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CSS Essential Training

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Explore the concepts that form the foundation of CSS. Learn how to select content, style text, manage layouts, and more as you work on a real-world project.


  • Styling documents consistently
  • What you should know
  • Tools and sample projects
1. Getting Started
  • HTML and CSS
  • Browser developer tools
  • Referencing CSS
  • Project overview and setup
  • Optimizing images and retina displays
  • Project: Relative paths
  • Absolute paths
2. Core Concepts
  • CSS specifications and the W3C
  • CSS syntax and terminology
  • CSS values and units
  • The color and property values
  • Type and universal selectors
  • Class and ID selectors
  • Class and ID selector exercise
  • Descendant selectors
  • Grouping selectors
  • Inheritance and specificity
  • The cascade and importance
  • Project: Adding colors
  • Pseudo-class selectors and links
  • Project: Styling links
3. The Box Model
  • Introduction to the box model
  • Inline, block, and display
  • The box model properties
  • The box properties syntax and usage
  • Debugging the box model
  • Padding, margin, and border
  • Margin and layouts
  • Project: Adding content wrappers
  • Project: Margin and padding
4. Typography
  • Typography for the web
  • Changing the font-family
  • Font-weight and font-style
  • Web fonts with @font-face
  • Web fonts with Google Fonts
  • Project: Google Fonts
  • The font-size property
  • Font shorthand
  • Text-decoration, text-align, and line-height
  • Project: Typography styles
5. Layouts: Float and Position
  • Introduction to float
  • The float and clear properties
  • Float and collapsed container
  • Layouts and the box model
  • Project: Float and box model fix
  • Position
  • Position and z-index
6. Layouts: Flexbox and Grid
  • Introduction to Grid and Flexbox
  • Introduction to Flexbox
  • Flexbox: Orientation and ordering
  • Flexible sizing
  • Flexbox exercise
  • Flexbox: Alignment
  • Project: Flexbox alignment
  • Introduction to CSS Grid
  • The explicit grid
  • The implicit grid
  • Grid placement properties
  • Project: Grid columns and Firefox Grid Inspector
7. Advanced Selectors
  • Introduction to advanced selectors
  • Relational selectors: Combinators
  • Project: Updates with combinators
  • Pseudo-class selectors: First and last
  • Project: Advanced selectors
8. Fluid and Responsive Layouts
  • Introduction to responsive design
  • Project: Creating fluid layouts
  • Flexible background images
  • Project: Flexible background image
  • Introduction to media queries
  • Media queries, widths, and breakpoints
  • Testing responsive layouts
  • Project: Media queries and responsive layout
  • Next steps

Taught by

Christina Truong


4.7 rating, based on 3 Class Central reviews

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  • Profile image for Sidhartha Mohanty
    Sidhartha Mohanty
    I am beginner to the course and it helped me a lot to get in touch with the essentials.
    Great explanatory and really enjoyed learning.
  • Very helpful!
    Christina helped In breaking down these basics with ease. I almost got carried away that I'm still a beginner and this is just the beginning part of my web development journey, lol.

    We need more people like her. I really appreciate her time and effort in bringing these all together in one piece. Gracias, Truong
  • Mohamed Yaser Farook M
    it is a good course but i didnt get the certificate what i need to do ..................the mendor is very very very good at teaching

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