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Ten Most Popular MOOCs Starting in October 2015

The best new free online courses from top universities starting in October 2015

Operations Management
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign via Coursera
In this course you will learn conceptual frameworks and tools that can help you to better understand operations and see the opportunities and challenges so that you can you can make informed decisions about the design of your operations and get more out of them.
Go To Class  | Next Session : Oct, 2015

Cloud Networking
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign via Coursera
The network is what makes the cloud. The cloud’s key capabilities—the ability to share infrastructure, the ability to move and scale applications across servers, massive parallelism, virtualization, and worldwide connectivity—are all rooted in the network. Learn how it all works!
Go To Class | Next Session : 26th Oct, 2015

Qualitative Research Methods
University of Amsterdam via Coursera
Learn about the qualitative approach to the social and behavioral sciences, using qualitative methods of inquiry and analysis. Learn to evaluate qualitative research and how to collect qualitative data and perform qualitative analyses yourself.
Go To Class | Next Session : 26th Oct, 2015

Health Leadership
University of New South Wales via Coursera
In this course, we explore what it means to be a leader in the context of healthcare. How is it different to leadership in other industries? What are the particular skills and attitudes leaders need to have to navigate the complexity of healthcare leadership?
Go To Class | Next Session : 19th Oct, 2015

DSAx: Debt Sustainability Analysis
International Monetary Fund via edX
What are the tools to assess debt sustainability? How can countries effectively manage their sovereign debt? To answer these questions, this course combines theory with hands-on exercises.
Go To Class | Next Session : 7th Oct, 2015

Mental Health: A Global Priority
University of Edinburgh via Coursera
This course is designed to help you develop a broader understanding of mental health and illness from a global perspective. Over five weeks you will be guided in exploring how and why the current challenges faced in mental health care vary globally.
Go To Class | Next Session : 12th Oct, 2015

Hans Christian Andersen’s Fairy Tales
Hans Christian Andersen Centre via FutureLearn
Explore the fairy tale world of HC Andersen – the inspiration behind The Little Mermaid and Frozen
Go To Class | Next Session : 19th Oct, 2015

Conversations that Inspire: Coaching Learning, Leadership and Change
Case Western Reserve University via Coursera
Coaching can inspire and motivate people to learn, change and be effective leaders, among other roles in life. Although most attempts are “coaching for compliance” (coaching someone to your wishes or expectations), decades of behavioral and neuroscience research show us that “coaching with compassion” (coaching someone to their dreams and desires) is more effective.
Go To Class | Next Session : 5th Oct, 2015

HST102 – Credit Eligible: Western Civilization: Ancient and Medieval Europe
Arizona State University via edX
Learn about the origins and development of Western societies and institutions from the ancient world through the Middle Ages in this credit-eligible course.
Go To Class | Next Session : 14th Oct, 2015

EngCompX: Preparing for the AP* English Language and Composition Exam
Tennessee Board of Regents via edX
This course focuses on the development and revision of evidence-based analytic and argumentative writing and the rhetorical analysis of nonfiction texts.
Go To Class | Next Session : 1st Oct, 2015


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