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5 Best Notion Courses for 2024: Boost Your Productivity

Ready to improve your productivity? Whether you’re a beginner or looking to master advanced features for your task/project management system, we’ve got you covered.

My wife is a Notion freak. From managing personal finances to project planning our kitchen renovation, she uses Notion for almost everything, including, yes, even aspects of our marriage. From her experience, I can confirm that starting with a blank page in Notion — a canvas of endless possibilities — can be intimidating, even daunting. Understanding Notion’s core features and functions is essential, and their official documentation is an excellent place to start.

But, if you’re seeking expert guidance in mastering Notion, I present the best online courses from Class Central’s extensive 150K+ catalog. I’ve researched course reviews, YouTube comments, and Reddit discussions, along with my personal experience, to curate courses featuring valuable content from industry experts. Click on any topic to directly access the course details.

Course Highlight Workload
Best Course on Notion for Small Teams by Ali Abdaal 2 hours
Best Resources to Master Databases and Formulas by William Nutt 15-20 hours
Best Course on Notion for Business by Marie Poulin NA
Best Course to Beautify Your Creative Projects by Frances Odera 3 hours
Get Ready for Notion Specialist Certification With William Nutt NA

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How We Use Notion at Class Central

At Class Central, we leverage Notion as a customizable platform to organize, manage, and share tasks and projects. For instance, we receive handy notifications of newly scheduled publications created on our Notion editorial database, directly in one of our Slack channels.

Class Central Editorial Pipeline in Calendar view on Notion.
And this is our Slack channel called “editorial-calendar-tracker” with automatic updates from Notion.

Notion Demystified: The Building Blocks of an Effective Workspace

Beginning your journey with Notion is like finding a Swiss Army knife of productivity—it’s a tool with endless uses. For starters, when creating a new page, you’re given the autonomy to mold it into various forms: a directory, a database, a word processor, or all at once. As productivity expert Thomas Frank describes, “Fundamentally, a page is a canvas that holds blocks, which are Notion’s basic unit. Pages can be nested within one another, and they can also exist inside of databases.

The potential to construct visually dynamic dashboards is vast, thanks to the customizable colors, fonts, backgrounds, and the ability to incorporate a range of responsive visuals. However, the initial steps can be daunting due to this vast array of options. Personally, I have found it helpful to follow tutorials that cater to my specific needs or to start with pre-designed templates, as they provide a helpful starting point.

Marie Poulin’s Tracking Health + Wellness in Notion. She is one of the biggest names in Notion community and famous for her highly sophisticated dashboards with breathtaking visuals.

And don’t be fooled by all the shiny visuals – Notion isn’t just about pleasing visuals. The software’s relational databases, rollup functionality, diverse database formats, and formulas empower you to create complex workspaces that effectively monitor your progress. With personalized dashboards, these features keep your team motivated and on the right path.

William Nutt’s Tutorial on Notion Database Formats: Tables, Lists, Galleries, Boards, Calendars and Timelines

Now that we’ve delved into the intricacies and potential of Notion, it’s clear that a little guidance can go a long way. Perhaps you’re contemplating how to initiate your Notion journey or maybe you’re aiming to maximize the software’s potential—either way, we’ve got you covered. The upcoming list of courses caters to a spectrum of needs. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or a seasoned user, these courses are designed to help you navigate Notion effectively, enabling you to design an efficient, aesthetic, and advanced workspace. Now, let’s dive into these courses:

Best Course on Notion for Small Teams by Ali Abdaal

Ali Abdaal’s course takes a pragmatic approach, focusing on the real-world application of Notion within a team dynamic. This course stands out for its concise and focused content that brings in Abdaal’s personal experience of leveraging Notion for team collaborations. While many courses provide a broad overview, this one is specifically designed to enable small teams to effectively implement Notion, making it an ideal pick for those looking to enhance team productivity.

Provider Skillshare
Instructor(s) Ali Abdaal
Level Beginner
Workload 2 hours
Enrollments 23,752 students
Rating 98% positive (184 reviews)
Certificate Available

Best Resources to Master Databases and Formulas by William Nutt

Once you have gained familiarity with creating and organizing your data using the different provided database formats, you may find yourself in need of more specific examples and practical applications for utilizing these databases. Furthermore, you might encounter challenges when it comes to automating functions, linking databases, and manipulating data within them. In such cases, acquiring in-depth knowledge of databases and formulas can greatly enhance your proficiency.

William Nutt offers a series of articles and videos that cover these topics in detail. I have provided links to the most relevant articles (arranged in order of difficulty) for mastering these subjects. However, I encourage you to explore his YouTube channel and website for additional valuable resources.

  1. Compare and Configure Notion’s Database Formats: Tables, Lists, Galleries, Boards and Timelines
  2. The NBA — in Notion: A Practical Example of Databases
  3. Notion VIP: The Grouping Guide
  4. Notion VIP: The Power of Relations and Rollups
  5. Meet Notion’s Formula Property
  6. Notion Stakeholder Series — Intro to Formulas
  7. Notion Stakeholder Series — Frequent Functions
  8. Notion VIP: Simple, Useful Formula Examples
  9. Notion’s Essential Date Functions
  10. Notion VIP: Formulas for Work: Part 1
  11. Notion Formulas: The Versatile if() Function

The Best Course on Notion for Business by Marie Poulin

If you’re seeking a comprehensive approach to implement Notion throughout your entire company, the most advanced online course available is Notion Mastery by Marie Poulin. Tailored specifically for teams, this course explores the intricacies of leveraging databases while keeping the bigger picture in mind—implementing functional systems throughout the organization.

Implementing Notion within your team or organization requires a thoughtful approach that goes beyond simply transferring your existing dysfunctional system to a new platform. This course aims to guide you in establishing a functional system that effectively addresses the most significant challenges faced by teams and individuals dealing with scattered information overload. By condensing the best practices and essential workflows, this course equips you with the tools to escape the chaos. Additionally, you’ll benefit from a supportive community of fellow learners who are there to assist you throughout your learning journey.

The course offers a comprehensive curriculum that caters to learners of all levels, from beginners to advanced users. Beyond the course material, you’ll also gain access to live training sessions, events, and workshops. Furthermore, the private office hours, held twice a month, provide you with opportunities to seek guidance and clarification. Additionally, you’ll receive 12 months of free updates, ensuring you stay on top of new features and real-world case studies.

Best Course to Beautify Your Creative Projects by Frances Odera

Notion is undoubtedly a powerful project management tool, but if you aspire to transcend traditional dashboards and unlock its full creative potential, I highly recommend taking the course Introduction to Notion for Creative Projects by Frances Odera Matthews. Frances is a respected figure in the Notion community, a certified Notion Consultant, and the driving force behind The Notion Bar. This course equips you with the skills to craft visually stunning designs that align with your objectives. Its motto is “build pages with function, style, and heart.

Provider Domestika
Instructor(s) Frances Odera Matthews
Level Beginner
Workload 3 hours
Enrollments 2330 students
Rating 100% positive (59 reviews)
Certificate Available

Get Ready for Notion Specialist Certification With William Nutt

For those serious about turning Notion proficiency into a career, William Nutt’s course is the go-to choice. William has had a close collaboration with Notion in the development of their certification program, and he is also the mastermind behind Notion Vip.

In this comprehensive program, you will delve into the fundamental functions of Notion, learn strategic approaches for their implementation, and gain insights into the intricacies of workspace administration. Starting with the basics, you will progress towards exploring advanced database features and integrations that empower the creation of highly robust Notion workspaces.


We’ve highlighted some standout Notion courses, but there’s always more to discover. If you’ve found other valuable resources, we invite you to share them in the comments. Your insights could be the key to helping others enhance their productivity with Notion. Happy learning and sharing!

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