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40 Online International Degrees in Mainland China

Global universities are partnering with Chinese organizations to launch online degrees recognized in China.

International Online Degress for China

International universities, usually with experience in e-learning, are targeting learners in China by launching online degree programs developed in partnership with local Chinese organizations. Class Central has put together a list of online degrees offered in China by global universities, with characteristics such as the degree number of courses and tuition fees.

Arizona State University (ASU) Online

ASU Online offers over 200 degree programs. Shanghai CinLearn Technology is helping ASU Online enroll students in China via a dedicated domain. There are currently 22 degrees listed. Admissions, fees, and courses are the same as on ASU’s main website. Students may either learn entirely online or decide to spend a semester abroad studying on campus.

Here’s a list of ASU Online degrees in China:

Degree Length (Years) Courses Tuition
BS Business Data Analytics 4 41 $79,860
BA Business (Accounting) 4 41 $79,860
BA Business Administration 4 41 $79,860
BS Management 4 41 $79,860
BS Economics – Business 4 41 $79,860
BS Marketing 4 41 $79,860
BS Supply Chain Management 4 40 $79,860
BS Information Technology 4 40 $79,860
MS Psychology 1.5 – 2 12 $23,356
MS Computing & Technology 1.5 – 2 12 $20,000
MS Business Analytics 1.5 – 2 11 $30,898
MS in Aging 1.5 – 2 12 $19,756
MS Global Technology & Development 1.5 – 2 10 $16,498
MEd Educational Leadership 1.5 – 2 11 $22,384
MASc Leadership & Management 1.5 – 2 10 $33,300
MEd Learning Design and Technologies 1.5 – 2 10 $18,688
MEng Engineering Management 1.5 – 2 10 $28,558
MS Supply Chain Management 1.5 – 2 10 $23,414
Master of Healthcare Innovation, MHI 1.5 – 2 11 $22,670
MS Biomimicry 1.5 – 2 17 $24,538
MS Legal Studies 1.5 – 2 10 $33,238
MA Education 1.5 – 2 10 $18,688

Beacon Education

Beacon Education helps global universities recruit online students in China. Their partners include Duke, Otago University, Virginia Tech, Illinois Tech, and Tennessee. Currently, the website lists 16 online degrees, including MBAs and STEM master’s degrees.

Here’s a list of Beacon Education online degrees in China:

Degree University Courses Tuition
MS Quantitative Management: Business Analytics Duke University 16 $65,975
MS Quantitative Management: Health Analytics Duke University 19 $65,975
MBA University of Otago 12 $37,458
MBA Illinois Institute of Technology 12 $23,100
MS Finance Illinois Institute of Technology 11 $21,300
Master of Computer Science Illinois Institute of Technology 12 $19,500
Master of Artificial Intelligence Illinois Institute of Technology 10 $16,500
Master of Electronic and Computer Science Illinois Institute of Technology 10 $16,500
MEng AI for Computer Vision and Control Illinois Institute of Technology 10 $16,500
Master of Software Engineering Illinois Institute of Technology 10 $16,500
MBA Cleveland State University 11 $37,723
MEd Cleveland State University 10 $18,861
Masters in Management and Leadership Webster University 12 $10,800
Executive MBA – Global Supply Chain The University of Tennessee 12 $101,000
Master of Computer Information Technology Northern Arizona University 10 $6000 – $9000
Master of Natural Resources Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University 10 $27,000

XuetangX Online MBA

In October 2019, XuetangX announced an online MBA built jointly with The Open University (OU), UK. It licenses content from OU’s MBA and leads to degree certificates from both OU and XuetangX. It comprises seven core online courses as well as supplemental, in-person sessions. The degree costs ¥118,000 ($17,900). It received its first cohort of 55 students in May 2020.

Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech’s Online Master of Science in Computer Science (OMSCS) was launched in 2014. But because it didn’t have a presence in China, it didn’t used to be recognized there. That has now changed. As of this year, online students can meet on Georgia Tech’s Shenzhen campus to receive in-person instructions. This has allowed the degree to gain formal recognition in China.

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  1. Xiaofeng

    Thanks for sharing the message, Rui. May I know how formal recognition of Gatech’s OMSCS goes?

    • Rui Ma

      Hi Xiaofeng, I find many discussions written by graduates of Gatech’s OMSCS program when searching “OMSCS” on Google(or Firefox). You can also try this method and hope it works for you.

  2. jilan

    I am a professor, and study the effect on the education of MOOC, and want to discusse with you about some topics. hear from you.

    • Rui Ma

      Hi Professor, I’m interested in your studies about the effect of MOOCs and very glad to hear your ideas.

  3. Audrey Hee

    Hi Rui, Im wanting to earn a degree in Chinese online.Could you tell me more?


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