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Final Cut Pro X 10.6 Essential Training

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Use Final Cut Pro X 10.4 to create professional-looking video projects. Learn essential video and audio editing techniques including color correction and media management.


  • All Roads Lead to Final Cut Pro X
  • What you should know
  • The Final Cut Pro X Ecosystem
  • Relinking exercise files
  • New features in Final Cut Pro 10.4.7
  • New features in FCPX 10.4.9
  • New features in Final Cut Pro 10.5
  • Object tracker, part 1
  • Object tracker, part 2
1. Getting to Know the Editing Environment
  • The fundamentals of video editing
  • An under-the-hood introduction: Understanding the Final Cut Pro (FCP) X file structure
  • A tour of the FCP X interface: Basic clip viewing and organization
  • A tour of the FCP X interface: Browser
  • A tour of the interface: Organizing the browser
  • A tour of the FCP X interface: Timeline
  • A tour of the FCP X interface: Tools and effects
  • Using Sidecar with Final Cut Pro X
2. Ingesting Assets
  • Setting up libraries and events
  • Organizing files: Keeping it clean on your OS
  • Importing assets: Copying vs. leaving files in place
  • Organizing files: Keeping it clean on your OS
  • Importing assets: Fixing common problems
  • Importing assets from a file-based camera
3. Organizing Assets
  • Organizing footage with keywords
  • Applying keywords to part of a clip
  • Rating and filtering clips
  • Performing searches
  • Working with and creating Smart Collections
  • Deeper organization in list view
  • Organizing video and audio into rolls
  • Importing assets from another Final Cut Pro X library
  • Sending projects from iMovie to FCP X
  • Working with the info inspector and metadata views
4. Basic Editing: Laying the Foundation
  • Navigating and marking footage
  • Creating a project and using the Append edit
  • Using Edit > Insert
  • Using connect edits and bringing in only video
  • Overwriting clips and replacing edits
  • Moving and trimming clips in the timeline
  • Creating secondary storylines for connected clips
  • Removing clips in the timeline
  • Adjusting your project's audio levels
  • Changing timeline appearance and navigation
  • Using the timeline index
5. Refining the Edit Using the Trim Tools
  • Trimming with the edit point in mind
  • Marking clips
  • Ripple and top and tail trimming
  • Roll trim
  • Slip and slide trimming
  • Fine-tuned editing via the precision editor
6. Working with Speed and Transforming Clips
  • Adjusting scale, position, and rotation
  • Using different cropping methods
  • Using Distort to create a split screen
  • Creating a video fade-in and fade-out
  • Making constant speed changes
  • Using speed presets
  • Creating speed ramping effects
  • Working with stills and Ken Burns
  • Interpreting slow motion shot in camera
7. Basic Audio Editing
  • Audio post-production basics
  • Looking at different audio types in FCP X
  • Monitoring audio
  • Adjusting levels in the browser
  • Adjusting levels in the project
  • Fading, keyframing, and ducking audio
  • Fixing audio automatically
  • Recording voice-overs and narration
  • Syncing your audio and video
  • Working with audio rolls for final mix
8. Multicam Editing and 360 Video
  • Syncing a multicam clip
  • Performing a multicam edit
  • Refining a multicam edit
  • Creating a 360 project
  • Viewing 360 clips
  • Working with stereoscopic media
  • Effects for 360 clips
9. Working with Effects
  • Adding and adjusting transitions
  • Adding and adjusting video effects
  • Adding and adjusting audio effects
  • Keyframing video over time
  • Copying and pasting effects and nesting clips
  • Auditioning effects
  • Creating effect presets
10. Working with Titles and Graphics
  • Creating a title
  • Adding a lower third
  • Finding and replacing title text
  • Working with generator effects
  • Working with layered Photoshop files
  • Working with titles for nonstandard formats
11. Basic Color Correction
  • Analyzing and fixing shots for white balance
  • Applying color looks
  • Color matching clips automatically
  • Following a proper color correction workflow
  • An intro to the FCP X Color Inspector
  • Performing a basic color grade
  • Adding style to your shots
  • Working with color masks
  • Working with shape masks
  • A word on HDR
  • Working with ProRes RAW
12. Project and Media Management
  • Customizing a workspace
  • Customizing a keyboard
  • Media management introduction
  • Moving, copying, relinking, and deleting clips in a library
  • Moving and copying clips between libraries
  • Managing library storage locations
  • Sending your library to another editor, consolidating media, and deleting generated content
  • Copying and Sending a Library with no Media
13. Sharing and Exporting
  • Exporting a still image
  • Exporting a hi-res movie
  • Exporting projects for YouTube
  • Exporting part of a project
  • Exporting a project to different destinations
  • Exporting different title languages through video rolls
  • Exporting audio rolls
  • Exporting closed captions
  • Exporting a selection of clips
  • Exporting for vertical and square video
  • Exporting an XML
14. Five Things to Know About Compressor
  • Why use Compressor?
  • Navigating the Compressor interface
  • Creating FCP X bundles based on Compressor settings
  • Creating a Compressor preset with timecode
  • Working with droplets for export on the OS
15. Five Things to Know About Motion
  • The FCP X motion connection
  • Free motion content
  • Exploring motion templates
  • Bringing a motion generator to FCP X
  • Exploring title behaviors
  • Where do I go from here?

Taught by

Nick Harauz


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