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Tennis Backhand

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This course teaches tennis players how to improve their backhand skills through a series of instructional videos. The learning outcomes include gaining confidence and consistency with both one-handed and two-handed backhands, dealing with high bouncing balls, preventing mishits, generating power effortlessly, hitting different types of backhands (slice, topspin, approach shots), and improving overall backhand technique. The course uses a combination of demonstrations, drills, and theoretical explanations to help learners enhance their backhand abilities. Tennis players looking to strengthen their backhand strokes and elevate their game would benefit from this course.


Why The Slice Forehand And Backhand Are Important To Raising Your Game HD 1080p.
How To Gain 100% Confidence, Trust And Consistency With Your One Handed Backhand HD 1080p.
How To Deal With A High Bouncing Ball With A One-Handed Backhand.
How To Hit High Backhands And Forehands HD 1080p.
Test Your Tennis IQ - Hitting A Two-Handed Backhand Is Like Hitting A Forehand... True Or False?.
Test Your Tennis IQ - At The Low Point Of The Backswing In What Position Should The Racquet Face Be?.
Test Your Tennis IQ - Rolling the Racquet Up And Over The Ball For Topspin Is A Good Idea?.
How To Develop A Consistent Powerful 2 Handed Backhand.
How To Prevent Mishits When Serving And With All Your Strokes.
Tennis Lessons - How To Stop Skying Your Backhand.
Tennis Lessons - Backhand Overhead Smash!.
Tennis Lesson - Stop floating your slice backhand!.
How To Generate Effortless Power With Your One Handed Backhand.
How To Hit A Knifelike Backhand Slice.
How To Hit A Slice Approach Shot.
How To Stop Feeling Cramped With Your One Handed Backhand.
How To Improve Your Topspin One Handed Backhand.
How To Deal With A High Bouncing Ball To The Backhand Side.
LM-The Slice Backhand.
LM-The Two Hander.
How To Create Effortless Power With Your One-Handed Backhand.
The Slice Backhand With Aranta Sanchez Vicario and Tom Avery.
How To Hit Your Backhand Down The Line.
How To Hit High Backhands.
How To Hit The Jumping One-Handed Backhand.
2 Quick Tips To An Awesome One-Handed Backhand.
Tennis- The One-Handed backhand.
How To Practice And Develop A One-Handed Backhand.
Toughest Shot In Doubles The Inside Out Backhand.
How To Develop A Slice Backhand.
How To Improve Your Forehand And Backhand Power.
How To Get Topspin With Your One Handed Backhand.
How To Improve Your One Handed And Two Handed Backhand In Tennis.
How To Prevent Erratic One - Handed Backhands.
Tennis Backhand Drills - How To Hit A High Backhand Volley.
Tennis Backhand - One Handed Backhand Tennis Lesson - Ahaaa Moment!!.
Tennis Backhand - Modern One-Handed Backhand Lesson.
Tennis Backhand - How To Improve Your Two-Handed Backhand.
Tennis Backhand - How To Improve Your Slice Backhand With Drills.
Tennis Backhand Tips - How To Develop A Knifelike Slice Backhand.
Tennis Backhand - How To Improve Your One-Handed Backhand.

Taught by

Tom Avery Tennis - CTW Academy


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