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Soil and Water Conservation Engineering

NPTEL and Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur via YouTube


Soil and Water Conservation Engineering by Prof R Singh.
Lecture 1 Introduction.
Lecture 2 Soilerosion causes and type.
Lecture 3: Factors affecting soil erosion and effects of soil erosion.
Lecture 4: Soil erosion- Mechanics.
Lecture 5: Water erosion control measures.
Lecture 6: Soil loss estimation.
Lecture 7:Erosivity &Erodibility.
Lecture 8:Modification in Universal soil loss equcation Part I.
Lecture 9: Modification in Universal soil loss equcation Part II.
Lecture 10: Soil loss measurement.
Lecture 11: Bunds - Introduction.
Lecture 12: Contour Bunds.
Lecture 13: Problems on Contour Bunds.
Lecture 14: Graded Bunds.
Lecture 15: Problems on Graded Bunds.
Lecture 16: Terrace - Introduction.
Lecture 17: Bench Terraces.
Lecture 18: Problems on Bench Terraces.
Lecture 19: Broad-base Terraces.
Lecture 20: Problems on Broad-base Terraces.
Lecture: 21 Grassed Waterways.
Lecture 22: Problems on Grassed Waterways.
Lecture 23: Parabolic Grassed Waterways.
Lecture: 24 Gate Problems on Various topics Covered.
Lecture 25: Introduction-Gully Control Measures.
Lecture 26: Gully Control Measures (Permanent Structures).
Lecture 27: Design Considerations- Permanent Gully Control Structures.
Lecture 28: Basics of Open Channel Hydraulics-1.
Lecture 29: Basics of Open Channel Hydraulics-2.
Lecture 30 : Hydraulic Design of Drop Spillway.
Lecture 31 : Hydraulic and Structural Design of Gully; Control Structures of Drop Spillway.
Lecture 32 : Hydraulic Design of Components.
Lecture 33 : Structural Design of Drop Spillway - I.
Lecture 34:Structural Design of Drop Spillway-2.
Lecture 35:Structural Design of Drop Spillway-3.
Lecture 36:Structural Design of Drop Spillway-4.
Lecture 37: GATE Question.
Lecture 38: Drop Inlet Spillway.
Lecture 39 : Drop Inlet Spillway (Contd.).
Lecture 40 : Drop Inlet Spillway (Contd.).
Lecture 41 : Drop Inlet Spillway (Contd.).
Lecture 42 : Drop Inlet Spillway (Contd.).
Lecture 43: Ogee Spillway.
Lecture 44:Chute Spillway.
Lecture 45: Chute Spillway Design I.
Lecture 46: Chute Spillway Design II.
Lecture 47:Energy Dissipation.
Lecture 48: Wind Erosion and Control Basics.
Lecture 49: Design of Wind Breaks.
Lecture 50: Design of Shelterbelts.
Lecture 51: Formation of Sand Dunes.
Lecture 52:Stabilization of Sand Dunes.
Lecture 53: Land Capability Classes.
Lecture 54: Improving Land Capability.
Lecture 55: Sediment and Its Transportation.
Lecture 56: Sediment Sampling.

Taught by

IIT Kharagpur July 2018

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