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Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

Basic Organic Chemistry

Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi and CEC via Swayam


This course is a 4 credit course (15 weeks, 40 module) for B. Sc. Chemistry Students. Here, Students will be taught how to improve their basic understanding of chemical concepts. The scientific explanation given in the video contents makes use of the following components: Presentations, chemical structures, figures, tables, images, use of molecular models, etc.Who can benefit Any student or learner who wants to learn the basics of organic chemistry. The course shall be helpful for UG students (credit transfer), research scholars, young scientists and faculty members for their career growth. UG students who are in pursuit of excellence can learn more from this course. The course covers most of the topics (organic chemistry) that are part of various competitive exams. IIT-JEE, CSIR-NET, GATE, UPSC, SLET, SSC-CGL, various CET. Industry support for jobs pharma, petrochemical, dye, perfume, agro chemicals industries



Week 1
Introduction to chemical evolution,Carbon fixation-Calvin cycle

Introduction to molecular interactions, types of bonds
Common bonding pattern for carbon, oxygen and nitrogen
VSEPR theory
Tutorial: VB theory

Week 2
VB theory, hybridisation in methane, ammonia, amide, water, alkene, alkyne
MO theory, orbital overlap (s-s, s-p, p-p), bond order, s-p mixing

Week 3
Electronic effects 1: Inductive effects and its significance
Electronic effects 2: Resonance effects and its significance

Week 4
Electronic effects 3: Hyperconjugation and its significance
Tutorial:Acids and bases: Arrhenius, Brønsted-Lowry, and Lewis theories

Week 5
Functional groups and their importance
Tutorial : Formal charge

Week 6
Reactivity and intermediates
Carbocations, Carbanions, Free radicals and Carbenes

Week 7
Types of organic reactions and their mechanism
Addition, Elimination, Substitution and radical reactions
Stereochemistry 1: Fischer, Newmann and Sawhorse Projections

Week 8
Stereochemistry 2: Geometrical isomerism – cis/trans, E/Z notation, CIP rule
Optical Isomerism -enantiomer, diastereomer
Tutorial:Geometrical isomerism
Tutorial: enantiomer, diastereomer

Week 9
Chemistry of alkanes: formation, Wurtz Reaction, Wurtz-Fittig Reactions, Reactions of alkanes

Week 10
Electrophilic additions
Markownikoff and Anti Markownikoff addition
Reactions of alkenes 1: Oxymercuration-demercuration, Hydroboration-oxidation, Ozonolysis
Tutorial: E2
Tutorial:Electrophilic additions

Week 11
Reactions of alkenes 2: Catalytic reduction, 1,2-and 1,4-addition, Diels-Alder reaction

Week 12
Reactions of alkenes 3: Di-hydroxylation, Allylic and benzylic bromination and mechanism
Reactions of alkynes

Week 13
Conformation of cycloalkanes 1
Conformation of cycloalkanes 2
Conformation of cyclohexane

Week 14
Aromaticity 1: Huckel’s rule, aromatic character of cyclic C3 and C4 systems
Aromaticity 2: aromatic character of cyclic C5-C7 systems, heterocycles

Week 15
Aromatic Electrophilic substitutions 1: Halogenation
Aromatic Electrophilic substitutions 2: Hammick and Illingworth empirical rule, Orientation
Aromatic Electrophilic substitutions 3: Nitration, sulphonation, Friedel-Crafts alkylations and acylation

Taught by

Dr. B. S. Balaji



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  • Anonymous
    Swayam Organic Chemistry Course. Nirmala Chiwadshetti Review for basic organic chemistry course by swayam app As an AI language model, I am not able to provide subjective opinions, but I can provide objective information about the basic organic c…
  • Anonymous
    This online course was really good. The work load was just enough..and To be honest that is nothing I disliked about the course.. definitely I will be taking a another online class from you. The experience of this class is nothing but positive.I will say I learned quite a bit in course... The assignment and test were very beneficial to the entire learning process..the test and assignment made me think and search for answers and one benefit for me is I'm pursuing biochemistry so it is useful for me...the class was very detailed and organised. Over all, I found it effective.
  • Anonymous
    sir, your lecture videos and text materials explained the concepts in a very nice manner, we are able to understand the concepts very well. and the text materials help us to answer the assignment some of the crossword puzzle questions are moderately hard. we can able to learn the concept easily.
  • Anonymous
    Really useful for me to learn the basic concepts through your lectures. You really doing a great job. Just a small request. It will be more useful if you still explain the concepts in the way we can understand easily,especially the terms we are new to.
  • Anonymous
    I find this course to be useful and it helps me alot to improve my knowledge towards organic chemistry and I've learned a lot of new topics and deep knowledge in basic concepts. And I find the e-material to be really standardized..
  • Anonymous
    It would be great if topics were covered more detailed. Videos are short it is good as it is quite time saving.
  • Anonymous
    Your class are very interesting to learn sir...and we need some examples to learn sir....and the video that's is so nice....but I need extra words to learn that sir...

    Thankyou so much helps to my studies

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