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Industrial Pharmacy I

H.N.B Garhwal University (A Central University) Srinagar Garhwal and CEC via Swayam


Course Credit- 04

After the successful first run in 2019, we are back with the first Pharmacy SWAYAM MOOC of country. My self Dr Ajay Semalty along with my team members welcome you in the course.

Do you want to learn the basics of Industrial Pharmacy with practical approach and vibrant environment? Come join our course.

The course is one of the papers of Fifth semester of B. Pharmacy syllabi approved by Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) and is adopted uniformly by all the pharmacy institutions and Universities throughout the country. All other learners who want to learn the basics of industrial pharmacy can get the vital benefit out of this course.


The course has been designed with the aim that after completing this course, you should be able

  • To identify and practice Dosage forms; and their manufacturing techniques

  • To practice all the related and practical aspect of dosage form development

  • To formulate and evaluate solid, liquid and semisolid dosage forms

  • To correlate the theoretical knowledge with professional and practical need of pharmaceutical industry

Target Learners:
B. Pharm/ M Pharm/ Ph D Pharmacy students; researchers, Pharmacy faculty members/ Pharma Industry Personnel; the students of B Sc/ M Sc Chemistry/ Pharm. Chemistry/ biotechnology and other allied disciplines who aspire for the jobs in Pharma Industry or research.

Pharmacy students will get the 4 credits after successful completion of the course (and proctored exam). And the industry personals who are not from pharmacy background may enrich their knowledge with this course. The course is very suitable for all the aspirants of jobs in Pharma Industry even if they are not from Pharmacy background.

Course has been designed with the USPs
Easy language, to-the-point coverage of topics, pictorial/graphical, animated and Audio Video knowledge store with the standards needed by the Pharma industry. The course is one of the pioneer MOOC in pharmaceutical sciences developed with the expert advice from academic and industry experts.

The Team IP

Dr Ajay Semalty
(Course Coordinator & Subject Matter Expert)

Dr Mona Semalty
(Co-Course Coordinator & Subject Matter Expert)

Mr Lokesh Adhikari
(Subject Matter Expert)

EMRC Roorkee



WEEK: 12
Week 1 Preformulation I
Preformulation I: Physical form (crystal & amorphous), Preformulation I: polymorphism, particle size, shape Preformulation I:, solubility profile (pKa, pH) Preformulation I: Partition coefficient, flow properties
Week 2 Preformulation II Preformulation II: Hydrolysis, oxidation, reduction Preformulation II: Racemisation, Preformulation II: Dissolution, permeability & BCS classification Preformulation II: Polymerization
Week 3 Tablets Tablets: Introduction, classification of tablets. Formulation/preparing of tablets, granulation methods. Tablets: Compression and processing problems. Equipment and tablet tooling, Tablet defects. Tablets: Tablet coating: Types, coating materials, formulation of coating composition, methods of coating, equipments employed and defects in coating Tablets: QC of tablets: apparatus, methods, graphical presentations, official and unofficial tests.
Week 4 Liquid Orals Liquid orals: Formulation and manufacturing of solution, syrups and elixirs, Filling and packaging Liquid orals: Emulsions: I Liquid orals: Emulsion II Liquid orals: Suspensions: Formulation, evaluation
Week 5 Parenterals I Parenterals I: Introduction, Preformulation of parenterals Parenterals I: Formulation of Parenterals
Week 6 Parenterals I Parenterals I: Types of Parenteral preparation Parenterals I: Lay out and Production facilities
Week 7 Parenterals II Parenterals II: Pyrogens and pyrogenisity Parenterals II: Quality control of parenterals
Week 8 Capsules Capsules: Introduction, Advantages, Disadvantages, Capsule Production, hard Gelatin capsules Capsules: Methods of filling capsules, Soft Gelatin Capsules Capsules: Formulation Consideration, Production of soft gelatin capsules, Non-gelatin soft capsules Capsules: Evaluation of commercial capsules
Week 9 Pellets and Ophthalmic Preparations Pellets: Introduction, formulation, pelletization process, equipment needed Ophthalmic Preparations: Introduction, absorption through eye, formulation considerations Ophthalmic Preparations: formulation of eye drops, lotion, ointments Ophthalmic Preparations: Methods of preparation; labeling, containers Evaluation
Week 10 Pharmaceutical Aerosols Pharmaceutical Aerosols: Definitions, Advantages, Limitation, Uses Pharmaceutical Aerosols: Components of aerosols Pharmaceutical Aerosols: Components and systems of aerosols Pharmaceutical Aerosols: inhalers and Evaluation of Aerosols
Week 11 Cosmetics Cosmetics: Introduction, absorption through skin, types of cosmetic preparations, Formulation of tooth pastes Cosmetics: Formulation of lipsticks, shampoos, hair dyes Cosmetics: Formulation of cold cream and vanishing cream, sunscreens
Week 12 Packaging Materials Science Packaging Materials Science: Materials used for packaging of pharmaceutical products, Packaging Materials Science: Factors influencing choice of containers Legal and official requirements, Stability aspects, Packaging Materials Science: Quality control tests of packaging materials

Taught by

Dr. Ajay Semalty

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  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    It was a very effective course, each topic is covered very well. Lecture notes are effective and easy to follow. The animated character was very interesting. The course provided a nice outlook on various topics with live instrument eunning, animations etc. Thanks to all the faculty members
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous is taking this course right now.

    It was overwhelming experience to study with you. The content was highly understandable and updated info was there. This course also helps me to cover my syllabus and as well to earn a certificate for my CV.
  • Anonymous
    The course provides the sound learning environment for the learner in the Industrial Pharmacy field..all the course coordinators for this course are very cooperative and helpful..this is my 2nd enrollment and excited to learned again..hope to get best out of it..



    Sonam Bhutia
  • Anonymous
    This course is very informative . Nice information is delivered by all the faculty members.

    And it's very useful for all the teachers and students and all pharmacy field professionals who is working in industries.
  • Anonymous
    "Industrial Pharmacy I" course held by 'Swayam' is very easy to attend, simple & can be accessed anytime, any where. It is suitable to new learner as well as new entrepreneur. It is very exhaustive course & covered all most all topics...
  • Anonymous
    This course is very informative for studying Industrial Pharmacy-I. Well all the chapters are explained properly. All the concepts of Tablet, capsules, parenteral, liquid orals, packaging, cosmetic, ophthalmic, aerosols are well cleared to me. Thank you again for this interesting course. The questionnaires and quiz are interesting to answer and this makes more clearance of doubt related to course. As well as this course is very helpful for third year students of B.Pharma.
  • Profile image for Vaishnavi Buwa
    Vaishnavi Buwa
    Industrial pharamcy course by swayam is a very wonderful course for us who are studying in 3rd year of B. pharm. It is well designed as per our PCI syllabus so it not only clears our concepts regarding IP subject but also gives very fruitful knowledge about industry realated and drug related studies. All the lecture related videos, study material, and referance links are very apt and very helpful to us.

    Thank you sir..

    Regards - vaishnavi
  • Tanmoy Das
    This was a wonderful course with respect to the study materials provided and the video lectures too. As I'm preparing for GPAT examination, going through this course has helped me a lot to brush up the various dosage forms. I feel that the course contents were very much useful and helpful as it contained fine diagrams accompanied with the lectures.

    Tanmoy Das (B. Pharm graduate)

    Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences,

    Assam University Silchar
  • Anonymous
    Excellent course

    authors were elaboratively explained the topics

    working of industrial equipments explained very neatly

    very useful for B.pharm students and also for faculty

    thank you co-ordinators for making us a part in the mooc

    Mrs.Sailaja Rongali

    Assistant Professor

    Raghu college of Pharmacy

  • Anonymous
    It was a very effective course, each topic is covered very well. Lecture notes are effective and easy to follow. The animated character was very interesting. The course provided a nice outlook on various topics with live instrument eunning, animations etc. Thanks to all the faculty members.

    By: Lalit Rana
  • Anonymous

    Sir nd Mam thanku for these efforts ..

    But this efforts is not good for all village student where the network problem issues Reside.this site can't hold the slow network speed nd not open the site..

  • Anonymous
    I am Nitin Khandagale From SKNCOP PUNE

    All the basics of the industrial Pharmacy subject was comprehensively discussed in this course

    It is really good for me during this lockdown period.

    Thank you CEC MOOC
  • Mahaveer Giri
    This is the best platform for industrial pharmacy. Because we can achieve the best knowledge and education.

    All teacher are good explanations of any topic of industrial pharmacy.

    Thanku sir and mam
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    The only course in Pharmacy. Very nicely and effectively covered subject specific topics. The course is very useful for all pharmacy students and teachers. Great effort by Dr Semalty.
  • Anonymous
    It's awesome course.

    And give valuable content for pharma student

    I request to swayam please take a such type of various pharma courses encourage to all pharma aspirants.

    Thank you..
  • Anonymous
    This course was a review of Industrial Pharmacy subject and gave enormous and vast information for several of the students as well as to the teachers.

    Excellent sessions!!
  • Anonymous
    All videos are designed very well to understand the concept. Langauage used is very simple to understand the concept . Thank u all Teachers , Coordinators for this course.
  • Anonymous
    Industrial Pharmacy I

    H.N.B Garhwal University (A Central University) Srinagar Garhwal via Swayam is Very helpful couse. Which cover many topics. Very helpful for teachers also
  • Anonymous
    fantastic course............. thanks dr ajay....... and the team for such a hard work........

    well done... it is very hepful for all pharma students and industry
  • Anonymous
    Very useful and innovative session.These course will be able to make sure that it will be able to make more informative and useful. This week is arranging good session .

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