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University of Naples Federico II

Negoziazione e comunicazione efficace

University of Naples Federico II via edX


Come gestire la comunicazione quando gli interessi confliggono? Come portare avanti efficacemente dei processi di negoziazione? Questo corso fornisce le basi teoriche che sottendono alla comprensione e alla messa in pratica delle principali strategie e dei più diffusi modelli di negoziazione e di gestione del conflitto.

Parte delle lezioni sarà dedicata anche all’approfondimento di tematiche relative all’analisi dei comportamenti nelle interazioni interpersonali e della comunicazione efficace, conoscenze indispensabili per un’efficace strategia di negoziazione.

La parte teorica sarà corredata da esercitazioni pratiche attraverso un nuovo strumento informatico, un serious game, che permetterà di simulare interazioni con personaggi virtuali all’interno di una cornice protetta. Con tale strumento potrai fare un’esperienza diretta di numerosi casi negoziali.

In tal modo sarà possibile non solo apprendere concetti utili per arricchire la propria vita personale e professionale, ma anche capire meglio se stessi e comprendere come poter migliorare il proprio modo di relazionarsi con gli altri e di gestire la conflittualità.

Effective negotiation and communication

How can we direct communications when interests conflict? How can negotiation be taken forward? This course aims to provide the theoretical basis for understanding and implementing the main strategies and the most popular models for negotiation and conflict management.

Some of the lessons will be dedicated to an in-depth analysis of behaviors in interpersonal interactions, and effective communication skills, which are essential for an effective negotiating strategy. The theory part of the course will be, for the first time in an online course, accompanied by practical exercises using a new IT tool, a serious game, which will simulate interactions with virtual characters, in a protected environment.

This tool will give you direct experience of negotiation in real situations. This will make it possible to learn concepts that will enrich your personal and professional lives, and will also lead to better self-understanding, and improve the way you relate to others and manage conflict.

Taught by

Davide Marocco



4.3 rating, based on 12 Class Central reviews

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  • Anonymous
    Great course. I learnt a lot. Still something to adjust to set it more "social" but I definitely recommend it. In Italian.

    Siccome non so chi leggerà la recensione riporto il commento anche in italiano.
    Molto interessante. Ho imparato molto. Secondo me c'è qualcosa da regolare per renderlo un po' più interattivo, ma lo consiglio sicuramente a chiunque. Il corso è completamente in italiano
  • Anonymous
    The alternating speaker format is refreshing. Concepts are explained carefully, illustrated helpfully, and revisited systematically throughout course. Good opportunity given for more practical application (ENACT). Quite worthwhile.
  • Anonymous
    I applied for a verified certificate and I finished the course in about two weeks. It was a very interesting and well-designed course. The instructors were very prepared and they presented the lectured in a thorough manner.
  • Anonymous
    I was looking for a course giving practical advise on how to communicate and negotiate effectively. I found this course being much too theoretical for me, so I have not even completed it.
  • Anonymous
    Ottimo corso, materiale didattico di buon livello, lezioni molto chiare ed esaurienti, vengono trattati diversi argomenti fondamentali della comunicazione con estrema chiarezza.
  • Anonymous
    It was the the best course i attended in the last years. I understanded how to listen the people and how important is knowing the different culture in negotiation.
  • Anonymous
    The course was really interesting, helpful and clear. I liked it and positively review it.
    The material was enough and the information provided was satisfying.
  • Anonymous
    The explanations were interesting and well structured. I feel I learned a lot. I was familiar with the subject, however I did not find the course boring at all!
  • Vincenzo Brandi
    A really interesting and well organized course, rich in contents and concrete applications.
    The communicative capacity of the teachers is fantastic. Compliments!
  • Anonymous
    Interesting and well prepared course, with in depth analysis of each subject and clear explanations. Good additional references provided. Congrats!
  • Profile image for Giorgio Isetta
    Giorgio Isetta
    The program is well organized. The teaching clear and professional as well as easy to use. So, a good experience.
  • Anonymous
    Really interesting. I met a lot of new ways to deal with. I hope there is going to be the second part.

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