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MOOC Tracker – Never Miss a Course

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400 Universities/Institutions, 2500 Instructors, 1800 courses 

In October 2011, three courses were offered online for free by Stanford professors. More than 100,000 students signed up for each of these courses. These courses were later known as “MOOCs” and have been growing rapidly (as seen in the above graph). And its not just the big three anymore – Coursera, Udacity, and Edx. Providers, educational institutions from all over the world are offering MOOCs or gearing up to offer MOOCs. Class Central aggregates MOOCs from all these different sources and makes it really easy for your to find the right MOOC for you.

55% of all MOOC courses do not have an upcoming start date 

One of the big differences between MOOCs and previously offered online courses is that MOOCs have a schedule – they have an start date and end date.  There are few self-paced courses, but they only make up 6% of all MOOCs offered. Unfortunately a big majority of these courses do not have a predictable schedule. A whooping 55% of all MOOC courses do not have an upcoming start date. So if you missed a course or for some reason cannot take it, you have no idea when it will be offered next.

MOOC Tracker – Never miss a course

370,000+ courses being tracked with MOOC Tracker 

MOOC Tracker was created to solve these two problems – rapid growth of courses and unpredictable schedules. It is a notification/reminder service for MOOCs.  More than 100,000 courses are already being tracked by Class Central users.

Course Reminders

On Class Central, you can build your own catalog of courses. Add courses to your personal list: “Interested”, “Enrolled”, “Completed”,”Audited” etc. With MOOC Tracker, you can get notified when a course in your catalog is about to start or if the course is offered again.

Search Terms

You can also add search keywords to MOOC Tracker and we will alert you when new courses that match those keywords are announced or are about to start.

Top 5 courses

Here is a list of top 5 courses tracked with MOOC Tracker.

  1. Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies: The First Step in Entrepreneurship
  2. Principles of Project Management 
  3. CS50x: Introduction to Computer Science
  4. Introduction to Statistics
  5. Introduction to Finance

To get started with MOOC Tracker, signup for an account on Class Central.

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Dhawal Shah

Dhawal is the CEO of Class Central, the most popular search engine and review site for online courses and MOOCs. He has completed over a dozen MOOCs and has written over 200 articles about the MOOC space, including contributions to TechCrunch, EdSurge, Quartz, and VentureBeat.

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  1. Muvaffak GOZAYDIN

    Thanks billion . How do you finance yourself .

    • Villaine Parnell

      can you accept another man like his motto. Like, Te Wherowhero K.C CHAPTER13

  2. Villaine Parnell

    Hi Muvaffak GOZAYDIN, te tangata te tangata te tangata whakatoki from?

  3. Md.Akteruzzaman

    how are u?

  4. Muvaffak GOZAYDIN

    Fine, fine. Please who are you ?

  5. Burnt Eloi

    ALL MOOCs should be self paced! without schedules, period. People are really busy and ones ability to learning should not be infringed upon by setting “old school” rules to the new learning platforms of today. Why wouldn’t they be all self paced? Are we little children that need our hands held? Of course not. If I have a week off and want to burn through a MOOC I shouldn’t be ” oh crud, that ones over, or that one doesn’t start for 2 months ” screw all that, MOOC DEVS pull yer heads out of your ars es and get with the program. Why create an immensely powerful learning platform only to hobble it with old concepts.

    ALL MOOCs should be free! to audit and only be charged for accreditation. Testing should employ a “progress/not yet, keep trying” philosophy instead of the old “pass/fail” pressure cooker that we all grew up with and despise. I personally do not give two flyin farts about accreditation or some $50 piece of paper , I want the information, now, on my terms and free! If you are young and building a career, than the accreditation becomes useful, but for most professionals looking to upgrade skills it is mostly irrelevant.

    ALL MOOCs should be eternal! Once the course is constructed, let it go ” fly be free “. MOOC monetization is long term and based on accreditation and to a lesser degree advertising. The only time course material should be taken down is if it has been replaced with updated or corrected material. If I want to take a python 2.7 course 20 years from now , that should not be an issue. This is why books still rule.

    • Muvaffak GOZAYDIN

      Good points .
      1. MOOCs must be full college courses same as on campus course.
      2. MOOCs must be developed by only top 50 or so universities. Ok say st most 200 colleges .
      3. MOOC is npt the right acronym . It should be NEW ONLINE. Or NOL. .
      4. Still I thsnk MoOOCs creators . They made online populare .

    • Muvaffak GOZAYDIN

      Nothing can be free forever.
      Then I say. A MOOC must be at $ 100 or so priced. Cost
      D less than that .

    • Alejandro Bustamante

      I couldn´t agree more with every idea you have expressed, this would epresent an authentic human revolution

  6. Muvaffak GOZAYDIN

    Class zcentral is great . How do uou finance it . Please catsgorise lists.
    1. Sorted according to start date
    2. Sorted according to subject matter
    3. Sorted sccording to universities then subject matter
    Or give us the first lidt in Excell format then we can sort them .
    Thanks billion .

  7. Muvaffak GOZAYDIN

    Please list also separately the courses same as oncampus courses .


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