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50+ Online Degrees in China from Global Universities

Global universities are partnering with Chinese organizations to launch online degrees recognized in China.

International Online Degress for China

International universities, usually with experience in online education, have been targeting learners in China by launching online degree programs developed in partnership with local Chinese organizations.

Class Central has put together a list of online degrees offered in China by global universities. Four organizations stood out during our research.

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Below, you can find a comprehensive list of the online degrees offer by these organizations and universities.

Georgia Tech

GT-Shenzhen homepage

The Georgia Institution of Technology offers 13 online master’s degrees for online learners around the world, including the well-known Online Master of Science in Computer Science (OMSCS), one of the largest online degree programs in the world, and the Online Master of Science in Analytics (OMSA).

For a long time, Georgia Tech’s MOOC-based degrees didn’t have a formal presence in China, which precluded them from being recognized in the country. But that changed in 2020, with the degree gaining full recognition by way of Georgia Tech-Shenzhen, the university campus in China.

While most of Georgia Tech’s online degrees have a significant cost, on par with their on-campus cost, the university’s MOOC-based degrees are much more accessible — in fact, in 2022, they became more affordable.

Arizona State University (ASU) Online

ASU Online China homepage

Arizona State University Online offers over 300 online degree programs, which hold the same accreditation as the traditional on-campus programs. And they’ve partnered with a Chinese education company in Shanghai to help them enroll students in China via a localized domain.

There are currently 22 degrees listed, with some offering multiple specializations. Admissions, fees, and courses are the same as on ASU’s main website. Students may either learn entirely online or decide to spend a semester abroad studying on campus.

Here’s a list of ASU Online degrees in China:

Degree Length (Years) Courses Tuition
BS Business Data Analytics 4 41 $81,190
BA Business (Accounting) 4 41 $81,190
BA Business Administration 4 41 $81,190
BS Management 4 41 $81,190
BS Economics – Business 4 41 $81,190
BS Marketing 4 41 $81,190
BS Supply Chain Management 4 40 $81,190
BS Information Technology 4 40 $81,190
MS Psychology 1.5–2 12 $24,474
MS Computing & Technology 1.5–2 12 $20,000
MS in Aging 1.5–2 12 $23,034
MS Global Technology & Development 1.5–2 10 $17,330
MEd Educational Leadership 1.5–2 11 $30,000
MSc Leadership & Management 1.5–2 10 $33,978
MEd Learning Design and Technologies 1.5–2 10 $19,520
MEng Engineering 1.5–2 10 $29,390
MS Supply Chain Management 1.5–2 10 $30,000
Master of Healthcare Innovation 1.5–2 11 $27,606
MS Biomimicry 1.5–2 17 $26,870
MS Legal Studies 1.5–2 10 $34,070
MA Education 1.5–2 10 $20,298

Beacon Education

Beacon Education homepage

Beacon Education aims to provide localized online master’s degree services for adult students in China in cooperation with global universities. Their partners include the University of Arizona, Otago University, Virginia Tech, and Illinois Tech. Currently, the website lists 22 online master’s degrees.

Here’s a list of the universities offering online degrees in China via Beacon Education:

XuetangX Online MBA

In October 2019, XuetangX announced an online MBA built jointly with The Open University (OU), UK. It licenses content from OU’s MBA and leads to degree certificates from both OU and XuetangX. It comprises seven core online courses as well as supplemental, in-person sessions. The degree costs about ¥140,000 ($22,000).

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