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Goldman Sachs

Fundamentals of Business Finance, with Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women

Goldman Sachs via Coursera


This free online course is one of 10 courses available in the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women collection, designed for entrepreneurs ready to take their business to the next level.

This course will introduce you to business finance, and show you how to use financial statements to understand and monitor your company’s financial position in order to make key business decisions.

The exercises will introduce you to the Income Statement and Balance Sheet. Interpreting these statements and calculating key financial ratios such as net profit margin and current ratio will give you a clear understanding of your current business performance. With this information, you will have the skills to assess the financial implications of your growth opportunity more accurately.

The 10,000 Women course collection offers a truly flexible online learning experience. You have the freedom to approach the program in any way that works for you – take any course, or combination of courses, to tailor your learning journey to your individual business growth needs. If you choose to take all 10 courses, you will explore all the key elements of your business and develop a thorough plan for your business’s growth.

You can find out more about the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women collection in the FAQs.


  • Fundamentals of Business Finance, with Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women
    • This course explores why understanding and monitoring your financial position is essential when making business decisions to drive your business’s growth. The exercises contained in this course help you to understand and interpret two key financial statements that are crucial when growing your business. The aim of the course is for you to understand the current financial performance of your business.

Taught by

Edward David, Geetha Krishnan, Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women, Anne Donnellon, Mori Taheripour, Michael Fetters and Sarah Underwood


4.9 rating, based on 16 Class Central reviews

4.7 rating at Coursera based on 695 ratings

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  • This was a really clear and simple explanation of a complex topic. I wasn't confident in my finance knowledge, but this course gave more better understanding of financial terms and data that I need to for business growth. The best financial learning I've had so far.
  • This course really opened my eyes to see all my pervious losses, what i did wrong and how to improve in my business. the confident of accountability I have now in my business is as a result of this course.
  • It is a good course that covers the basic details required to understand concepts related to accounting.
  • Anonymous
    I have gained a better understanding of financial statements as a result of this excellent and insightful course.
    Lastly, assisting me in valuing my business and understanding it better, allowing me to make informed and better decisions in the future
  • Anonymous
    This is easy to comprehend and helps you to carefully analysis your financial position and plan for effective changes within your company
  • This is a wonderful course to learn fundamentals of finance and accounting concepts as an entrepreneur and business woman. As finance is the backbone of any business, this course helps in making us understand the common mistakes that we do and how to correct them. it also helps in analyzing financial statements to see the correct picture of business.
  • Profile image for Blondie Matshata
    Blondie Matshata
    I found the course to be well designed and very practical. i went through it with so much ease and confidence. it brought me back to my senses to never go a day without putting my hands on the lever because finances are the heart and soul of the business. i looked at my previous finance statements and i picked up where we floundered. going forward the finances will become a daily, weekly and monthly feature and not once a year review through the lens of the accountants. i have gained practical knowledge and i'm ready to rebuild again but this time rebuild for growth and prosperity.
  • Anonymous
    This course has greatly helped me to evaluate the health of my business not just the revenues I make but to help me become more profitable using my Income statements and balance sheet.
    I will strongly recommend this course for every business owner
  • Anonymous
    I enjoyed this course very much. It took me back to the drawing board in terms of re-evaluating key priorities in ensuring business success. It was inspiring to have evaluated my business through the KPI's and ratios.

  • Anonymous
    This course was great for learning the basics of business finance. It gives a great summary of commonly used financial terms and what they're used to reflect, which is what I found the most useful.
  • Uzoma
    Great course especially for beginners. It breaks everything down and is truly the fundamentals of business finance. It was not taxing or boring but easy to understand and follow.
  • Nenye Azubike
    Can finance in business be easy to understand, Yes! this course made it so. There is no better way to breakdown a complex topic like this. well done 10,000 women team.
  • Anonymous
    I have shared this course with other women entrepreneurs because i felt it was so helpful in truly understanding the health of your business.
  • Anonymous
    Excellent. They made previously hard topics so easy to understand and apply to my business. Thank you very much
  • Profile image for Anorah Sibanda
    Anorah Sibanda
    Learning about business finance helped me understand the financial dynamix of my business
  • Profile image for AMamiMus BusinessServices
    AMamiMus BusinessServices
    Taking this course was truly an eye-opener. Learning these fundamental steps to gain financial insight into business operations makes me more accountable for--but also more confident in--the value I will bring to future clients. I have a better grasp of how I can decrease my cost of goods sold, increase my net profit, and maintain value for investors and clients.

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