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Working with Translation: Theory and Practice

Cardiff University via FutureLearn


Explore what it means to communicate in multiple languages.

Translation is one of the most fundamental of human activities, allowing us to interact with one another within and across cultures.

Drawing on the research and expertise of specialists at Cardiff University and the University of Namibia, on this course, you will discover a wealth of practical tips and knowledge about the nature of translation in an increasingly multilingual world.

You will explore translation in a global context, and observe translation in healthcare and the justice system as well as in music, manga, video games and historical romances. You may even discover your own ‘inner translator’ in the process!

This course is for anyone interested in language and translation.


  • What is translation?
    • What is Translation?
    • Types of Translation
    • Summary
  • Who translates?
    • Who Translates?
    • The Translation Profession
    • Translators and Translation Users
    • Beyond the Profession: Bilinguals and Multilinguals as Translators
    • Who translates? Summary
  • Where does translation take place?
    • Where does translation take place?
    • Translation between and within locations
    • Case Studies
    • Physical spaces and translation
  • What is a good translation?
    • Theoretical approaches to quality
    • Industry approaches to quality
    • Quality in specialised translation
    • Quality in literary translation
    • Quality in professional interpreting
    • Working with translation and interpreting. Course summary

Taught by

Dorota Goluch, Cristina Marinetti and Loredana Polezzi


4.8 rating, based on 145 Class Central reviews

4.8 rating at FutureLearn based on 220 ratings

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  • Useful either as CPD or to consider new viewpoints, well presented and logically built into this four-week MOOC. Would also be suitable for newbies. Thank you!
  • Anonymous
    This course carries with it a wealth of information about the topic of translation and interpretation and how we interact with and use them in our lives. It addresses difficulties, provides case studies, poses critical thinking questions, and offers…
  • Profile image for Ivan Petryshyn
    Ivan Petryshyn
    The course is very entertaining. Not boring or too academic.
    It summarizes and emphasizes the most essential rules, norms and best practices known to the Interpreters/Translators.
    It can serve as a good introductory general course for the students of Translation Departments with Italian as a major.

    A nice course! Un corso bellisssimo! Grazie! Thank you! Diakuyu! IIP
  • Profile image for Ivan Petryshyn
    Ivan Petryshyn
    That's a very nice introductory course for Translators or students of Translation Departments.
    Nice examples, quizes, interesting reviews, videos, etc.
    I would assign it to all, who are involved in translation.
    Thank you. Ivan Petryshyn
  • Anonymous
    The course is easy to follow; the contents of every module are very rich in information, details and examples; the professors and interviwees are calm and talk in a pace that I could understand clearly; it´s great to have a space to share our ideas and ask questions; the assignments during the course helped to have a deeper understanding and engagement with the subjects taught.
    Overall, I would say this course is exelent!
  • Anonymous
    Can't believe this course is free...there are so much information shared and some really helpful activities. I would highly recommend this course!
  • Anonymous
    I have really enjoyed taking this course! I have found it truly insightful and interesting, the information provided in the videos and articles is extremely relevant and I feel I have learnt so much related to the theory and practice of translation…
  • Roberta Sa De Moraes Vaz
    Great introduction and overview of the many different careers englobed in translation. Theory and Practice covered. Perfect to people who are thinking about following this path and for people who are looking into deepening their careers. Also very interesting for the curious mind.
  • Natalia Thomas
    I found that the course is not bad and some thing I learned for the first time. nevertheless, I expected the assignments more difficult and more interesting. I am also surprised that the tutors in Cardiff University have accents. That inspired me, as I live in Wales and every Welsh person immediately recognises my accent, which makes me very embarrassed. Now after this course I would be proud of my accent! Thank you very much!
  • Anonymous
    I'm glad I enrolled on this translation course. The reading materials, exercises, structure, videos and general organisation of the course are extraordinary. I'm learning a lot and I'm also amazed by the quality of it all. I would highly recommend the course to all those students interested in translation studies.
  • Anonymous
    A lot of useful information for newbie translators and interpreters that should be taken into account when entering the industry. Very insightful!
  • Anonymous
    This is very interesting course. It is very informative. I got very useful knowledge through this course.
  • Profile image for Jagoda M
    Jagoda M
    This course is quite interesting and offers many case studies that relate to the topics discussed, to allow you to more fully engage with the content, but the actual content about translation, such as 'who translates?', 'where does translation take…
  • Anonymous
    This is a complete course to have an overall idea about what working with translation means.
    I currently work as a freelance translator, but this course help me to understand more about this job and also about interpretation.
  • Anonymous
    This is a great course! When is comes to learning languages, translation follows. Whether you've just started learning a language or have already mastered or if you're someone like me, who grew up in a country where you learn at least 3 languages right from your childhood/primary school.

    I would recommend this to not only Translators but anyone who is a bilingual or a Polyglot. It gives you good insight on how to go about translations!
  • Profile image for Nikoletta Georgieva
    Nikoletta Georgieva
    I found the course very enlightening, interesting and useful. It is not intended to turn you into a specialist in the field of translation, but it sure broadens one's horizons and provides a lot of insight into the different aspects of translation,…
  • Anonymous
    I absolutely loved this course. I found it very useful and it gave me so much new information about the process of translating and interpreting I was not aware of. I found the division of the course very appropriate and clear and the explanations…
  • Anonymous
    A complete and detailed coverage of translation activity. What it means, its types and forms, the various places it is encountered, who performs, the requirements and critical issues, impacts...Great job.
  • Anonymous
    Really well presented and structured course. Full of very useful information, engaging activities and insights into the world of translation and interpreting. Highly recommended for the start of the journey.
  • Anonymous
    This course takes the essentials that ones needs to know about translation (culture, location, theory) and boils it down into sections that are easy to grasp and digest.

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