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Learn Piano in 30 Days with 8+ Hours Piano Video Instruction, 31000 Piano Students!

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Would you like to learn how to combine hands when playing piano? How to play by ear, play chords, play scales and compose music? How to read sheet music? How to learn a new song every day? And how to use piano chords to learn songs quicker and remember them better?

PGN Piano has over 250.000 subscribers on YouTube and is the Largest Piano Tutorial channel in Europe. Now presenting: The Ultimate Piano Course! :)

In this piano course I will take you from a complete novice, someone who has never played the piano before, to an intermediate piano player. How is that possible? Whether you have been playing piano for 1 month or 1 year, or maybe have not even started yet, it's all about 2 things: Practice your piano skills, and learn about music and piano theory. You see if you do not know what yo play on your piano, you cannot practice it either. On the other hand you might know exactly what to play, but if your hands to work along, you will stuck either way. This course is not just for beginner piano players, instead, it can also be used by people who play instruments that are different, think about guitar players, saxophone players or even drummers. Drummers? Yes even people who play the drums benefit from knowing basic musical principals so they understand what it is, the other musicians are playing. So, instead of paying insane amounts for piano classes, a piano teacher or music school, let's start here, so you can learn to play the piano, all by yourself, from the comfort of your own home.

1. Introducing The Piano

  • Course Introduction
  • What's a Piano?
  • The Secret of This Course
  • Name The White Piano Keys
  • Name The Black Piano Keys
  • Special Names
  • Double Sharps
  • Double Flats
  • Test Your Piano Knowledge

2. Scales & Octaves

  • Scales, What's the Use?
  • Major Piano Scales
  • Minor Piano Scales
  • Octaves To Play
  • Octaves To Jump
  • Piano Scale Practice
  • Piano Octave Practice
  • Test Your Piano Knowledge

3. Chord Basics

  • Introduction to Piano Chords
  • Major Piano Chords
  • Minor Piano Chords
  • Inversions
  • 5-Chords
  • Major 7 Chords
  • Minor 7 Chords
  • Splitting Piano Chords
  • Slash Chords
  • Test Your Knowledge

4. Chord Mastery

  • Introduction to Chord Mastery
  • Piano Chord Progressions
  • Right Hand Piano Chords
  • Left Hand Piano Chords
  • Chords & Octaves
  • Left Hand Piano Patterns
  • Right Hand Piano Patterns
  • Auto Match Piano Chords
  • Play Your 1st Piano Song
  • Standard Piano Chord Grip
  • Test Your Knowledge

5. Combining Like A Pro

  • Introduction to Combining Hands
  • 4 Levels of Learning
  • Start With Left
  • Then Play Right
  • Slow Combinations
  • Steady Left Individual Right
  • Steady Right Individual Left
  • Double Individuals
  • 1st Combination Song
  • 3 More combination songs
  • Test Your Knowledge

6. Learn A New Song Per Day

  • Introduction to 1 Song Per Day
  • Find Piano Keys & Chords
  • Piano How To Extract the Key
  • Piano Scales/Keys
  • Transposing Piano
  • Specify Intro
  • Left Hand Piano Progression
  • Right Hand Chords
  • Right Hand Lyrics
  • Full Chord Lyrics
  • Test Your Knowledge

7. Play By Ear

  • Introduction to Playing By Ear
  • Figuring Out Scales/Keys
  • Chord Progressions
  • Left Hand Specification
  • Intro Specification
  • Right Hand Piano Chords
  • Right Hand Inversions
  • Right Hand Lyrics
  • Test Your Knowledge

8. Compose Songs [BONUS]

  • Introduction to Composing
  • Basic Composing Tips
  • Find your Piano Style
  • Piano Backing Track
  • Piano Melody Lines

9. How To Read Sheet Music [BONUS]

  • Introduction to Sheet Music
  • Where to get Sheet Music?
  • Staff
  • Treble Clef
  • Bass Clef
  • Notes
  • Dots and Ties
  • Flags and Beams
  • Note and Rest Values
  • Time Signatures
  • Key Signatures

About PGN Piano:

PGN Piano is THE Place To Learn How To Play The Piano! It offers you online piano lessons, wherever you are, whenever you want! With piano lessons added each week, you’ll never get bored, having to play the same type of songs over and over again, you can simply pick the songs you like and start to learn to play piano right away! On the YouTube Channel you’ll find lessons suited for everybody! There’s piano lessons for beginners, and though there are no specific piano lessons for kids, they can still use the lessons to learn how to play their favourite songs, like for instance this lesson!

You shouldn’t consider the lessons to be piano for dummies, instead think of them as a way Zelda to teach yourself piano. This is the main reason Back To You I started PGN Piano. I found myself in a place where I wanted to learn piano online, and I simply couldn’t find any good lessons for specific songs. After learning some songs myself, I decided it was Back To You to spread my knowledge, and gave it a go. My first piano lesson ever has now reached nearly 1.000.000 views, and is still being watched many times each day.

Keep Playing!

Mark - PGN Piano


  • Welcome To The Ultimate Piano Course!
  • 1.2 Piano Course Layout
  • 1.3 The Secret
  • 1.4 White Piano Keys
  • 1.5 Black Piano Keys
  • 1.6 Special Piano Key Names
  • 1.7 Double Flats & Sharps
  • IMPORTANT: New Course Available!!
  • Lesson 2.1 Introduction to Piano Scales
  • Lesson 2.2 Piano Scales, What's The Use?
  • Lesson 2.3 Major Piano Scales
  • Lesson 2.4 Minor Piano Scales
  • Lesson 2.5 Play Piano Octaves
  • Lesson 2.6 Jump Piano Octaves
  • Lesson 2.7 Piano Scale Practice
  • Lesson 2.8 Piano Octave Practice
  • 3.1 Introduction to Chords Mastery
  • 3.2 Major Piano Chords
  • 3.3 Minor Piano Chords
  • 3.4 Piano Inversions
  • 3.5 '5-Chords'
  • 3.6 Major 7 Chords
  • 3.7 Minor 7 Chords
  • 3.8 Splitting Piano Chords
  • 3.9 Slash Chords
  • 3.11 Sus 2 Chords
  • 3.12 Sus 4 Chords
  • 3.14 Diminished Chords
  • 4.1 Introduction to Mastering Chords
  • 4.2 Piano Chord Progressions
  • 4.3 Right Hand Piano Chords
  • 4.4 Left Hand Piano Chords
  • 4.5 Piano Chords + Piano Octaves
  • 4.6 Left Hand Piano Patterns
  • 4.7 Right Hand Piano Patterns
  • 4.8 Combine Left & Right Hand
  • 4.9 Play Your First Piano Song
  • 4.10 Standard Piano Chord Grips
  • 5.1 Intro to Combining Hands
  • 5.2 '4 Levels of Learning'
  • 5.3 Start with Left
  • 5.4 Then Play Right
  • 5.5 Blending Left & Right
  • 5.6 Piano Playing Posture
  • 5.7 Piano Combining Tips
  • 6.1 Learn 1 Song Per Day
  • 6.2 Findig Piano Keys & Chords
  • 6.3 How To Extract The Keys
  • 6.4 Transposing
  • 6.6 How To Find The Intro
  • 6.7 Figure Out Left Hand
  • 6.8 Right Hand Inversions & Patterns
  • 6.9 Right Hand Lyrics & Patterns
  • 7.1 Intro to Playing by Ear
  • 7.2 Start Left or Right?
  • 7.3 Piano Chords By Ear
  • 7.4 Piano Vocals by Ear
  • 7.5 Tips for Playing By Ear
  • 8.1 Intro to Composing
  • 8.2 Pick a Piano Scale
  • 8.3 Numbering Piano Chords
  • 8.4 Piano Scale Intervals
  • 8.5 Basic Piano Chord Progressions
  • 8.6 Match Scales To Piano Progressions
  • 8.7 Inversions & Leading Tones
  • 8.8 Piano Song Structure
  • 8.9 Piano Melodies
  • 9.1 Introduction to Sheet Music
  • 9.2 Where To Find Sheet Music?
  • 9.3 Sheet Music Staff
  • 9.4 Sheet Music Treble Clef
  • 9.5 Sheet Music Bass Clef
  • 9.6 Sheet Music Notes
  • 9.7 Sheet Music Dots and Ties
  • 9.8 Sheet Music Flags and Beams
  • 9.9 Sheet Music Notes and Rest Values
  • 9.10 Sheet Music Time Signatures
  • 9.11 Sheet Music Key Signatures

Taught by

Mark Piano De Heide


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