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The University of Sheffield

Supporting Victims of Domestic Violence

The University of Sheffield via FutureLearn


Enhance your knowledge of gender-based violence and the forms of domestic abuse

Domestic violence is a global health issue that can take many forms and affect anyone.

Health and social care professionals play an important role in recognising and helping victims of violent and abusive relationships.

On this course, you’ll address the role of gender in domestic violence and learn to recognise the various forms of violence and abuse.

You’ll reflect on the impact of domestic violence and understand your responsibilities as a health or social care worker.

By the end of this course, you’ll feel more confident to help support domestic violence victims and survivors.

This course is designed for health and social care professionals, including nurses, doctors, family support workers, and community workers.

The course will also appeal to lawyers, school teachers, police, and anyone familiar with victims of domestic violence.

This course has been designed to help practitioners who work with victims of domestic violence and abuse to provide effective support. We regret that we are unable to provide direct support to victims in this course.

Taught by

Parveen Ali

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4.8 rating, based on 208 reviews

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  • This was such an engaging and informative course. Really well paced and presented with videos of real professionals dealing with women experiencing DVA to give context and guidance. Lots of information on the subject from causes and risks through to indentifying and reaching out to those affected and how issues are taken further in a more official context. Very clear on how to help and support those who may be experiencing DVA in a compassionate and effective way that shows respect and empowers.
  • Geta Kassa
    very helpful course! i have learnt very important topics and help me to provide support for the beneficiaries and train the other humanitarian workers
  • Profile image for Carol Hibbert
    Carol Hibbert
    This course was both interesting and beneficial I found the content most informative and practical; it was well presented and easy to understand. The inclusion of comments from participants was useful and informative in getting an idea of what the thinking...
  • Anonymous
    The course is interesting and insightful, it’s one of the best DVA courses. Through this course I have been able to know the steps one needs to follow in helping domestic violent abuse client resolve their challenges.
    The course has thrown more light on the safety aspect of helping process and the importance of active listening when dealing with a client.
    The course has shown in details the Systemic ways of getting information from a reluctant client who is not ready to divulge information that are necessary to address the key issues.
    Above all it has changed my perception about victims of Domestic violent abuse. Thanks
  • Anonymous
    I cannot believe hat in such a short duration of time, this course covers almost all major area that involves Domestic Violence in any form.

    The practical case studies of the victims definitely reflects the core of the issue on individual level to community and Global level .

    The Professional interviews video are so informative that one really feels confident about in and outs of the issue.

    Very well organised course. A must for anyone who wants to work in the relevant field or just for their own awareness of this nasty act that exists globally on multilevel .
  • Anonymous
    The class was easy to relate with the complex material proffered. The pace was easy and very interesting for the beginner to the seasoned practitioner. A variety of teaching tools was displayed through video, online discussions, interesting reading material. The...
  • Anonymous
    I am enjoying to complete the preliminary exam and course about supporting victims domestic violence.its helpful subject for all health worker . social worker are benefits on that subject.This topic was helpful for all ongoing learners on various subjects to study I was very thankful to future learn for giving opportunity to do this course.I got two course certificate from future I appeal to all new learners to do various subjects on this platform

  • Anonymous
    This course has been fantastic and a great opening to navigate around the concepts, provision and the law. A very comprehensive course where you can gain great awareness of different issues about domestic violence. I found comforting to learn that there is so much recognition nowadays about this type of violence and that it is taken seriously. However, until we do not deal with the root of violence and tackle its origin, we are going to continue experimenting violence.

    The only points I have missed have been, a wider reference to violence towards men , how criminal justice deals with abuse and whether there are gender differences when sentencing.

    Thank you very much for this opportunity.

  • Peter Ethelston
    Honest, brutal and very informative. This material should be taught appropriately in every school - without educating our children, we will never effectively challenge or in any way eradicate DVA from our lives. We also need to take this topic into the workplace as part of employee wellbeing - if up to 56% of women experience DVA and in 70% of cases at the hands of men, then we need to recognise the impact on the world of work and on the wellbeing of our workforce. We also need to talk about this in our communities - DVA knows no social boundaries. No matter how uncomfortable we feel having these conversations, it pales in comparison to those living with DVA.
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    As someone who has just started working within the DVA service, I have been learning more about DVA on the job over these past two months as I settle into the new role. This course has proved a valuable addition to, and means of solidifying, my awareness and understanding of DVA, its prevalence, impact and how to think about responding when we encounter it in the lives of people we work with and for. It's hard to make an online course hugely interactive, but I appreciated the space where we could read other peoples' comments and thoughts, as well as contribute our own. Thank you very much for allowing such easy access to very pertinent and valuable learning.
  • Anonymous
    Very practical, informative course. Difficult, painful subject but you can learn in your own pace and take breaks when you feel overwhelmed by emotions or information.

    I do recommend this course for those who are experiencing abuse or were abused at some point of their lives. I think it will help also friends of victims to understand them better and to support victims in any possible way, to recognize that neighbor next door/ coworker/ student can be a victim.

    Thank you very much for this course. It helped me a lot.
  • Anonymous
    Thank you ,I really appreciate you guys for giving me a chance to upgrade my skills and mover future I learned a lot from your course, hoping others will also learn a lot from it and find it useful as much as I did,thank you so much future learn
  • Anonymous
    I have cpomopleted the whole course and marked as complete but it seems that taking me around and around.
  • Anonymous
    I'm so glad with Futurelearn because them let me have the experience of doing a pre-grade course being in the highschool in my home on another country, the 3 parts of the course are quick, only take you maximun 3 weeks and the questions are so easy and you can exapand your answers as you want, i swear that it's gonna make you feel more confident and. You have to study for the tests but don't worry they are so easy. And that's why i give to my course a 5/5 stars.
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    The course provides sobering data about the extent of DVA (domestic violence and abuse) in all societies. Voices of professionals, including academics, lawyers and front-line professionals, add insight to the issues at stake and guidance on how to respond to victims/survivors. Although some of the content is more tailored to those in these front-line roles (crisis agency staff and those working in healthcare and the public sector), the course has highlighted that it is important for all of us to be aware of the prevalence of DVA and to be ready to offer an appropriate response.
  • Anonymous
    This course gives a good overview of Domestic Abuse, types, Emotional impact upon the family and support offered to victims whether man or woman and their families.

    The course makes you think about your role and how you could offer support and agencies which may help you to support the victim and family.

    The figures around the world are very high and the way this is viewed and acted upon may have many consequences.

  • Anonymous
    Brief but focussed as they say brief but sweet. Covered the following areas

    Gender and gender role expectations

    Forms of domestic violence and abuse (DVA)

    The prevalence of DVA around the world

    Factors that influence violence

    The impact on victims, families and children

    Recognising signs and symptoms of DVA

    Talking to victims

    Safety planning

    How the law can protect victims

    Working in multi-agency partnerships
  • Anonymous
    I was more ignorant than I realised regarding the subject of Domestic Abuse and Violence. This course has been interesting and highly informative. I found the study on DAV among the Pakistani community particularly interesting - really eye-opening. I feel that as a result of this course, I would be much more confident in approaching a victim of DAV and talking with them about the issue.

    I'm very glad I did this course.
  • Anonymous
    This course is very informative and engages learners in reflective thinking as well as contributions. I feel it is a must-take for anyone in a helping relationship or field of work. Right about any and every one. The more awareness we have as citizens of the world and in various professions, the better we would care to make a desired difference in our fellow humans' ability to access basic rights and services.
  • Anonymous
    This is an in-depth and informative course. It also provides links and further information on those links, which have been extremely useful. I would highly recommend this course to anyone working in the health sector, organisations, or charities. Even if you do not work in any of those fields. This course is helpful in recognising the signs and helping/supporting women going through Domestic violence.

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