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Examine the Past - History

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Explore the untold stories behind world's biggest historical moments with this 17-hour online program from HISTORY. Understand societal evolution and gain unique insights not found in textbooks.


The Deadliest Pandemic in Modern History | HISTORY This Week | History.
Battle of Midway Tactical Overview – World War II | History.
Deadliest Hurricanes in U.S. History | History.
D-Day Stories: The Courageous Veterans Of D-Day In Their Own Words | History.
D-Day Stories: The African American Medic Who Saved Lives While Injured | History.
D-Day Stories: The Gunner's Mate Who Witnessed Carnage at Omaha Beach | History.
D-Day Stories: Prayer Book Saves Paratrooper's Life | History.
D-Day Stories: The Native American Medic Whose First Combat Was D-Day | History.
D-Day Stories: The 5-Year Old Who Was Freed By The Americans | History.
Genghis Khan Forged the Most Feared Empire in History.
What is the Korean Demilitarized Zone? | History.
Robert E. Lee | Facing America's Deadliest Battle.
Orphan Trains Rescued New York's Homeless Children | History.
Napoleon's Bloodless Coup | History.
Abraham Lincoln | Assassination Conspiracy | Biography.
Thomas Jefferson | Claiming Independence | Biography.
How Did Charles Manson Recruit His Followers? | History.
Brutal Execution of the Romanovs | History.
Martin Luther King Jr. | A Crusader For Liberation | Biography.
The 19th Amendment | History.
Ludwig van Beethoven | Writer of the Future | Biography.
8 Mighty Queens in History | Biography.
How Did Brexit Happen? | History.
Brenda Berkman: Pioneering Woman Firefighter | History.
Betty Ford | Mrs. President | History.
Eleanor Roosevelt | Mrs. President | History.
Did the US Go to the Moon to Beat the Soviets? | History.
Groundbreaking Women in Politics | History.
Lou Hoover | Mrs. President | History.
Florence Harding | Mrs. President | History.
Las Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo | History.
Did Viking Warrior Women Exist? | History.
How WWII and Vietnam Veterans Were Treated Differently | History.
Dolley Madison | Mrs. President | History.
Abigail Adams | Mrs. President | History.
How Red Lipstick Shaped History | History.
Did Jamestown Drink Itself to Death? | History.
Russian Capitalism After Communism | History.
How Prohibition Created the Mafia | History.
What Made These Royal Marriages So Scandalous? | History.
Life Aboard a Slave Ship | History.
Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Last Speech | History.
Immigrants at Ellis Island | History.
What Is Populism? | History.
How Did 'Socialism' Become a Dirty Word in America? | History.
How Women Used Christmas to Fight Slavery | History.
Marie Curie Helped Win WWI | History.
Biography: Santa Claus | History.
Virginia Hall: The Most Feared Allied Spy of WWII | History.
Did Japan Attack Pearl Harbor for Oil? | History.
Judith: Hanukkah Heroine | History.
Harriet Tubman: Soldier/Spy | History.
Before Pixar, There Was Bell Labs | Flashback | History.
What's Causing the Central American Migration Crisis? | History.
Did the U.S. Government Invent the Internet? | History.
Mall Shopping in the 1950s | Flashback | History.
The Unlikely History of Everyday: Leftovers | History.
How Department Stores Liberated Victorian-Era Women | History.
A Patriotic Thanksgiving in 1950s America | Flashback | History.
Why D-Day Almost Never Happened | History.
How the Assassination of McKinley Gave Birth to the Secret Service | History.
Lori Piestewa, Native American Soldier and Hero | History.
World War I Armistice Day Celebrations | History.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Brooklyn's Own Supreme Court Justice | History.
Deb Haaland is One of the First Native American Congresswomen | History.
Who Were Donald Trump's Grandparents? | History.
John Wilkes Booth's Final Days | History.
Running for President During WWII | Flashback | History.
Women in Magic | History.
Gerrymandering: Controversial Political Redistricting Explained | History.
Women Vote After 19th Amendment Passed | Flashback | History.
Historically Accurate Halloween Costumes | History.
The United Nations Is Created | Flashback | History.
Why America Loves/Hated the Irish | History.
Superman's First Time On Screen | Flashback | History.
Why ‘A Star Is Born’ Has Been Remade Five Times | History.
Why Mexico Banned Immigration from the US | History.
How a Wrong Turn Started World War I | History.
Tet Offensive Reshapes the Vietnam War | Flashback | History.
Chevrolet's Bizarre Pirate-Themed Cartoon | Flashback | HISTORY.
Tim Schafer: Legendary Video Game Designer | Biography.
How Decades of Instability Gave Rise to Al-Qaeda and the 9/11 Attacks | History.
The Wright Brothers Build the First Army Airplane | Flashback | History.
John McCain: In Memoriam 1936 - 2018 | HISTORY.
1968 Riots at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago | Flashback | History.
Soap Box Derby Mania | Flashback | History.
Nixon Accepts Nomination | Flashback | History.
GM's 50 Millionth Car Parade | Flashback | History.
Scopes Monkey – Rare Footage of the "Trial of the Century" | Flashback | History.
1955 MLB All-Star Game in HD | Flashback | History.
Vintage Volcanic Eruptions | Flashback | History.
Hjalmar Johansson: Teenage Prisoner of WWII | History.
Independence Day 1941 | Flashback | History.
At 100, Ed Simons Became the World's Oldest Active Orchestra Conductor | History NOW | History.
How the U.S. Supreme Court Decided the Presidential Election of 2000 | History.
A Tour of Old Hollywood | Flashback | History.
A Knife-Throwing Mother Brings Her Family Into the Act | Flashback | History.
How Anti-Mexican Racism in L.A. Caused the Zoot Suit Riots | History.
Here's What ISIS Believes and How It Came to Be | History.
How the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Began | History.
RFK Speaks at Columbia University | Flashback | History.
How the Stonewall Riots Sparked a Movement | History.
Here's How the Six-Day War Changed the Map of the Middle East | History.
Memorial Day – 1936 | Flashback | History.
A Tour of 1940s New York City | Flashback | History.
Here's Why the Affordable Care Act Is So Controversial | History.
Here's What Caused the Great Recession | History.
How The Oslo Accords Almost Ended The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict | History.
Children Testing Gas Masks for the U.S. Government | Flashback | History.
Here's How the Arab Spring Started and How It Affected the World | History.
Here's Why President Taft's Dollar Diplomacy Was a Failure | History.
JFK Visits NASA for the Last Time | Flashback | History.
How the Kim Dynasty Took Over North Korea | History.
Robots Smoked Cigarettes at the 1939 World's Fair | Flashback | History.
Here's How the National Park Service Got Started | History.
Here's How the Great Depression Brought on Social Security | History.
Here's Why the Patriot Act Is So Controversial | History.
Why Was the Election of 2008 Important? | History.
Here's How the Camp David Accords Impacted the Middle East | History.
Here's Why the Suez Crisis Almost Led to Nuclear War | History.
The Dangers of Marijuana Addiction (in 1951) | Flashback | History.
Here's Why Reaganomics is so Controversial | History.
Barbara Bush: In Memoriam (1925-2018) - First Lady and First Mom | History.
“Private Snafu” Fights Fake News in 1944 | Flashback | History.
Here's How the Truman Doctrine Established the Cold War | History.
Here's Why Puerto Rico Is Part of the U.S. — Sort Of | History.
Why Did Columbia University Students Protest in 1968? | History.
RFK Speaks After MLK Killed | Flashback | History.
Why Is Kubrick's "2001: A Space Odyssey" Significant? | History.
Easter 1941 | Flashback | History.
What Was the Iran-Contra Affair? | History.
Oklahoma City Bombing: Why Did It Occur & Who Was Behind It? | History.
The Hidden Army of Women that Defeated Hitler | Flashback | History.
What Is the ACLU? | History.
What Happened at the Waco Siege? | History.
What Makes A Good House Party? | Flashback | History.
What Were LBJ's "Great Society" Programs? | History.
A Brief History of Stephen Hawking | History.
Dan Rather on the History of Student Activism | History.
Civil Rights Activism Then & Now: Diane Nash & Bree Newsome in Conversation | History.
The Kent State Shootings, Explained | History.
What Did the Equal Pay Act of 1963 Do? | History.
What Happened at the Seneca Falls Convention? | History.
Did Summer Camps Save Kids from Factories? | History.
Doris Kearns Goodwin on Presidential Time Off | History.
Doris Kearns Goodwin on Presidential Communication | History.
How Loving v. Virginia Led to Legalized Interracial Marriage | History.
What Started the 1967 Detroit Riots? | History.
Soapy the Germ Fighter Teaches '50s Hygiene | Flashback | History.
The 1960 Winter Olympics in Squaw Valley | Flashback | History.
The First Amendment: Freedom of Religion in the U.S. | History.
Teen Dating Dos and Don'ts in the 1940s | Flashback | History.
The Origins of Gerrymandering | How the States Got Their Shapes | History.
The Second Amendment: Firearms in the U.S. | History.
What Was the War Powers Resolution of 1973? | History.
How The Tet Offensive Changed The Vietnam War | History.
Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points | History.
John Hancock, U.S. Representative, U.S. Governor | Biography.
What Does "Freedom of Speech" Mean in the U.S.? | History.
What Is the Executive Branch of the U.S. Government? | History.
What Is the Legislative Branch of the U.S. Government? | History.
What Is the Judicial Branch of the U.S. Government? | History.
What Were the Pentagon Papers? | History.
The 1960s Idea of "The Home of 1999" | Flashback | History.
What Is Veto Power? | History.
Who Was Anne Frank? | History.
What Happened at the Nuremberg Trials? | History.
Who Was Ho Chi Minh? | History.
Veterans Day: Father Emil Kapaun, the Saint in the Foxhole | History.
Veterans Day: Living For Those Who Can't | History.
The U.S. Government's Zombie Apocalypse Plan | HISTORY.
This Chicken Lived for Two Years Without a Head | History.
Postmortem Photography of the Victorian Era | History.
Drawn History: The Trojan War | History.
The My Lai Massacre | History.
The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution | History.
Japanese-American Internment During WWII | History.
The Formation of NATO and the Warsaw Pact | History.
Japanese Emperor Hirohito | History.
What Is Agent Orange? | History.
The Labor Movement in the United States | History.
What Was the Lend-Lease Act? | History.
The U.S. Homefront During WWII | History.
What Was the Marshall Plan? | History.
What Happened in the Persian Gulf War? | History.
What Happened in the Iran-Iraq War? | History.
Marbury vs. Madison: What Was the Case About? | History.
Fast Facts About the Proclamation of 1763 | History.
The Korean War: 5 Things to Know | History.
What Was the Iran Hostage Crisis? | History.
The Real Story Behind the Loch Ness Monster | History.
Drawn History: The Story of Muhammad Ali | History.
The History of Confederate Monuments in the U.S. | History.
History of Summer: Keeping Cool | History.
History of Summer: At the Boardwalk | History.
The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire | History.
History of Summer: School's Out | History.
U.S. Immigration Since 1965 | History.
History of Summer: The Tan and the Bikini | History.
Fruity History: How Much Do You Know? | History.
The 1989 San Francisco Earthquake | History.
Executive Order 9981: Desegregating U.S. Armed Forces | History.
Fast Facts About Baby Boomers | History.
What Were the Townshend Acts? | History.
Most Terrifying Serial Killers | History.
Drawn History: Washington State | History.
What Were the Articles of Confederation? | History.
James Comey and the Meddlesome Priest (Season 1, Episode 1) | History.
What Was the Mexican-American War? | History.
What Was the Missouri Compromise? | History.
Top 5 Tech Developments of the Vietnam War | History.
Drawn History: Herbert Hoover | History.
FBI Quiz: How Much Do You Know? | History.
America: Promised Land | Memorial Day | History.
Drawn History: The 1930s | History.
Drawn History: Calvin Coolidge | History.
7 Female Firsts in Sports | History.
The Chicago Fire of 1871: Disaster & Destruction in the Windy City | History.
Why Pay Taxes?: Your Dollars at Work | History.
World War I Propaganda Posters: The U.S. Joins the Fight | History.
Bob Dylan on Rock and Roll | History.
Henryk Ross: Photographs from a Nazi Ghetto | History.
History's Most Controversial Photos | History.
All About Filibusters | History.
U.S. Election Interference | History.
History Lists: Who Is Vladimir Putin? | History.
What Is VX Nerve Agent? | History.
History-Making American Women | History.
All About the Supreme Court | History.
History in Public: Lincoln's Gettysburg Address | History.
Better Than Fiction: George Washington, Reanimated? | History.
How to Love Like a President | History.
Presidential Love Notes | History.
Presidential Pet Names | History.
Executive Orders: What Are They, and How Do They Work? | History.
Washington vs Trump: New York City, Then and Now | History.
Presidential Inaugurations By The Numbers | History.
Deconstructing History: New Orleans | History.
Special Forces by the Numbers | History.
America 101: Why Red for Republicans and Blue for Democrats? | History.
The Origins of Country Slang | America's Secret Slang | History.
Explorers Not Named Columbus | History Lists | History.
Animals That Changed Human History | History Lists | History.
The Origins of "Hillbilly" and "Redneck" | America's Secret Slang | History.
The History of the Pledge of Allegiance | History.
Deconstructing History: NYC | History.
"Axe to Grind"/"Bury the Hatchet" | America's Secret Slang | History.
America 101: What is the Cabinet? | History.
The Origins of "Y'All" | America's Secret Slang | History.
Urban Life vs. Rural Life | How the States Got Their Shapes | History.
Ancient Empire Builders | History Lists | History.
America 101: What is the Electoral College? | History.
The History of Mexico | History Lists | History.
America 101: Why Do We Vote on the First Tuesday? | History.
America 101: What Qualifications Do You Need to Be President? | History.
America 101: What is the Role of the Vice President? | History.
America 101: Why is the Presidency a Family Affair? | History.
America 101: What Happens on Inauguration Day? | History.
America 101: Why Do Presidential Campaigns Use Slogans? | History.
The Evolution of Presidential Politics | History Lists | History.
Why Do We Vote on a Tuesday in November? | Election 2016 with David Eisenbach | History.
George Washington Got Voters Drunk | Election Day with David Eisenbach | History.
JFK vs. Nixon - Election 1960 | Election Day with David Eisenbach | History.
America 101: What is a Contested Election? | History.
Presidential Predictions: Halloween Masks | Election Day with David Eisenbach | History.
America 101: What Are the Nastiest Political Campaigns in History? | History.
The Battle at Little Bighorn | History.
Drawn History: The Blitz | History.
America 101: Why Do We Have a Two-Party System? | History.
America 101: What is a Stump Speech? | History.
FDR's Pearl Harbor Address | History.
America 101: Why Do We Have Presidential Term Limits? | History.
Drawn History: The Many Attempted Assassinations of Fidel Castro | History.
Drawn History: What is Domino Theory? | History.
America 101: What is a Swing State? | History.
America 101: What is a "Political Outsider"? | History.
Power to the President: What Does the President of the U.S. Actually Do? | History.
America 101: Who is the Next in Line for Succession After the President? | History.
America 101: Why Do We Have Presidential Debates? | History.
America 101: What is the Role of First Lady? | History.
America 101: Why an Elephant for Republicans? | History.
America 101: Why a Donkey for Democrats? | History.
America 101: How Are Presidential Campaigns Financed? | History.

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