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Simple Copywriting Secrets: How to Write Killer Sales Copy

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Learn to create outstanding sales copy in less than an hour!

Use this “sales page machine” to start crafting gangbuster headlines, gripping sales copy and irresistible call-to-actions in minutes

…and you never have to stare at a blank page again.

What if you could learn a game-changing skill and start creating outstanding sales copy in record time? 

Let me show you how I do it. 

And then you can follow suit and discover a unique mechanism that may well be…

The fastest method to start writing your own copy

Which, by the way, is also the fastest way to start making your own money.

"Simple Copywriting Secrets: How to Write a Killer Sales Page" teaches you a staggeringly practical method to start writing super-convincing copy whenever you need and faster than ever before. 

It gives you the exact tools and key techniques you need to get your words noticed in ANY kind of writing you do – with loads of examples, exercises and checklists included.

In just 43 minutes, this copywriting course walks you through the four key elements of writing powerful sales copy:

  1. The copywriting brief, where you ask all the relevant questions for your sales copy

  2. The features and benefits part, which is the basis of your headline and body texts

  3. How to create attention-grabbing headlines

  4. How to create an irresistible call to action to seal the deal

The neatly packed tutorials show you STEP BY STEP how to get readers to take action with whatever it is you’re selling or promoting – a product, service, idea, business, or brand. As promised, I’ve made it as short and sweet as possible, so that I won’t waste any of your valuable time: I’ll be brief and pithy, and we’ll dive straight in.

Get readers to act with whatever it is you’re selling or promoting – a product, service, idea, business, or brand

Let me ask you a simple question:

Do you have something to sell? 

If you do, you’re going to love this framework. 

“Simple Copywriting Secrets” teaches you precisely the skills you need to sell products, services, or offers

It shows you how you can make the maximum amount of profit in the minimum amount of time – with only the power of words.

Speaking of which...

If you give me just 43 minutes of your time, I’ll teach you how to choose the right words. 

Introducing: "Simple Copywriting Secrets: How to Write a Killer Sales Page"

Build your sales page in record time – exercises, worksheets, and checklists included

Each lesson comes with examples and exercises, and they are all ready for you both as PDF and RTF files. 

At the end of this class, we’ll draw all the key elements together on a simple sales page template included in the resources.

What’s inside

As soon as you sign up for “Simple Copywriting Secrets: How to Write a Killer Sales Page”, you’ll get instant access to all the course materials. Your enrollment comes with…

  • 14 video lectures (43 minutes in total)
  • Access on any device: phone, tablet or laptop
  • Downloadable exercises and cheatsheets
  • Printable handouts of the slides
  • Lesson transcripts

Here’s how it works

To illustrate how I plan and write sales copy, I’m using an imaginary company as my example client throughout this course. 

You get to “peek over my shoulder” to see how I do it and repeat after me, one element at a time. 

“Simple Copywriting Secrets: How to Write a Killer Sales Page” is broken down into the following main sections:

1) Introduction: What is copywriting

Before anything, you must understand what we’re talking about. What exactly is copywriting? Who needs it? Why is it so important right now? Plus, we’ll look at… 

  • One popular and wickedly persistent belief about copywriting (that we’re going to debunk)
  • How simple techniques lay the groundwork for creating super-efficient copy
  • The four secret ingredients behind every successful sales message

2) How to write a copywriting brief

Whatever you do, do not skip this section – or any section, for that matter, but especially not this one! It’s a real eye-opener with lessons on…

  • Why the brief is your most important document during the writing process
  • 9 things you absolutely MUST know before writing a single word

3) How to turn features into highly-desirable benefits

Now we get to the really good part, where you’re about to discover…

  • How one ridiculously simple technique makes your copy instantly more appealing to your readers… it’s so simple that sharing it almost makes me cringe. But I do share it, because it works
  • 6 crucial questions your copy must answer
  • The seemingly small, but genius tip on how to build a coherent story using features and benefits

4) The ONLY 6 headline formulas you need (seriously)

Why overwhelm yourself and squirrel away boatloads of formulas you never use? You don’t need them. Use these proven gangbuster headline formulas instead and you’re good to go:

  • Surprise! You’ve already done most of the work – now let’s just rewind a bit…

5) How to write irresistible call to actions

The plot thickens… Here’s how we gently but determinedly PUSH the reader over the fence and seal the deal. Discover…

  • The 7 necessary ingredients of call to actions that convert
  • The secret 3-step recipe for cooking up tickling call to actions

6) Wrap up your sales copy

This is where the magic really happens – THIS is where we connect the dots:

  • Drag and drop, block by block… and see how your sales page practically writes itself, before your very eyes.

7) Finalise your copy with this checklist

Time to double-check… This is the last – and the most important – step before sending your copy out to the world: 

  • Make sure your sales page is not a flop with these 7 simple, yet CRITICAL questions and ensure you’re not missing out a chance to make a sale. 

How will you benefit?

The more you practise these techniques, the more confident, professional and powerful your writing becomes – that’s the simple truth. By putting the lessons into action you will see how this method will develop into a mindset and will eventually become an inherent part of your creative process.

When you start applying this quick and easy framework of the four key elements, it can make a huge difference in how efficient your writing is and how it gets the reader to do what you want them to do.

Who needs these secrets – and why?

If you’ve just started your own business and plan to do your own copy for your marketing materials but don’t quite know where to start, this course IS definitely for you.

And if you’re seriously planning to become a great copywriter, there are many excellent copywriting courses here that go more in depth, and I warmly recommend you to take as many classes as you possibly can – the amount of expertise in this community is insane!

But sometimes getting started with something new may feel a bit overwhelming and even daunting, and that’s where this quick and compact class comes to help. And I’m here to help you overcome that insecurity and get started.

If you’ve been doing copywriting for some time already, this course is a great way for you to sharpen up your writing process and make it a whole lot easier.

And remember, even though this is a course about copywriting, it addresses some of the most cutting-edge principles that apply to persuasive writing in all its forms. "Simple Copywriting Secrets: How to Write Killer Sales Copy" gives you the exact tools and techniques you need to get your words noticed in ANY kind of writing you do — whether it's a blog article, a sales pitch to your potential new client, an email to your colleagues, a cover letter to a recruiter, a press release to catch a busy editor’s attention, or your whole website content from start to finish.

What students have said after taking this course?

This is an intense course, but that’s exactly why students love it so much – especially because of its brevity. 

And yet it’s packed full of value with its abundant amounts of worksheets and examples to inspire you to start honing your skills immediately. 

"I loved the condensed content. No fat at all in this course." – Santiago Sanchez

"For years I've been told to write for the audience, sell the benefits, include a call for action - but I didn't know how. You've explained it very simply and easily and I can't wait to use the checklists and resources for my next writing project." – Jennifer Long 

"Gets gripping as we reach more than 60% of course. Its when we see dots joining and a masterpiece taking shape.” – Shahnawaz Khan

"This was so refreshingly to the point! It was informative, provided clear examples, super easy to follow and apply and it really delivered on what it promised at the start of the course!" – Lyzz Pantejo

"Excellent course! I've been a copywriter for a few years now, and this is an excellent refresher course for me. I've learned new things as well. She sounds so friendly, and her explanations are clear and straight to the point. Just what I needed! Highly recommended!" – Arliz Kristal Mae Reyes

"Very nice short and punchy copywriting course...excellent refresher and quick tune up resource which I will refer back to when writing copy for myself and the company I work for in the future...thanks Mirka – glad I took this!” – Stephen Johnson

“Great class! Easy to understand and to apply step-by-step guidance. Very good presentation.” – Franziska Poschl

“These lessons have been so beneficial to me as they will help me greatly improve my website.” – Darren Smith

“Thank you for this amazing course, it helped a lot!” – Milan Rauš

“This course has so many useful tips and really outlines the copywriting process well! Could be useful for writers of any level. Thank you Mirka!” – Carley Hussain

“Fantastic class, full of substance, no fluff, easy to understand and very practical. Well done Mirka and thank you!” – Hunkee Teh

So why not jump on board, too, and start seeing some immediate and spectacular results in your writing already today?

Ready to get started?

When you purchase this course, you can watch the videos and have a go at the writing assignments at your own pace, whenever it suits you best. Some students prefer to follow the course through in one swell swoop (as it's only 43 minutes), but you can definitely slice it up into smaller bits if you like: maybe a few minutes at lunch break, or when you've put the kids to bed, or when you're taking the bus home – just follow a routine that works best for you.

Want to finish your own sales page by the end of the day?

If you want to start selling your goods or services TODAY, then… 

Enroll in “Simple Copywriting Secrets” now

And best of all, besides just sales pages, you can apply the "sales page machine" framework to practically any piece of sales copy and write copy that drives action.

P.S. Do you need help with the assignments? If there’s anything you’d like to ask about the lectures or the assignments, please let me know. You can use the project dashboard for any queries you might have – I’m here for you and ready to help every step of the way!


  • Introduction to Simple But Super-Efficient Copywriting
  • What Is Copywriting?
  • How Simple Techniques Help Create Super-Efficient Copy
  • Lesson 1: How to Write a Copywriting Brief
  • Worksheet 1: Copywriting Brief
  • Lesson 2: Features and Benefits
  • Worksheet 2: Features and Benefits
  • Lesson 3: Six Gangbuster Headline Formulas
  • Worksheet 3: Headlines
  • Lesson 4: How to Write Irresistible Call to Actions
  • Worksheet 4: Call to Actions
  • Lesson 5: Wrap Up Your Sales Copy
  • Worksheet 5: Wrap-Up
  • Thank You

Taught by

Mirka Pohjanrinne


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