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Bioinformatics 101

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This course covers the following learning outcomes and goals: understanding key concepts in bioinformatics, learning how to analyze DNA sequences using Python and Biopython, gaining skills in accessing and utilizing bioinformatics tools and databases, and exploring applications of bioinformatics in COVID-19 genome analysis. The course teaches individual skills such as counting point mutations, finding motif sequences, calculating GC content, accessing NCBI databases, performing sequence alignment, analyzing quality scores, and visualizing 3D protein structures using Biopython. The teaching method of the course includes tutorials, practical coding exercises, demonstrations, and hands-on projects using Python and Biopython. The intended audience for this course includes students, researchers, and professionals interested in bioinformatics, genomics, computational biology, and biotechnology, with a focus on utilizing programming for biological data analysis and research.


Bioinformatics Counting Point Mutations in DNA with Python [Rosalind Problem].
Bioinformatics Finding Motif sequences in DNA with Python [Rosalind problem].
Bioinformatics How to read FASTA files with Python and Biopython Tutorial.
Bioinformatics Calculate GC Content of DNA with Python [Rosalind Problem].
Bioinformatics TWO ways of Counting Nucleotides in DNA using Python [Rosalind Problem].
Bioinformatics From DNA to RNA to Protein using Biopython [Transcription and Translation].
Rosalind Consensus and Profile in Bioinformatics with Python [Finding common ancestor].
Bioinformatics Accessing NCBI databases and tools with Biopython [Entrez].
Bioinformatics Pairwise sequence alignment/pairwise2 in Biopython.
Bioinformatics Running BLAST queries and performing sequence alignment with Biopython.
Bioinformatics COVID-19 Genome Sequence Analysis using Biopython.
Bioinformatics COVID-19 BLAST search using Biopython.
Bioinformatics COVID-19 3D protein visualisation using Biopython and nglview.
Bioinformatics Analysis of Quality Scores from FASTQ file using Biopython.
Bioinformatics Creating and handling Sequence motif objects in Biopython.
Bioinformatics Plotting sequence lengths and GC content with Biopython and matplotlib.
Bioinformatics Faster reads of sequence FASTA and FASTQ files with Biopython.
Bioinformatics Sorting big FASTA/FASTQ files by sequence length with Biopython.
Bioinformatics Filtering FASTQ files by PHRED quality scores with Biopython.
Bioinformatics NCBI BLAST protein search Pairwise alignment #shorts.
What is Bioinformatics and Bioinformatics career in 2022?.
Bioinformatics with Biopython - Full Course | 1 hour Python for Bioinformatics tutorial.

Taught by

Lana Caldarevic


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