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Massive List of Online Learning Platforms in China

Exploring China’s eclectic online learning ecosystem, where you can learn anything from coding to cooking.

No matter how old you are, you can find suitable online learning resources in China. A flurry of Chinese companies and organizations provide online courses on a wide range of topics and geared toward all ages, although most giant education companies focus on K–12 tutoring.

As Class Central reported, 2021 was hard on Chinese K–12 education due to the “Double Reduction Policy” that tightly regulate for-profit tutoring. In response, many companies have pivoted their activities, often toward adult vocational training, but sometimes also toward more eclectic markets.

As a curious online learner myself, I’ve explored massive open online course (MOOC) providers in China and curated a list of 24 platforms, including the popular iCourse and XuetangX. Most of these platforms offer courses created by Chinese universities and accessible for free.

Beyond MOOCs

But after further research, I’ve found that there are more online learning platforms in China than I thought. And they’re not limited to MOOCs. They include YouTube-like video sharing websites, English learning mobile apps, coding websites for IT professionals, and comprehensive skill-learning platforms similar to Udemy.

In this report, I’m going to summarize all the free and paid Chinese online learning platforms I’ve found during my research. I’ve broken the list down into the following categories. Click on one to jump to the corresponding section:

You can find my entire series dedicated to online education in China here, alongside my other articles.

Chinese Language MOOC Platforms

Chinese Language MOOC Platforms

At Class Central, we’ve been keeping track of Chinese language MOOC platforms. We wrote about 24 of them. In early 2022, they offered in total more than 69K MOOCs in Chinese — most of them free to the public.

China’s Ministry of Education is implementing a national digitization strategy encompassing online education. Recently, they launched a comprehensive website, Chinaooc, centralizing all MOOC platforms across mainland China, allowing students to search for MOOCs offered by any and all providers through a single portal.

Top English Learning Mobile Apps in China

After 30 years of growth, the English learning market in China is rather mature. With the growth of mobile internet in China since the 2010s, mobile apps for English learning have been flooding the market. English learners in China need not worry about finding online resources to learn the language.

We have curated a list of the top English learning mobile apps in China, classifying these apps based on their functions and purposes. These apps can help you with vocabulary, reading, listening, speaking, and writing. And gamification helps keep learners engaged.

Video Sharing Platform: Bilibili

A few weeks ago, we introduced Bilibili, China’s YouTube-like video sharing website. It’s become a major platform for online learning in China, much like YouTube in the rest of the world. More than 18 million people studied on Bilibili in 2018 according to a report by the China Central Television. And this number increased to nearly 100 million in 2020 based on data from NetEase

You can learn almost everything on Bilibili, from psychology to history, mathematics to programming, and cooking to drawing. If you don’t want to learn alone, just jump into a  #StudyWithMe livestream on Bilibili and study with online learners. #StudyWithMe livestreams reached 1.46 million hours in 2018, according to

Udemy-like Skill Learning Platforms in China 

Tencent Classroom

Tencent Classroom is a Chinese online learning platform for vocational education launched by — you guessed it — Tencent. Courses on Tencent Classroom cover a wide range of subjects, including software development, design, exam preparation, language, music, and even cooking. 

A report from Tencent unveiled that by the end of 2021, Tencent Classroom had launched over 400K courses. The platform has a total of over 400 million users. 

NetEase Cloud Classroom

NetEase Cloud Classroom is a skill learning platform launched by NetEase in 2012. It was integrated into NetEase Youdao in 2019. Unlike NetEase’s MOOC platform iCourse, NetEase Cloud Classroom offers courses made by individual instructors instead of universities.

There are over ten thousand paid courses on the platform on a wide range of topics like languages, finance and management, and programming.


Kaikeba is a comprehensive Chinese online education platform with over 1000 courses in IT, exam preparation, data and business intelligence, and many more. Kaikeba has raised a total of $182.5M in funding over 3 rounds, with a latest funding round of $10M in January 2022.

Kaikeba also launched an online learning platform called Midui Xuetang for personal development and family education, and another called Mingchun Xueshe that focuses on lifelong learning for older people.


Sanjieke is an online education platform founded in 2015, geared toward digital professionals in China. It offers over 1000 courses. The company has raised a total of $50.1M in funding, with the latest funding round being a Series C from Udemy and Owl Ventures in November 2021.


ForChange was launched in 2015 and is an online learning platform that focuses on Python and Life Design. Over 60 paid courses are offered on the platform. ForChange received series B financing from Muhua Capital, the venture capital firm behind XuetangX.

MOOC China

MOOC China is a course aggregator with around 9000 courses from Coursera, edX, FutureLearn, Udemy, XuetangX, and more.

Online Learning Platforms to Learn Programming in China


iMOOC, founded in 2013, is an online learning platform that focuses on IT education. It offers over 3000 online courses structured into career paths, including paths in front-end development, back-end development, mobile development, computer science basics, artificial intelligence, data engineering, data analysis, software testing, and design. According to its about page, over 21 million users have learned on the platform.


Geekbang is an online education platform for IT and digital professionals founded in 2014. The platform offered over 1000 courses and bootcamps for 1.6M users, and cooperated with around 2000 business clients. Geekbang completed its $11M Series B funding round in 2021.


Educoder is a MOOC platform for computer science and programming that was launched in July 2016. It offers over 320 free courses and over 2000 free programming exercises. The MOOC platform also allows its verified users to create their own courses, exercises, and online classrooms.

Lanqiao Cloud Course

Lanqiao Cloud Course offers around 700 free and paid courses for IT professionals covering AI, front-end development, back-end development, security, database, cloud computing, Linux, and more. The platform also offers paid bootcamps, and hosts contests and competitions.

LeetCode China

LeetCode China is LeetCode’s Chinese platform for preparing for programming technical interviews. LeetCode created a Chinese branch due to the substantial increase in the traffic from China in 2018. Today, it has over 4 million Chinese users. In December 2021, LeetCode raised nearly $10M from Lightspeed China Partners in a Series A funding round.


Nowcoder is a platform for preparing for technical interviews similar to LeetCode. It was founded in 2014 and has raised a total of ¥34 million (about $5.34 million) over 3 funding rounds. According to the platform, in early 2022, they crossed 5 million registered users.

Nocturne Programming

Nocturne Programming, or NP for short, is an interactive learning platform for programming launched by Baicizhan. It currently offers ten paid Python courses on subjects like visualization, web scraping, and artificial intelligence.


Canva China

Canva China is part of the Sydney-based online design and publishing platform Canva, which provides easy-to-use design tools for non-designers. Canva jumped into the Chinese market in 2018 with a $40M Series C from Sequoia Capital China. The Design School from Canva China offers plenty of learning materials for prospective designers.


ZCOOL is a learning and social platform for designers founded in 2006. It has gathered over 14M designers, photographers, illustrators, artists and other creators. ZCOOL has built a separate platform, Gogoup, for learning design online, which offers over 300 courses in graphic design, illustration, UI design, photography, art, and more.

Product Management


Woshipm, or “Everyone is A Product Manager” in Chinese, is a learning platform for product management and operation. Through Qidian Classroom, they offer over 1500 bootcamps and online courses about product management.


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