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Fluid Mechanics: Interactive Screencasts

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Addition of a Fluid to a Submerged Object (Interactive).
Boundary Layers and Fluid Velocity (Interactive).
Buoyant Forces (Interactive).
Buoyant Force on a Blimp (Interactive).
Buoyancy vs. Weight (Interactive).
Calibrating Flow Meters (Interactive).
Comparing Pressures in a Draining Tank System (Interactive).
Comparing Shear Stress in Different Flow Regimes (Interactive).
Comparing Shear Stresses on a Pipe Wall (Interactive).
Comparing Shear Stresses on Different Pipe Sizes (Interactive).
Comparing Tanks Draining (Interactive).
Continuity Equation for Cylindrical System (Interactive).
Control Volumes (Interactive).
Determining the Slope of a Fluid Under Rigid Body Motion (Interactive).
Direction of Lift Force (Interactive).
Draining Tank Jet (Interactive).
Dynamic Similitude - Scaling (Interactive).
Flow Through Different Pipes (Interactive).
Fluid Acceleration (Interactive).
Fluid Velocity Change Through a Diffuser (Interactive).
Force Balances on a Fishing Lure (Interactive).
Force of Redirecting a Water Jet (Interactive).
Free Jets and Flow Regimes (Interactive).
Free Jets from a Draining Tank (Interactive).
Hydrostatic Pressure within Different Containers (Interactive).
Immiscible Fluids Flowing in a Duct (Interactive).
Linear Momentum Balance (Interactive).
Manometer Readings (Interactive).
Moving Control Volumes (Interactive).
Multi-Fluid Manometer (Interactive).
Pressure and Velocity Changes Through an Expansion (Interactive).
Pressure Comparisons Under Flow (Interactive).
Pressure Drop Along A Pipe (Interactive).
Pressure Drop as a Function of Pipe Length (Interactive).
Pressure Gradient for Couette Flow (Interactive).
Pressure in a Rising Column (Interactive).
Pressure vs. Depth for an Incompressible Fluid (Interactive).
Pressure vs Depth for Two Immiscible Liquids (Interactive).
Representing a Velocity Field (Interactive).
Scaling a Model Airplane Wing (Interactive).
Shear Stress and Velocity Profile Relationship (Interactive).
Shear Stress vs. Rate of Shearing Strain (Interactive).
Shear Stresses in an Annulus (Interactive).
Tethered Object Under Rigid Body Motion (Interactive).
Turbulent Flow (Interactive).
Two Immiscible Fluids between Parallel Plates (Interactive).
Velocity Profile Between Two Parallel Plates (Interactive).
Velocity Profile in an Annulus (Interactive).
Venturi Effect on Blood Flow (Interactive).
Venturi Meter (Interactive).
Water Levels for Floating System (Interactive).
Weight of Water (Interactive).
Where is the Shear Stress Greatest? (Interactive).

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