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Building React Application using ASP.NET MVC5

Board Infinity via Coursera


The Building React Application using ASP.NET MVC5 course is designed to teach developers how to build scalable and efficient web applications using the React JS library and the ASP.NET MVC5 framework. Participants will also learn how to integrate React JS into their ASP.NET MVC5 web applications, taking advantage of the framework's features such as server-side rendering and routing. This course is best suitable for people with prior experience in web development with React and familiarity with ASP.NET technologies.


  • ASP.NET Core
    • ASP.NET Core is a web application framework designed to build modern, cloud-based, and cross-platform web applications. It is an open-source framework that provides a flexible, scalable, and high-performance environment for developing web applications. The framework is built on top of .NET Core, a free and open-source platform for building cross-platform applications. ASP.NET Core provides a modular architecture that allows developers to use only the necessary components for their web application, making it more lightweight and faster. It also provides built-in support for dependency injection, making it easy to manage and test different parts of the application.
    • ASP.NET MVC (Model-View-Controller) is a web application framework developed by Microsoft for building dynamic and scalable web applications. ASP.NET MVC provides developers with a structured approach to building web applications, promoting code reusability, testability, and maintainability. It offers features such as routing, data validation, authentication, and authorization, making it suitable for developing robust and interactive web applications. Module 2 delves into advanced ASP.NET Core concepts, focusing on practical applications and enhanced functionality. Students learn to leverage Entity Framework Core for efficient data management and integration within ASP.NET Core applications. The module explores the ASP.NET MVC pipeline, providing insights into request handling and middleware configurations. Additionally, emphasis is placed on implementing robust security measures to safeguard ASP.NET Core applications against common threats.
    • ASP.NET Web API is a framework for building RESTful web services that can be consumed by a variety of clients, including web applications, mobile apps, and other services. In the ASP.NET Web API module, developers learn how to design, implement, and deploy web APIs using the ASP.NET framework. This module covers the basics of RESTful web services and HTTP protocol, and how they can be implemented in ASP.NET Web API. Students learn how to use attributes to define API endpoints and map HTTP requests to controller methods. They also gain an understanding of how to serialize and deserialize data using JSON and XML formats.

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