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Learn How to Teach Artistry in This Free Course by Kadenze

A well orchestrated course with a skilled professor, Brad Haseman, and subject matter experts from 3 international arts organizations sharing their experience and history.

Brad Haseman, course instructor

Always interested in the art world, with a background in art and philosophy, I was looking for a concrete application that is not only a simple representation of the personal ego but something more that goes towards others. Especially these days so complicated and strange.

This is my in-depth review of the course Introduction to Being a Teaching Artist by Kadenze.

The instructor

The MC, Master of Ceremony, is Brad Haseman, a skilled professor with the savoir faire of a consummate actor. He uses his voice and intonation so wonderfully that it is a pleasure to listen to him (and just this alone is an art).  All that in no way detracts from the professionalism of his speech, on the contrary, it enriches it with nice nuances with that typical gentleman´s dose of irony.

Requirements to take this course

My background as I said comes from art, philosophy and art therapy but I don’t think all these skills are necessary. As the course is introductory, you can acquire everything that is necessary calmly. Actually maybe going with an “empty mind” is the best thing. Often the conditionings that we have believing that they are “skills”, do more harm than good!

The course format and content

The course is well orchestrated and articulated. Interviews are provided to personalities involved in the matter. Each one brings its own history, competence, professionalism and experience. Like a big team playing together, everyone is part of the team. It is nice to feel that you belong to a large family made up of men and women with the most diverse professions but held together by a sense of beauty, art and community. It is thus composed like a large “fresco”, and the image becomes increasingly sharper and clearer to the mind and heart.

During the course, all the tools necessary to tackle the required levels with competence and safety are provided, such as: examples based on case histories and interviews. This is a job that requires great experience and professionalism, team working is fundamental as well as the ability to get in tune with each other and understand their needs and requirements. Do not be afraid. So let yourself be carried away by these lessons with confidence. An extraordinary journey into beauty that we can all perceive with the ever-growing awareness of being able to give beauty to others as well to the extent that it takes us.

Time Commitment

This takes as much time as you want to spend on it. Honestly I never wanted to finish. When the passion for what you love is so strong, you never want to detach yourself and indeed you would like to dive in and stay attached forever!

Editor’s note: Kadenze recommends that this course takes about 14 hours per session, with 3 sessions in total.

Who should take this course

Introduction to Being a Teaching Artist is only an introductory course which is part of a wider and more articulated training. If you are interested in the art and social world, in what any artistic formation from the widest fields and origins can give to the social community, well, this course is definitely for you. It won’t be easy, sometimes you’ll have to bang your head on problems and maybe you won’t find a solution. Then you will be desperate and want to drop everything and go for something simpler. But here among those clouds, suddenly a flash of intuition will light up your soul and then you will want to thank heaven for what you have chosen and for this course that has chosen you.

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