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LinkedIn Sales Navigator: LinkedIn's tool for B2B Sales

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LinkedIn Sales Navigator best remote practices for the LinkedIn premium service for business development and B2B sales

What you'll learn:
  • You will use all the features that LinkedIn Sales Navigator Professional plan puts at your disposal for business development and lead generation.
  • You will be able to use sales navigator to generate leads.
  • You will be able to search and find your ideal leads using LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
  • Everything you need to know about this LinkedIn premium service for B2B sales in less than 2 hours.
  • High quality lead generation for targeting your ideal buyers
  • How to customize your searches and apply filters for best results
  • How to navigate through the platform to gather information on individual and company accounts all around the world.
  • With the proper insights, you may plan successful ways to approach and build business relationships; no more cold emails or calls
  • Create and manage lists to group your potential clients as best fits you
  • How to use the one of the best lead generation tools for remote sales teams

Is LinkedIn Sales Navigator the right tool for you and your business? Can you use Sales Navigator to generate leads remotely? Are you searching for the best remote practices for sales teams?

-------------------- THE BEST TOOL FOR REMOTE B2B SALES TEAMS --------------------

If you are in B2B sales then chances are you can really benefit from using this impressive LinkedIn tool for business development and lead generation.

Your company might be paying for your LinkedIn Sales Navigator subscription, but you might have not taken full advantage of its potential. Or maybe you are considering signing up to it or even purchasing the service for all your sales team, but you are not sure if it is worth it.

Well, if that is the case, I can tell you this: LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a great tool for business development and lead generation, if you know how to use it well, otherwise you will just pay for a service and get some results or none at all.

This is why we often hear people complaining about not getting any results with Sales Navigator. But then when I talk to them this is how a normal conversation goes:

  • Me: “Do you know how to really make the most of LinkedIn Sales Navigator? Were you using all of its features?

  • They: “I don’t know, I guess, I mean it is pretty straightforward, right?"

  • Me: “So you never took a course or learned from anyone that could teach you how to use it?

  • They: “Well, how difficult can it be? Why am I going to waste time and money on a course?

  • Me: “To avoid complaining about wasting time and money on Sales Navigator

So, here is the thing, LinkedIn Sales Navigator is not rocket science, and sure after 4 or 5 months of paying almost $100 a month, and investing hours and hours on it and making mistakes in with real leads, you will probably get to a level where you can manage it well.

Or you can take this course, and in less than 2 hours you will be able to make the most out of this amazing business development and lead generation tool.

So, from the sales point of view, what makes more sense?: 2 hours of learning from a complete course on LinkedIn Sales Navigator or 5 months of trial and error to get to the same point?

In fact, chances are that after 5 months the students of this course are far more advanced than those who didn’t enroll because we always update our LinkedIn courses with the latest tips.

With this LinkedIn Sales Navigator course, you will discover, step by step, the ins, and outs of this very powerful platform.

There is hardly any other platform out there that makes searching for the right buyers easier.

If you are a salesperson or entrepreneur, no matter your age or experience, today’s market demands you have an online presence. And the more active and efficient that presence is, the more likely you’re to target the right buyers, reduce lead generation efforts and close more deals that will grow your businesses and profits.

But how to best use the LinkedIn Sales Navigator? How can you make its features and algorithms yield the best possible results? How to generate leads that will meet your interest and gain you the sales you want at the end of the day? Those questions and others are easily answered. In less than two hours, this concise compilation will take you from the simple things to the more advanced Sales Navigator’s secrets.

And believe me, it’s not hard at all. So yeah, coursing through and mastering the Sales Navigator features is a sure bet for the near and far future.

Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you will be able to find virtually any company, from any industry, of any size, and location in the world. But first, you have to know how to search properly.

Once you find those sweet sales prospects, organizing them is key so you can get back and start making contact with your possible clients; that’s when creating and managing account lists comes in, and with swift and clear examples rest assured, you’ll be piling up folders quick and effortlessly (your job then will be thinning them down and start contacting your targets).

Want to prospect for leads efficiently? Got you. Want to reduce lead generation efforts and stop cold calling? Got you. Want advanced search for leads and companies, recommendations based on your sales preferences? The LinkedIn Sales Navigator course will walk you through the options and filters so you can do all that.

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a versatile tool to search for all kinds of business worldwide, and targeting your ideal buyers.

  • With various filters available, used properly, you’ll gather info on the companies and understand key insights on them.

  • When valuable information is made available to you, then it becomes easier to decide which to approach depending on their apparent growth and reputation.

  • And the data gathered also gives you an idea on how to approach, so you can say goodbye to cold calling or failed emails and start actual relationships and business partnerships that result in successful business development.

  • Finding all this could be overwhelming, but there’s no need to worry because you can apply tags and categorize all in lists that you can create and manage at your own liking, so everything is kept under your control.

  • Broaden your scope, by accident or intention, and find ever more business prospects that the platform itself might recommend; exploration is key and fundamental here, and after just a few easy steps, you’ll be on your way.

The whole goal is for you to quickly start exploiting all the advantages the LinkedIn Sales Navigator provides to the best of your capabilities. All the Whats and Hows you’re paying for, we got you covered. It’s as easy as enrolling, turning that playback rate to 1.5 and off you go!

Remember, in the end, people buy and deal with those they like and trust, and here you can make actual connections that will guarantee mutual benefit and business development.

Taught by

Gustavo Escobar Henríquez and Digital Life Academy


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