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How do we as society define what is a crime?

Dive into “The Meaning of Crime” in this free course by The Open University.

My name is Olajumoke Alimi, I will be giving an in-depth review on an online course I was fortunate and lucky to partake in through The Open University, The Meaning of Crime.

The course is basically about the different crimes in the UK which even citizens of the United Kingdom do not know nor regard as crime, e.g. riding a bike without a license plate, or riding on a neighbors parchment without permission from the neighbors and the local community.

Why I took this course

I decided to take up the course for so many reasons: I want to study criminology in the university, I am interested in schooling in the United Kingdom, and most Importantly, I want to be familiar with the laws guiding the United Kingdom because the laws in the United Kingdom are so different from the ones in Nigeria. I look forward to enlightening people about the law. Upon completion of the course, I had in mind to be able to know the different types of crime and the punishment allocated to each crime, also to be able to make use of whatever I learn at school.

Table from Unit 1 – 1.1 The meaning of crime.

Actually, I didn’t have any knowledge of Criminology or the different types of crime prior to the class. The Open University gives the best and in-depth knowledge of the meaning of crime to their participants. I am a living testimony, whoever wishes to further their knowledge of Criminology can then take it up in university.

The course

Activity 4 from Unit 3 – 3.2 Counting the crime problem.

The course “The meaning of crime” by The Open University awards its participants a free certificate of completion at the end of their course and assessments.

Reading from Unit 4 – 4.2 Structure and Agency in the explanation of the crime problem.

The course won’t be too easy to pass for someone who doesn’t pay attention to details, or someone who doesn’t take time to go through the materials given to them. Aside from someone who has a short attention span, the course is easy to pass because the answers are clear in whatever passages or examples you are given to accumulate. The grading system was fair enough in my opinion.


I spent less time than I expected. The Meaning of Crime by The Open University is a course that is expected to be taken by everyone irrespective of their choice of course and opinion about crimes. Humans already have a definite answer to the meaning of crime, we shape crime according to our own benefit and selfishness which might affect other people around us. The course helps us define crime in a way which is morally acceptable. I was able to come out in flying colors at the end of the course and The Open University awarded me with a free certificate of completion. That which I really much appreciate.

After the completion of the course, I went for more courses to gain more knowledge and experience of what is really going on in the world at large.

Thank you Class Central and The Open University for giving me the platform to talk about my experience during the course and opportunity to take part in this amazing course.

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Hi, my name is Olajumoke Alimi, you can call me MJ

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