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Introduction to Dutch

University of Groningen via FutureLearn


Are you planning to visit, or work or study in the Netherlands soon? This free online course is perfect if you have little or no prior knowledge of Dutch, but would like to master the fundamentals in order to survive life in the Low Countries.

Learn basic Dutch

The course will run over three weeks, helping you to:

  • introduce yourself and get to know other learners
  • talk about your family, friends, work and study
  • and experience life in the Netherlands.

Speak, write and understand useful Dutch

During the course, you will learn Dutch phrases, greetings, vocabulary, numbers, spelling and grammar. Being able to understand the language will make everyday activities, such as shopping or going out to a restaurant, much more enjoyable.

By the end of the course, you will be able to recognise familiar words and phrases about yourself and your family. You will be taught to use simple sentences to describe where you live and the people you know.

Finally, you will be able to write short texts such as an email or fill in forms with personal details. The main focus will be on receptive skills such as reading and listening.

Learn with the University of Groningen Language Centre

The course will be taught in English by lecturers of Dutch and English from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands.

So, if you would like to get a taste of Dutch - and join the 23 million people who speak the language in the Netherlands, Flanders, Suriname and many other countries - join the course now.

This course has been ranked as one of the best online courses of all time by online course aggregator class central.

This course is aimed at people with no prior knowledge of the Dutch language, who have a strong interest in learning languages. It will give you a taste of language skills that will help you to survive in Dutch-speaking countries. The main focus will be on receptive skills like reading and listening. It will be taught in English.


  • Introducing yourself
    • Getting started
    • Introduction to Week 1
    • Introduce yourself
    • Language focus: grammar explanation
    • Counting
    • The alphabet
    • Summary of Week 1
    • Introducing the Dutch
  • Talking about family, work and study
    • Introducing the topic: talking about family, work and study
    • Say more about yourself
    • Language focus: grammar explanation
    • The time
    • Greeting someone
    • Summary of Week 2
    • Introducing the Dutch
  • Living in the Netherlands
    • Introducing the topic: living in The Netherlands
    • Living in the Netherlands
    • Language focus: grammar explanation
    • Making a suggestion
    • Paying
    • Summary of Week 3
    • Introducing the Dutch


4.9 rating, based on 298 Class Central reviews

4.8 rating at FutureLearn based on 446 ratings

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  • I started this course after being for a few months learning Dutch using Duolingo. One of the main issues I had trouble with was getting explanations for grammar and how things should work when constructing sentences. The majority of those explanatio…
  • I enjoyed the course and I certainly gained a lot from it. Each week of the course starts with a couple of dialogues which bring in the vocabulary and grammar which will be studied during the week. At the end of the week you listen to the same dial…
  • Anonymous
    I just finished this course, and having already studied Dutch for a few months I found the course very interesting, although as to be expected a little bit easy. There are a few things I like about the course, there's plenty of audio and listening m…
  • Anonymous
    This was a great course. It is very well put together and has something for every style of learning. I went into it never having studied Dutch previously and found it was quite easy to understand and make progress. Plus side: So many options to exp…
  • Anonymous
    The Introduction to Dutch Course, has been the best language course I've taken so far. Even though Dutch has different spelling, pronunciation and also some completely different words to my second language, Afrikaans, one could still easily understand what was being taught to us.
    The teachers has been amazingly hands-on at answering and explaining various questions asked in the comments, by students from all over the globe.

    This course is definitely a must, as I can guarantee anyone who partakes in it, will walk away with an exciting new language to add to their list of achievements.

    To all the teachers , who partook in creating such and amazing course...
    Dank je wel!
  • Anonymous
    One of the best online courses of all time.

    This course allows you to get to a beginner to early intermediate level of dutch, around A2, and gets you ready to for going to B1 next.

    It's great for anyone who is interested in learning dutch, whether you are a beginner or have already been learning for a little bit. Since a lot of online apps and courses don't really provide an extensive introduction to the grammar, this course makes everything easier. Highly reccomend!
  • Anonymous
    The course is really well designed, and enable you to have a look at the basics of the Dutch language. There are a lot of audio samples, as well as videos, in order to help you get accustomed with the oral language. On top of that, you can find a few rules of grammar and syntax, and you are always invited to write and speak in between the different notions studied. It's a really good way to get started in the language!
  • Anonymous
    Basic but weel developed material. The learning process is smooth, the teachers and lessons quite clear. Is even entertaining.
  • it has been a great introductory course, where you learn the key basics of daily life conversations in dutch, as well as a well amount of much needed vocabulary. there are very useful grammar lessons there , explaining how to order your sentences in different situations , how to ask questions , and how to make new suggestions. by the end of the course you become able to introduce yourself, talk about yourself, your family, and your life too very simply.
  • Anonymous
    I have been very impressed with this course particularly as it was the first that I have studied through a MOOC. I thought the course content was well structured and pitched at the appropriate level for an adult learner. The lecturers were caring an…
  • Anonymous
    I enjoyed "Introduction to Dutch" very much and am happy to recommend it to anyone who is planning to visit the Netherlands for work or pleasure or to anyone who wants to sample Dutch before signing up for a longer program of study. The three-week course does a good job introducing vocabulary and basic grammar and with structured listening exercises and drills helps participants achieve decent novice-level proficiency. Instructional videos are short and easy to follow, and during the session instructors are on hand to answer questions and correct errors. I had great fun and would love to take another course of the same caliber.
  • Profile image for Michael Hammer
    Michael Hammer
    I really liked this course. I lived in the Netherlands for the summer several years ago, but never tried to learn Dutch. That's been bugging me ever since, especially because I still watch football with a Dutch broadcast all the time, even though I…
  • Anonymous
    This is a free introductory Dutch for beginners course. You watch video dialogues (listen and watch) and then repeat the dialogue in reading and writing. The videos about grammar are very easy to understand and pedagogical. Good quizzes in the course as well as external exercises on Quizlet. You are encouraged to engage with other participants and the course supervisors by writing comments. I think the course could be of interest for beginners at all levels. Highly recommended.
  • Anonymous
    Having just begun my Dutch learning experience I found the course very interesting, and a lot harder than expected. There are a few things I like about the course, there's plenty of audio and listening materials / exercises, and more importantly - w…
  • Course is really basic (A1) but has clear nice structure and is really high quality one. I have started it year ago then had no time and returned to finish and confirm my 'natural progress'. Now I understand every phrase and find everything really c…
  • Anonymous
    This is a wonderful course. I did this course once before years ago and this version is much improved. Some of the original conversations are there but refreshed and the later conversations are really interesting and true to life.
    The grammar sections are succint and useful and the exercises challenging but carefully graded. I liked the opportunity to post comments and observations and I liked that the teachers responded so promptly to our questions, making suggestions and useful teaching points.
    It is so useful to be given advice on further sites to hear Dutch spoken, and I've already tested these out. I really recommend this free course. It is useful, really interesting and enjoyable.
    Thank you University of Groningen.
  • Anonymous
    I liked very much this course. I think it was well structured, with a mix of explanations, video, exercises and tests.
    I would be very happy if I could follow an other upgrade course of Dutch language.
  • Anonymous
    It was a very beginner-friendly and supportive course for those who are zero for Dutch. I definitely recommend this course for people who want to learn Dutch from the beginning.
  • Anonymous
    I advise the course, I have learned a lot of words, rules and sentences on basic Dutch language.

    Facilitators help you if you need correct.
  • Anonymous
    Very complete and easy to understand course. Totally recommended. If you are a from 0 this is the rigth path to follow

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