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Deakin University

Transforming Digital Learning: Learning Design Meets Service Design

Deakin University via FutureLearn


How do we transform the future practice of digital learning?

The demand for digital learning (and the experts who can deliver it) continues to grow rapidly.

In this course you’ll examine what online learning is, who needs it, who creates it and why. 

From the perspective of ‘teaching as a design science’, you’ll explore the design theories and practices that are transforming the future of digital learning and digital literacy.

By working with a variety of e-learning experts, you’ll acquire a range of practical strategies to apply in your own work. You’ll also contribute your own knowledge to this emerging and exciting field of education.

This course would suit digital learning professionals, such as teachers, trainers and other educators - looking to broaden their knowledge of digital learning pedagogy. It may also be of interest to online learners.


  • Digital learners and learning
    • Introduction to (digital) learning
    • A world of digital learners
    • What is digital learning?
    • Weekly wrap
  • Design and digital practitioners
    • Design and learning
    • Design thinking and service design
    • Transforming digital learning educators and teams
    • It's a wrap

Taught by

Dr Chie Adachi and Dr Lisa Milne


4.7 rating, based on 37 Class Central reviews

4.7 rating at FutureLearn based on 204 ratings

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  • Anonymous
    This is a course that leads by example. As you learn about how to implement, or enhance, digital learning in a variety of contexts (not only at the university level, but also in corporate training), you will be able to see how Dr. Chie Adachi and he…
  • Anonymous
    I am interested in the topics of this course before I joined this course. At first, I thought that this course is general and can I get what I want? like this. But I made a mistake that is I underestimate with this course. Because the latter topics…
  • I find this course relevant this day due to the prevailing effect of pandemic as what they called Covid19. I hope I can contribute in online set up using the digital skills I will learn and deeply understand for its valuable functions or uses. If I…
  • Anonymous
    The course is challenging yet worthwhile. My initial takeaway here is the value of 3C (curious, constructive and compassionate) which develop my netiquette when engaging online. The objectives of the course are very time as I will be engaging myse…
  • Anonymous
    If you want to move to teach online, or for that matter, create engaging information websites - this course is a must do. It sets out all the things you need to consider from a strategic sense.

    But most importantly - it does this through not just the content, but how the course is actually delivered. So you can experience what an engaging online course feels like.

    The delivery is fast paced, to keep your attention focused. There's a great mix of video and text with links to optional further information. And there are also short and achievable tasks at the end of every topic, to encourage you to think and retain content.
  • Anonymous
    I have just completed a week of this course and as an ELT professional and researcher, I feel this course is beautifully designed to suit learners from varied backgrounds. There are reading materials for everyone, and additional reading materials for those who are particularly motivated. It provides a comprehensive and informative introduction to the ever-changing scenario of digital learning. The faculty on the course make sure you feel integrated and enjoy learning.
  • Anonymous
    Thank you, Dr. Adachi and team, for having given a lot of thoughts and put a lot of effort into designing this course. Judging by the feedback from fellow learners, I think this short course has helped a lot of us realize that digital learning is really not just about the tools. It's about the learning! It has definitely given me a lot of encouragement to explore more and dig deeper into this subject.

    At the end of the course, we’re required to complete a professional practice plan, which pushed us to reflect on our own learning journey and helped in developing our strategies.
  • Profile image for Charity Esmero
    Charity Esmero
    This course erases my fears and apprehension of digital learning. I fear that in digital learning, I will be creating “intellectual giants but emotional dwarves”. I fear that humans in the future will forget compassion, connection and inspiration because of virtual education. Oh, I was so wrong. This course gives me a glimpse of what digital learning really is and how this kind of learning ought to be. I will continue enrolling in their courses so I will learn more of the “standard” digital learning.
  • Anonymous
    The module was very good. This course provides also information that we, as an educator should know. We are facing in a pandemic right now that is why we need to find some ways on how we are oing to share our learning to our learners. Transforming into digital teaching-learning process is not easy. There are so many things that we need to consider. One way around is to find ways on how we can achieve this. Through enrolling in this course I learned that Digital Learning is also applicable.
  • Anonymous
    Fantastic learning experience, the design and content of this course best articulate concepts and theories from multi disciplinary areas including service design, design thinking, knowledge management, academic and institutional design, organization learning and developments; which further reinforce the importance of digital teachers and learners role in contributing to future landscape of “education as a service”.
  • Steve
    A week into this course. Its not a breeze, but is definitely a stimulating and even creative challenge. Honestly I entered it as a time filler as much as anything else, but has really opened my eyes and mind to all kinds of new thinking in this field, and given me many areas which I can start to integrate within my own business in the performance industry.
  • Anonymous
    I have loved every single bit of this course. For once, I never felt out of place. I felt like it was a traditional face-to-face classroom setting. Seeing the comments of other learner's in the comment section has encouraged me to also say what I feel (no one person has all of knowledge or understanding). I for sure am going to take more courses. Yayyyyy ☺️
  • Anonymous
    This has been one of my best MOOCs. The timing of it is very relevant and crucial for most educators and Teaching & Learning Practitioners because of the disruption brought about by Covid-19.
    I am very grateful for all the resources shared and especially for how widely the designers of this course consulted, evidenced by the expertise in their interviewees.
  • Anonymous
    Great course! I work in corporate education and can't wait to connect all I've learned with practice and also to share with my team. The additional materials are very useful (studies, reports, templates) as you can go back to them whenever you need. I definitely recommend this course to my workmates and also to teachers.
  • Anonymous
    The material provided is definitely appreciable. Mentors and the members of the team performed excellently. I personally a bit disagree with the process of tests, which are given at the end of every week. To test the learning you designed only for questions. Variation of thinking always exists in social subjects. You can't test learning of a learner based on few questions, providing him a single chance for a test. Not it is possible to put a subject like digital learning in the category of mathematical subjects. So, please review on the tests process and provide at least two chances for a test.
  • Anonymous
    It's a very well structured course where the contents are explained in a clear, friendly and structured manner. I'm not a specialist, but was able to fully take advantage of it. I'd recommend taking it to any person interested in this field and will for sure share it with my colleagues so they can take advantage of it, too.
  • Anonymous
    This is an excellent course. The content is accessible and engaging. A lot of thought has clearly gone into the learner experience. Students are given the opportunity to engage with each other and provide feedback on each other's work and ideas. The educators and mentors are very generous and encouraging. I loved it.
  • Anonymous
    I particularly liked this course because it puts a lot of emphasis on the learners which are mainly teachers and trainers thus giving us the opportunity to come in contact with various practices around the world. The content combines text, short-documentaries, materials, videos with short assignments and interactions.
  • Anonymous
    Found the program insightful as it presented design frameworks that I have not been exposed to before. The content was well structured and the accompanying resources provided good leads for those who wish to deepened their knowledge during and following the program. Enjoyed the program immensely!!
  • Anonymous
    Hello I am Rahayu from Indonesia. I am very interested in this course because I am a teacher. It is important to me to learn about transforming digital learning recently over novel covid that makes all learning process become dominant in internet based learning nowadays.

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