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Theo-Humanism: God's Ways in Today's World

Georgetown University via edX


We often think that theology divides us since, we assume, theology is based on the beliefs of particular communities. At the same time, while we’re witnessing significant shifts in the demographics of religious belonging, interest in questions of a theological nature remains high.

Humans have long looked to their own experiences for insight into God and God’s ways. This heritage awaits your exploration: writings by Jews, Christians, and Muslims that take up a range of human experiences (friendship, life in society, suffering, pleasure, nature’s relation to us) as theologically productive. We enrich this heritage with modern knowledge--from biology, psychology, philosophy--in viewing the human being as object of theological reflection. In this sense, you’ll discover theology as a scholarly conversation binding together all inquiring minds.

Taught by

Paul Heck


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  • Anonymous
    A wonderfully designed course that I would highly recommend to anyone who is human! Though at this moment I myself do not have a particularly active religious life, I have found this course to offer so much. By leaning on ancient and modern religiou…
  • Anonymous
    Theo-Humanism : God`s Ways in Today`s World, taught by Professor Heck, is a wonderfull course that perfectly can be taken as an introduction on the subject, and to me was a very helpfull course, as it was bringing me well-thought insights, that I…
  • Anonymous
    This course is unique in the sense that it does not only helps in understanding different theological issues at the intersection of other disciplines of humanities and social sciences but also provides much deeper insights into the purpose of religion while reflecting on the lived experiences of believers. The course is also well designed, interactive, and fascinating. I'm truly grateful to professor Paul Heck and other guest lecturers. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in religion and theology and their convergence with other knowledge disciplines.
  • Susan Moran
    Theo-Humanism: God’s Ways in Today’s World is a treasure trove of ancient wisdom and new insights culminating in valuable lessons concerning one’s life, relationships, and understanding of God in today’s world. The course also gave me an understanding of nature and society and how the divine manifests through both. The importance of this course cannot be overstated. I recommend it highly to anyone with an interest in the meaning of life and what it means to be human.
  • John DiGiovanni
    This course brings to life the history of how humanity was at the core of religion. Theo-humanism highlights how our humanity is divine and our connection to each other is essential to a healthy community. This course also questions the wisdom of higher education’s tendency to separate our humanity and ethics from specific disciplines. In today’s ever-increasing specialization and dehumanization, this course brings hope and opportunity to our collective civilization.
  • Anonymous
    Of all of the EDEX courses I have taken, none has been more comforting and enlightening during these most perilous times. It tackles such a vast array of subject matter in a clear and concise fashion. Actually, I have enjoyed it so much, that I plan to begin the course again from the start and see what gems I may have originally overlooked. I highly recommend this course to any and all.
  • Anonymous
    This course is fascinating and was my first course in theology. I understand now the importance and accessibility of an academic approach to understanding God. I have enjoyed this class immensely and have recommended it to everyone in my family. My dad said it reminded him of a great class taught in his PhD program at the University of Chicago where Dr. Heck also got his doctorate.
  • Anonymous
    A wonderful course that will enhance your view of religion, inspire reflection on themes such as friendship, nature and society and overall make you into a better person. It discusses many issues relevant in today's world and incorporates the views of leaders from diverse disciplines. It will make you a better friend, and a more thoughtful human. Take it!!
  • Anonymous
    This course has been a pleasure. There is so much content and outside links to dive into. It helps me see my spirituality and the world in a totally new way, through my own, human eyes. Every time I log on and go through some course material I learn something.
  • Anonymous
    Great content. Not merely informative, but highly comprehensive and thought provoking. It is logically structured

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