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Serious Science via YouTube


Gravitational Lensing — Alan Heavens / Serious Science.
Standard Model and Supersymmetry — John Ellis / Serious Science.
Fundamental Interactions — Jonathan Butterworth / Serious Science.
Early Universe — John Ellis / Serious Science.
Schrodinger and His Equation — David Clary / Serious Science.
Higgs Boson — John Ellis / Serious Science.
Standard Model — Jonathan Butterworth / Serious Science.
Dark Matter — John Ellis / Serious Science.
Superfluidity Marzena Szymanska.
Spacetime symmetries in elementary particle physics - Xavier Bekaert.
What is symmetry - Xavier Bekaert.
Spacetime symmetry and Einstein relativity - Xavier Bekaert.
Spacetime Transformation Optics — Martin McCall.
Metamaterials and Invisibility — Martin McCall.
Higher dimensional gravity — Mahdi Godazgar.
Supergravity and Kaluza-Klein Theory – Hadi Godazgar.
Hawking Radiation – Hadi Godazgar.
Quantum Field Theory and Quantum Topology — Jørgen Andersen.
Black holes - Mahdi Godazgar.
Higher-Spin Gauge Theory — Xavier Bekaert / Serious Science.
Quantizing gravity - Xavier Bekaert.
Induced Charge Electro Osmosis - Martin Z. Bazant.
Black Silicon - Eric Mazur.
Microscopic theory of melting – Mark Tuckerman.
Nonlinear Dynamics in Electrochemical Systems - Martin Z. Bazant.
Chemical Kinetics in Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics - Martin Z. Bazant.
ATLAS Experiment — Jonathan Butterworth / Serious Science.
Superfluidity of Light — Marzena Szymanska / Serious Science.
The Impact of Higgs Boson Discovery — Jonathan Butterworth / Serious Science.
Electrochemical Metamaterials — Alexey Kornyshev / Serious Science.
Application of Electrochemical Metamaterials — Alexey Kornyshev / Serious Science.

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