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Learn Neuroscience: How Your Brain Works in Six Lectures

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If there is one body part that defines you the most as a person, it would be the brain.

Yet, what is the brain?

What does it consist of?

And what does it do?

This course will teach you in quick and easy lectures how your brain works and what this can teach you about yourself.

Learn about the most mind-blowing insights from neuroscience research and find out about the role of our brain in your personality, abilities, imagination, and consciousness.

What you will learn in this course

·      How the frontal part of your brain affects your personality

·      The hidden everyday functions of your brain

·      The two hemispheres: or how you are actually two people

·      How normal people become superheroes through neuroplasticity

·      Why our brain likes to imagine things and how powerful this ability is

·      Why we may not have free will according to neuroscience research

In short, you will get mind-blowing neuroscience insights and understand the role of our brain in our personality, abilities, imagination, and consciousness in an easy beginner-friendly format. 

Here is a little secret: I wasn't interested in neuroscience from the beginning.

Instead, I started as a psychologist. 

But here is the thing: if you are interested in understanding the human mind then sooner or later this leads you to the brain.

Once I realized how much neuroscience can teach us about ourselves, I was hooked and found myself more and more in this discipline.

I realized that neuroscience is not as complicated as it seems and extremely fascinating.

So in this course, I want to share some of the most mind-blowing neuroscience lessons – including lessons that you cannot find in any other course.

So get started now and get to know your brain.

See you on the other side.


  • Introduction and outline
  • The command center of the brain
  • Hidden everyday functions
  • The two hemispheres
  • Neuroplasticity
  • Imagination in the brain
  • Consciousness and free will
  • Bonus: Do we use only 10% of our brain?

Taught by

Andre Klapper, PhD


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