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Arizona State University

商务英语课程:财经英语 Finance & Economics

Arizona State University via Coursera


你在财务领域工作或是和财务专业人员常互动吗 ? 在你的职业生涯,你需说、写或是听得懂英文吗? 跟着本课程真实情境的人物,你会看到他们试着解决一般的商务情况,你会从你的成功和失败的经验中学习,并批判式的思考你沟通方式的抉择。在上完本课程后,你将能够读写电子邮件,报告,以及使用财务和经济的一般用语给予有效的简报。在压力之下,清楚地沟通、利用最近所学的策略,并对于你的商务沟通技巧的有效性,立即得到其他全世界财务专业人士的回馈! 获得你所想要的和全球的经理所期待的英语沟通能力。

Do you work in finance or interact with finance professionals? Is it necessary to speak, write or understand English in your career? Follow the authentic characters in this course as they work through common business situations in finance and economics. Learn from your successes and failure, and think critically about your own communication options. After taking this course, you will be able to read and create efficient e-mails, reports, and impactful presentations with words and phrases commonly used in finance and economics. Communicate clearly under pressure utilizing recently learned strategies, and obtain immediate feedback about the efficiency of your business communication skills in English from other finance professionals around the world! Gain the English communication skills that you desire and that global managers expect.


  • 预算 Budgeting
    • 在进行预算时,凯萨琳要求经理们在开销上持平。杰克却不理会这请求,反而认为多花费在宣传上可增进销售量。你觉得凯萨琳会如何处理这状况? 这一周,你会看到凯萨琳和杰克讨论他的预算,也会观察到她如何利用问题来协助杰克找出可以符合两人需求的办法。这周结束后,你所提出的问题是不仅能够主导开放与诚实的对谈,而且显示出建设性的结果。 While in the budgeting process, Catherine asks managers to keep their expenses flat. Jake, however, ignores this request believing he can increase sales by spending more on promotions. How do you think Catherine handles this situation? In this week, you’ll watch Catherine and Jake talk about his budget. You’ll observe how she uses questions to help Jake think of ways to meet both of their needs. After completing this week, you’ll be able to form questions that lead to open and honest conversations and produce positive results.
  • 预测 Forecasting
    • 你已经完成数据收集、分析报告以及预测。现在,你必须要清楚解释你的结论。这周结束后,你对这艰难的任务有充分的准备,练习实用的语言来描述图表所要表达的故事。在接受挑战时,保持冷静及避免存有戒心的情况下采用策略。在挑战篇中,有凯萨琳做为一个范例,你将会有个好的开始。You’ve collected the data, done the analysis, made the forecasts. Now, you must be able to clearly explain your conclusions. After completing this week, you’ll be more prepared for this difficult task. You’ll practice useful language for describing the whole story represented in your charts and graphs and use strategies for staying calm and avoiding defensiveness when challenged. With Catherine as a model in The Challenge, you’ll be off to a good start.
  • 采购 Purchasing
    • 要核准大量开支表示需花好几个小时来互相迁就、说服及退让。这可能会是一段痛苦的过程,但无需如此。只要照着流程走会解除这痛苦,学习语言和流程能够成功地达成大家开心的协议。这周结束后,你将会按照流程和利用语言谈判双赢的解决之道,也能辨识出道德伦理上诡计端倪的情况,这时是表现出你诚实正直的品格。Approving a large expenditure means many hours of giving and taking, of persuading and conceding. This can be a painful process, but it doesn’t need to be. Follow a process that will take the pain away. Learn the language and the process for successfully negotiating solutions where everyone is happy. After completing this week, you’ll be able to follow a process and use the language for negotiating win-win solutions. You’ll also be able to recognize tricky ethical situations where your integrity can shine.
  • 稽核 Auditing
    • 「你需要什么文件 ?」、「对不起,我没有时间。」这些用语在准备稽核作业时是很普遍听到的。你需有强大权力才可使每人都做到你要求做的事吗? 虽然你没有这权力,但绝对是有能力主导他人。这周结束后,你会辨别五大权力,对积极互动产生影响力,以及使用有目的性意义口吻的字词。 “What documentation do you need?” “I’m sorry, but I don’t have time.” These statements are commonly heard while preparing for an audit. Do you have to have super powers to get everyone to just do what you ask? Although you may not have super powers, you definitely have the power to lead others. After completing this week, you’ll be able to recognize 5 types of power, influence positive interactions, and find words that carry the tone of your intended meaning.
  • 经济学 Economics
    • 有众多的潮流要跟随,却没有足够时间。这周结束后,你将会利用阅读技巧快速地找出、了解你所需要的信息和的字汇,甚至在艰难的内容也做得到。 So many trends to follow, so little time. After completing this week, you’ll be able to use reading strategies for quickly finding and comprehending the information and vocabulary you need - even from difficult texts.
  • 回顾 Review
    • In this week, you’ll review and practice key concepts and language from the course. Watch the videos, check your knowledge and understanding with the support of review worksheet. 这一周,你将会复习与练习本课程的重要概念和语言。藉由复习讲义,你可以观看影片来检视你的知识及理解。

Taught by

Andrea Mürau Haraway, Wanda Huber, Jenny Young and Beatriz Fuentes-Anderson



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