman Reaction, Claisen Condensation, Knoevenagel Reaction, Kulinkovich Reaction, Grignard Reaction, organometallics, Pauson–Khand Reaction, coupling reactions, elimination reactions, Grob Fragmentation, and much more.


Carruthers Organic Chemistry|Enolates|Alkylation of enolates|Keto enol tautomerism|Alkylating agents.
Mitsunobu reaction mechanism|Alkylation of enolates|Decarboxylation|Addition elimination mechanism.
C Alkylation and O alkylation|Thermodynamic and kinetic stability||Thermodynamic and kinetic enolate.
Thermodynamic and kinetic stability|Thermodynamic and kinetic enolates| CSIR-NET | GATE | IIT-JAM.
Enolates|Et3SiH reagent|Birch Reduction Stereochemistry|Enolates stereochemistry|Carruthers chapter1.
Stork enamine reaction|Reaction mechanism|Stork enamine synthesis|Gilman reagent|Carruthers Chapter1.
Stereoselective Michael addition|Michael addition reaction mechanism|Examples|Carruthers chapter 1.
Aldol reaction|Baylis hillman reaction mechansim|Claisen condensation|Knoevenagel reaction mechanism.
Stereoselective Aldol reaction|Aldol reaction organic chemistry|Stereochemistry aldol condensation.
Evans Aldol reaction|Asymmetric synthesis|Chiral auxiliaries in asymmetric synthesis|Carruthers.
Alkyl lithium reagent|n butyl lithium reagent|Organolithium reagents|Carruthers organic|J Chemistry.
Sulphur ylide|Sulphur ylide reaction|Carruthers organic chemistry|Chapter 1|J Chemistry|NET GATE JAM.
Ortho lithiation mechanism|Metal halogen exchange reaction|Butyllithium reaction|NET|GATE|JAM.
Kulinkovich reaction mechanism | Advanced Grignard reagent reactions | Grignard reaction mechanism.
Organozinc compounds|Reformatsky reaction mechanism|Negishi coupling reaction mechanism|J Chemistry.
Organometallics organic chemistry|Reactions of Boron|Silicon|Tin|Carruthers chapter 1 |J Chemistry.
Organocopper Compounds| Organocopper Reagents|Gilman Reagent Organic Chemistry|Carruthers Chapter-1.
Organochromium Reagents|Organometallic reagents in organic chemistry|Carruthers|Chapter1|J Chemistry.
Pauson Khand reaction mechanism|Organocobalt reagent|Pauson Khand reaction|Carruthers Chapter 1.
Coupling Reactions organic chemistry|Stille|Negishi|Sonogashira|Suzuki| Hiyama|Carruthers Chapter1.
Elimination Reactions|E1CB Elimination|E1|E2|Hoffmann Product|Saytzeff Product|Carruthers Chapter 2.
Syn and anti elimination reactions|Antiperiplanar Organic Chemistry|Carruthers Organic Chemistry.
Oxidation of hetero atoms|Elimination Reactions with stereochemistry|Carruthers Chapter 2|JChemistry.
Grob fragmentation|Mechanism|Fragmentation reactions organic chemistry|Carruthers Series J Chemistry.
Eschenmoser fragmentation|Bamford stevens reaction|Shapiro reaction|Organic chemistry|Carruthers.
Tosylhydrazones reduction|Mcmurry reaction|Mcmurry Coupling|Reduction by NaBH4|Organic Chemistry.
Corey winter reaction|Corey winter olefination|Corey winter olefin synthesis|Mechanism|Carruthers.
Lindlar's catalyst|Birch Reduction|Hydroboration of alkynes|Carruthers|Organic Chemistry|JChemistry.
Schwartz Reagent|Hydroboration|LiAlH4|Alkynes to alkenes|Carruthers Organic chemistry|Chapter 2.
Wittig Reaction|Corey Fuchs Reaction Mechanism|Phosphorus ylide|Carruthers Organic Chemistry.
Horner wadsworth emmons reaction|Mechanism|Wittig reaction|Arbuzov reaction|Carruthers chapter 2.
Peterson Olefination Reaction| Mechanism| Examples| Stereoselectivity| Sila Wittig Reaction.
Julia Olefination Reactions| Tebbe Reagent| Grubbs catalyst organic chemistry| Carruthers Chapter 2.

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    Excellent subject to learn and nice teaching, very nice platform to learn made my study journey not more complex and could understand each and every part of the subject even more easier and effective

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