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University of Colorado System

Agile Leader Training

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In this course, you will learn the neuroscience of change, why we are so change-averse, how to train for change resilience, and most importantly, you will begin developing a practice to help you be prepared for changes in personal life and in your career. You will learn specific strategies and tools for overcoming fear, anxiety and managing stress related to these changes. By the end of this course, you will know what you need to do to become truly unshakable. You will build a practice for getting stronger emotionally and mentally. By understanding neuroscience and building awareness of yourself, you will build a solid foundation for understanding your team and the greater behavior of the business world. Remember, these changes won’t happen if you don’t take action. You might be uncomfortable, you might find some of the exercises silly, you might have doubts, and you might want to quit. Babies don’t quit trying to walk because they fall a lot, and neither should you. The only way to truly change is to practice consistently.


  • Neuroscience of Change
    • We use the brain to understand the world around us. Change is no exception except for we are biologically wired to process change at the primal level first. To understand how to become agile, we have to understand what happens in our brain automatically. In this module, you will learn the foundations of the neuroscience of change. By the end of it, you will be able to articulate the inner-mechanics that have a major impact on how we perceive any change event.
  • Deconstructing Your Fears
    • Every action begins with figuring out the end goal and the current state. In this module, you will work through the materials and the exercises that will help you determine where you want to be as a leader and where you are today as it relates to change. You will also begin developing an action plan to bridge the gap between those two journey points and will begin addressing the psychological aspects of fear that might be holding you back today.
  • Building a New Mindset
    • You now know the end goal and the current state. But how do you change the things you’ve been thinking and doing for a long time and how do you consciously design a new agile mindset? In this module, you gain additional insight into your own pattern formation, and you will learn practical tools for overcoming established ways of thinking and building a new mindset.
  • Leader Self-Care
    • Every thought begins in our brain. As you are developing a new mindset, it’s important to support it until it becomes second nature. In this module, you will learn the tools of positive psychology that will help you create healthy mental hygiene, which will be key to sustaining the mindset of an agile leader, building personal change resiliency, and being at ease with change.
  • Building Resilience
    • Action is the driver of transformation. After you have established your end goal, determined where you are today, broke down your psychological barriers and fears associated with change, and designed a practice to support an agile mindset, you will be challenged to take it one step further. By taking action, you will continue to re-set and raise your initial change-tolerance baseline, little by little. By the end of the module, you will build awareness of the most common pitfalls that could get in your way of reaching your highest change-tolerance potential and will understand how to overcome these.

Taught by

Oxana Trotsenko


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