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Coursera Rolls Out Certificates with Honors Track

We explain how Coursera’s “Honors” track works and which courses are currently offering the new feature.

Coursera Honor Code

An honors student is a student recognized for achieving high grades or high marks in their course work.
– Wikipedia 

Coursera has rolled out an Honors track (Thanks for the tip Hyun!) for certain courses. These courses will include additional videos and assignments, which are optional to those who just want a regular certificate. Learners who want to obtain a certificate “with honors” will need to fulfill all requirements of the regular certificate, and complete the previously-mentioned additional lessons and assignments.

After further digging by Class Central, we have found out that there are currently five courses eligible for the Honors Track.

Coursera Honor Code - Syllabus

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    Yerragogu Harshitha

    I have done completed the course of Marketing in a digital world. I have done each and every honors assignment for this particular course. But on the certificate the honors tag is not coming. How can I solve this issue


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