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Viscous Fluid Flow

NPTEL and Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati via YouTube


Viscous Fluid Flow [Intro Video].
Lec 1: Preliminary concepts.
Lec 2: Fluid Kinematics.
Lec 3: Derivation of incompressible Navier-Stokes equations.
Lec 4: Initial and Boundary Conditions.
Lec 5: Plane Couette Flow.
Lec 6: Plane Poiseuille Flow.
Lec 7: Plane Poiseuille Flow with Slip and Thin Film Flow.
Lec 8: Combined Couette – Poiseuille Flow.
Lec 9: Example Problems.
Lec 10: Hagen – Poiseuille Flow.
Lec 11: Thin Film Flow and Annular Flow.
Lec 12: Steady Flow Between Rotating Cylinders.
Lec 13: Flow near a plate suddenly set in motion.
Lec 14: Flow due to an oscillating plate.
Lec 15: Transient Plane Couette Flow.
Lec 16: Transient Axisymmetric Poiseuille Flow.
Lec 17: Flow Through Rectangular Duct.
Lec 18: Flow Through Equilateral Triangular Duct.
Lec 19: Flow Through Elliptical Duct.
Lec 20: Example Problems.
Lec 21: Creeping Flow Around a Sphere.
Lec 22: Reynolds Equation for Lubrication.
Lec 23: One-dimensional Slider Bearing.
Lec 24: Journal Bearing and Piston-ring Lubrication.
Lec 25: Derivation of Boundary Layer Equations.
Lec 26: Blasius Flow Over A Flat Plate: Similarity Solution.
Lec 27: Momentum Integral Equation For Flat Plate Boundary Layer.
Lec 28: Falkner-Skan equation: Boundary layer flow over a wedge.
Lec 29: Karman-Pohlhausen Method for Non-zero Pressure Gradient Flows.
Lec 30: The Correlation Method by Thwaites.
Lec 31: Separation of Boundary Layer.
Lec 32: Example Problems.
Lec 33: Two-dimensional Laminar Jet.
Lec 34: Flow in the Wake of a Flat Plate.
Lec 35: Free Shear Layer Between Two Different Streams.
Lec 36: Derivation of Orr-Sommerfeld Equation.
Lec 37: Viscous Stability.
Lec 38: Inviscid Analysis.
Lec 39: Introduction to Turbulent Flows.
Lec 40: Derivation of Reynolds Averaged Navier-Stokes Equations.
Lec 41: External Turbulent Flows.
Lec 42: Integral Solution for Turbulent Boundary Layer Flow.
Lec 43: Internal Turbulent Flow.
Lec 44: Turbulence Modelling.

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NPTEL IIT Guwahati

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