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100 Internet of Things (IoT) Courses You Can Take for Free

From smart homes to connected cities, discover the power of IoT with these free courses.

In the age of the Internet of Things (IoT), connectivity is ubiquitous. Your refrigerator can play music, your washing machine can communicate with your smart electric meter, and you have the ability to stream any content directly to your TV — at least, in the homes of some tech enthusiasts.

Even among the broader public, IoT is making significant strides. Devices like smart light bulbs, fitness trackers, and smart speakers are becoming increasingly commonplace.

Disregarding the global chip shortage, the most affordable computers can be purchased for $10, and with little effort, your Arduino can now water the plants. IoT continues to be a hot topic in the tech industry, attracting interest from major players like Google and renowned universities worldwide.

Are you interested in contributing to the creation of the smart city of the future, or developing an embedded system for your car? Consider these free courses to ignite a new hobby or simply to understand the interconnected world of IoT better.


For your convenience, we’ve broken down the list by topic. Click on a subject to jump to the corresponding section:

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Intro to IoT Online Courses

Introduction to the Internet of Things and Embedded Systems
University of California, Irvine via Coursera
The explosive growth of the “Internet of Things” is changing our world and the rapid drop in price for typical IoT components is allowing people to innovate new designs and products at home. In this class you will learn the importance of IoT in society, the current components of typical IoT devices and trends for the future.
★★★★☆ (12 ratings)

How the Internet of Things and Smart Services Will Change Society
via openSAP
The Internet of Things will forever change our personal and professional lives. By 2020, there will be 50 billion connected devices communicating through the Internet. Devices can range from connected coffee makers, cars, or sensors on cattle to connected machines in a production plant.
★★★★☆ (8 ratings)

The Internet of Things
King’s College London via FutureLearn
Learn how IoT works, and how to create a successful product or company using it, with this online course.
★★★★☆ (7 ratings)

Introducción al Internet de las Cosas
Galileo University via edX
Prácticamente cualquier objeto puede conectarse al Internet. La habilidad de conectar cosas y capturar información útil está transformando a las organizaciones en cada sector de la industria y está abriendo nuevas especializaciones de carrera. Descubre esto y más en este curso de introducción al internet de las cosas.
★★★★★ (6 ratings)

Introduction to the Internet of Things
Universitat Politècnica de València via edX
This is a preliminary course in which we deal with the basics of electronics and programming using Arduino and ESP boards.
★★★★★ (6 ratings)

Internet of Things: How did we get here?
University of California, San Diego via Coursera
In this course, we will explore the convergence of multiple disciplines leading to todays’ Smartphones. You will learn about the birth and evolution of Telephony Networks, Broadcast Networks (TV and Radio) and Consumer Electronics.

MedTech: Digital Health and Wearable Technology
University of Leeds via FutureLearn
Discover digital health and learn how wearable technology is transforming healthcare with this online medtech course.
★★★★★ (5 ratings)

IoT (Internet of Things) Wireless & Cloud Computing Emerging Technologies
Yonsei University via Coursera
IoT (Internet of Things) devices are already abundant, but new products that include IoT modules are now a common trend. Also, almost everything is already connected to a Cloud, and much more will be in the future.
★★★★★ (2 ratings)

Introduction to the Internet of Things (IoT)
Curtin University via edX
Gain an understanding of what the IoT is and the requirements to design your own IoT solutions. Start developing IoT ideas in your industry.

Microsoft Future Ready: Fundamentals of Internet of Things (IoT)
Cloudswyft via FutureLearn
Explore the use of IoT, how it can benefit businesses, and the best practices you can use to successfully implement IoT solutions.
★★★★★ (1 rating)

Introduction to IoT
Cisco via Cisco Networking Academy
Discover how the Internet of Things is enabling digital transformations across a variety of industries and can expand career opportunities in the future.
★★★★★ (1 rating)

IoT in the Google Cloud
Google via Qwiklabs
In this quest, you will learn about Google Cloud’s IoT Core service and its integration with other services like GCS, Dataprep, Stackdriver and Firestore. The labs in this quest use simulator code to mimic IOT devices and the learning here should empower you to implement the same streaming pipeline with real world IoT devices.
★★★★★ (1 rating)

Introducción al Internet de las cosas (IoT) y sus aplicaciones
Universidad del Rosario via edX
En este curso en línea aprenderás el concepto de Internet de las Cosas, como se realiza la interconexión digital entre dispositivos inteligentes utilizando redes de comunicación como Internet.

Internet of Things (IoT) and Sustainability
Mind Lab via FutureLearn
How can the rise of smart devices lead to a sustainable future? Explore the use of IoT technology for sustainable solutions.

Imagine IoT
via openSAP
This course is all about showing you how to use IoT to make life better. Or, put another way, you will learn the fundamentals of the Internet of Things (e.g., sensors, the cloud, and more) and be introduced to new interaction paradigms (augmented reality, wearables, and more) that are changing how we interact with the world around us.

Introducción al Internet de las Cosas (IoT)
Universitat Politècnica de València via edX
Este es un curso en línea preliminar en el que tratamos los conceptos básicos de electronica y programación utilizando placas Arduino y ESP.

Internet of Things for Active Ageing
Taipei Medical University via FutureLearn
Learn about how the Internet of Things can help people aging well with this free online course.

Internet of Things: Multimedia Technologies
University of California, San Diego via Coursera
In this course, you will learn the principles of video and audio codecs used for media content in iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, Netflix, etc. You will learn the file formats and codec settings for optimizing quality and media bandwidth and apply them in developing a basic media player application.

Internet of Things: Sensing and Actuation From Devices
University of California, San Diego via Coursera
In this course, you will learn to interface common sensors and actuators to the DragonBoard™ 410c hardware. You will then develop software to acquire sensory data, process the data and actuate stepper motors, LEDs, etc. for use in mobile-enabled products.

Internet of Things Foundation Series
Amazon via Independent
The Internet of Things (IoT) Foundation Series comprises a set of courses that offer a broad experience across IoT Core and its associated services. Each class in the series is centered around a scenario where a fictitious customer has a business challenge.

Introduction to Internet of Things (IoT)
Rolls Royce via edX
Introduction to IoT is an interactive introduction to build fundamental knowledge on the concepts and applications of the Internet of Things.

Getting Started with the Internet of Things (IoT)
Microsoft via edX
Ready to discover how IoT can help improve your business? Learn how IoT is helping businesses discover opportunities, gain market share, improve customer satisfaction, and increase profits in this introductory course.

Learn Internet Of Things On Cloud in 3 Hours | AWS IoT | Azure IoT For Beginners | Great Learning
Great Learning via YouTube
This video is a good starter for individual wanting to implement IoT with Cloud Computing.

Internet of Things Education Outside the Computer Science Lab
Linux Foundation via YouTube

Internet de las cosas (IoT) y Big Data
Universidad del Rosario via edX
En este curso en línea aprenderás a desarrollar sistemas completos y escalables en IoT con el uso del Big Data y asi enriquece tu perfil profesional con una perspectiva global, bajo una de las tecnologías de mayor demanda en la actualidad.

IoT Learning Plan
Amazon Web Services via AWS Skill Builder
This Learning Plan is designed to help Architects, Developers, Data Analysts, Data Engineers, and Operations Engineers who need solutions to connect devices and collect, store, and analyze device data. .

Industrial IoT Online Courses

Introduction to Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things
NPTEL via YouTube
Industry 4.0 concerns the transformation of industrial processes through the integration of modern technologies such as sensors, communication, and computational processing.
★★★★☆ (2 ratings)

SAP Leonardo IoT for the Intelligent Enterprise
via openSAP
The Internet of Things is the network of physical objects with embedded intelligence to sense their environment and to interact with business systems and each other. SAP Leonardo IoT enables the Intelligent Enterprise by creating live insights from connected things and business processes to deliver business outcomes. SAP is highly invested in the Internet of Things, and this course will show you how to get started with SAP Leonardo IoT. .
★★★★☆ (1 rating)

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
University of Michigan via Coursera
In this course, learners will be introduced to the concept of the Industrial Internet of Things, or IIoT, learn how it is applied in manufacturing, and what businesses should consider as they decide to implement this technology.

Industrial IoT on Google Cloud
Google Cloud via Coursera

Industrial IoT Fundamentals on AWS
Amazon Web Services via Coursera
Proficient technologists working on the Industrial IoT vertical use lots of technologies and methods to control, manage and get information from the IoT devices. The story we are going to tell is about an individual who is new to that industry and got hired by a company who is planning to adopt to Industry 4.0 standards in next 3 years.

Industrial IoT Markets and Security
University of Colorado Boulder via Coursera
Developing tomorrow’s industrial infrastructure is a significant challenge. This course goes beyond the hype of consumer IoT to emphasize a much greater space for potential embedded system applications and growth.

IoT Systems and Industrial Applications with Design Thinking
École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne via edX
The first MOOC to provide a comprehensive introduction to Internet of Things (IoT) including the fundamental business aspects needed to define IoT related products.

AWS IoT: Developing and Deploying an Internet of Things
Amazon Web Services via Coursera
This course will introduce you to the Internet of Things and then explore Amazon Web Services’ IoT services, and then expert instructors will dive deep into topics such as the device gateway, device management, the device registry, and shadows.

Design for internet of things
NPTEL via YouTube
An overview of IOTs, design of smart objects that provide collaboration and ubiquitous services will be explored. Design for longevity/energy efficiency will be highlighted. Step by step system design will be introduced. Small video clips that will allow students to prototype will be displayed.

The Internet of Things: The Rise of Connected Devices
Coventry University via FutureLearn
Explore the rapidly evolving world of the Internet of Things (IoT) and learn the impact of IoT on home and industrial automation.

AWS IoT: Developing and Deploying an Internet of Things
Amazon Web Services via edX
Learn how to build, deploy and analyze secure IoT solutions in the AWS cloud

“Demonstrating an Internet of Things Solution for Real-Time Computation and Delivery of Plant KPIs”
Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) via YouTube

Simplify Internet of Things with an intelligent gateway
Red Hat via YouTube

Building Hardened Internet-of-Things Clients with Language-theoretic Security
IEEE via YouTube

Mechatronics and Industrial Internet of Things
via Udemy
Digitize your Industrial Control systems and control using any PLC

Exploring best practices and customer successes in the industrial Internet of Things
Red Hat via YouTube

Touch IoT with SAP Leonardo
via openSAP
This course includes all new content concentrated on the latest IoT trends that shape our lives both at work and at home, including related topics such as drones, autonomous vehicles, blockchain, and user experience implications for IoT. Also included is an interactive exercise, enabling you to “touch” IoT directly.

IoT Devices, Arduino, & Raspberry Pi Online Courses

The Arduino Platform and C Programming
University of California, Irvine via Coursera
The Arduino is an open-source computer hardware/software platform for building digital devices and interactive objects that can sense and control the physical world around them. In this class you will learn how the Arduino platform works in terms of the physical board and libraries and the IDE (integrated development environment).

Enabling Technologies for Data Science and Analytics: The Internet of Things
Columbia University via edX
Discover the relationship between Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT).

The Raspberry Pi Platform and Python Programming for the Raspberry Pi
University of California, Irvine via Coursera
The Raspberry Pi is a small, affordable single-board computer that you will use to design and develop fun and practical IoT devices while learning programming and computer hardware.

Creative Audio Programming on the Raspberry Pi
University of New South Wales via Kadenze
In this course you will learn the essentials of programming real-time audio software, applying these skills to making your own audio devices, and more generally the exciting world of the Internet of Things.
★★★★★ (2 ratings)

IoT Devices
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign via Coursera
Students will learn IoT device programming (Arduino and Raspberry Pi), sensing and actuating technologies, IoT protocol stacks (Zigbee, 5G, NFC, MQTT, etc), networking backhaul design and security enforcement, data science for IoT, and cloud-based IoT platforms such as AWS IoT.
★★★★★ (1 rating)

Arduino Projects and Tutorials
via YouTube
★★★★★ (1 rating)

Getting Started with Your Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi Foundation via FutureLearn
Discover how to set up and control your new Raspberry Pi, as well as how to use it for everyday tasks and to learn how to code.

Architecting Smart IoT Devices
EIT Digital via Coursera
This course will teach you how to develop an embedded systems device. In order to reduce the time to market, many pre-made hardware and software components are available today. You’ll discover all the available hardware and software components, such as processor families, operating systems, boards and networks.

Arduino y algunas aplicaciones
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México via Coursera
En este curso utilizaremos Arduino UNO para realizar dos prototipos que muestran el funcionamiento de dispositivos, como un chaleco para ciclista y un pastillero.

Internet of Things Capstone V2: Build a Mobile Surveillance System
University of California, San Diego via Coursera
In the Capstone project for the Internet of Things specialization, you will design and build your own system that uses at least 2 sensors, at least 1 communication protocol and at least 1 actuator.

Internet of Things V2: DragonBoard™ bring up and community ecosystem
University of California, San Diego via Coursera
Do you want to develop skills to prototype embedded products using state-of-the-art technologies? In this course you will build a hardware and software development environment to guide your journey through the Internet of Things.

Internet of Things (IoT) Microcontrollers Series
Amazon Web Services via AWS Skill Builder
The Internet of Things (IoT) Microcontroller Series comprises a set of courses that cover different aspects of working with physical devices and connecting them to AWS IoT. Each class in this series will address a specific task; such as, onboarding or connecting multiple devices to an edge node.

AWS Internet of Things (IoT) Device Management
Amazon Web Services via AWS Skill Builder
AWS Internet of Things (IoT) Device Management makes it easy to securely onboard, organize, monitor, and remotely manage IoT Devices at scale. This course teaches you to use the features of AWS IoT Device Management in the AWS Management Console and AWS Command Line Interface (CLI).

Internet of Things with Microcontrollers: a hands-on course / L’Internet des Objets sur microcontrôleurs par la pratique
Inria (French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation) via France Université Numerique
Be an IoT active player: don’t just consume things, create things! This MOOC will help you understand the specificities of connected object programming through a mix a theoretical contents and hands-on activities.

Internet das Coisas (IoT) com Bluetooth 4.0
via Udemy
Aprenda a projetar dispositivos para Internet das Coisas (IoT) utilizando o Bluetooth 4.0 LE (Low Energy)

Internet de las cosas con Raspberry Pi – Curso inicial
via Udemy
Construye tu propio sistema IoT

Business Considerations for 5G with Edge, IoT, and AI
Linux Foundation via edX
Learn how wireless networks with 5G are set to power a whole new world with ttechnologies like IoT, Edge, and AI and what businesses and leaders need to do to prepare and get ready.

IoT Software & Networking Online Courses

Internet of Things: Setting Up Your DragonBoard™ Development Platform
University of California, San Diego via Coursera
Do you want to develop skills to prototype mobile-enabled products using state-of-the-art technologies? In this course you will build a hardware and software development environment to guide your journey through the Internet of Things.

Stanford Seminar – Secure Data Science on the Internet of Things
Stanford University via YouTube
Learn about why it is important to secure the Internet Of Things(IoT) and its importance to Data Science
★★★★☆ (4 ratings)

Fog Networks and the Internet of Things
Princeton University via Coursera
This course teaches the fundamentals of Fog Networking. It also teaches the key results in the design of the Internet of Things, including consumer and industrial applications.
★★★★☆ (3 ratings)

Internet of Things: Communication Technologies
University of California, San Diego via Coursera
In this course, you will learn how VoIP systems like Skype work and implement your own app for voice calls and text messages. You will start by using the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) for session management.

Fundamentos del Internet de las cosas (IoT): Seguridad I
Galileo University via edX
Aprende la importancia de la seguridad en dispositivos IoT, sus vulnerabilidades y amenazas más comunes, al igual que los modelos de seguridad para mitigarlas.
★★★★★ (2 ratings)

A developer’s guide to the Internet of Things (IoT)
IBM via Coursera
★★★★☆ (1 rating)

Software Architecture for the Internet of Things
EIT Digital via Coursera
This course will teach you how to design future proof systems that meet the requirements of IoT systems: systems that are secure, interoperable, modifiable and scalable. Moreover, you’ll learn to apply best-in-class software architecture methods to help you design complex IoT and other applications.
★★★★☆ (1 rating)

Programming for the Internet of Things Project
University of California, Irvine via Coursera
In this Capstone course, you will design a microcontroller-based embedded system. As an option, you can also build and test a system. The focus of your project will be to design the system so that it can be built on a low-cost budget for a real-world application.
★★★★☆ (1 rating)

Internet de las Cosas: Fundamentos de Python
Galileo University via edX
El curso de fundamentos de python está orientado a dar una inicialización a los estudiantes sobre el lenguaje de programación más popular y enfocado a la productividad, que se utiliza en ramas como ciencia de datos y IoT.

IoT Networking
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign via Coursera
Here you will begin to learn enterprise IoT. Enterprise networks, from first-hop access to backend IoT services are critical because they allow your IoT devices to reach the Internet and achieve their true intelligence.

Build Your First Internet of Things (IoT) Application on Arm
Arm Education via edX
Learn to build functional IoT solutions such as an environmental sensor and an activity monitor that you can feature in your CV or portfolio of work – showcasing your skills to peers, professors or prospective employers.

Deploying TinyML
Harvard University via edX
Learn to program in TensorFlow Lite for microcontrollers so that you can write the code, and deploy your model to your very own tiny microcontroller. Before you know it, you’ll be implementing an entire TinyML application.

IoT Networks and Protocols
Curtin University via edX
Learn about IoT networks and the protocols and standards associated with the Internet and how these apply to the IoT.

Cybersecurity and the Internet of Things
University System of Georgia via Coursera
Welcome! You may have heard about the Internet of Things (IoT). But you may also have wondered about what it is. Or for that matter, what does it mean to you or an organization. This course is for you if you are curious about the most recent trends and activities in the internet capabilities and concerns about programmed devices.

IoT System Design: Software and Hardware Integration
Waseda University via edX
Start developing your own Internet of Things (IoT) system with this exploration of the interaction between software and hardware.

IoT Communications and Networks
Institut Mines-Télécom via Coursera
By presenting the building blocks of IoT network architecture, this MOOC will help the learners to adapt to the fast changing environment in the communication for Industrial IoT. The IoT world represents billions of sophisticated objects such as sensors, actuators and meters that are deployed nearly everywhere.

M2M & IoT Interface Design & Protocols for Embedded Systems
University of Colorado Boulder via Coursera
This course is focused on connecting devices to each other and to the cloud to create prototypes and actual systems that flow data from devices to consumers.

Internet of Things V2: Setting up and Using Cloud Services
University of California, San Diego via Coursera
Have you wondered what exactly AWS is and why is it important? Do you want to make informed design decisions about which services to use? Do you want to gain expertise to leverage the cloud for your own projects? In this course, you will learn to interface with the AWS cloud.

The Internet of Things with SAP
via openSAP
This course shows you how IoT can help the world run better and improve people’s lives. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a key enabler of the Intelligent Enterprise, where data enables intelligence which feeds process automation and ultimately, innovation.

AWS IoT: Developing and Deploying an Internet of Things
via Udemy
Learn what the Internet of Things is and how it works.

Stanford Seminar – Software-centric Visible Light Communication for the Internet of Things
Stanford University via YouTube

Internet of things IoT- in Action (The software stack)
via Udemy
Quickly learn the complete technology stack for implementing IoT applications.

Cloud connectivity and protocols for the Internet of Things
Nordic Semiconductor via YouTube

Recent Advances in Machine Learning with Applications to Internet of Things (IoT) – Adam McElhinney
Open Data Science via YouTube

Keynote: Intelligent Internet of Things: Start Analyzing Your Global Device Data for Real-Time
Linux Foundation via YouTube

IoT Architecture Design and Business Planning
Microsoft via edX
Ready to migrate your IoT projects to a production environment? Need to evaluate your solution architecture and business docs before committing resources? This course provides the expert guidance and hands-on experience that you need.

IoT Device Configuration and Communication: C Edition
Microsoft via edX
Ready to begin developing IoT device applications? The labs in this course will teach you how to provision, configure, program, and manage IoT devices that communicate securely with the cloud. Lab activities are framed within real-world scenarios.

Predictive Analytics for IoT Solutions
Microsoft via edX
Learn how to apply machine learning to your IoT data and gain a valuable advantage over your business competition. This course provides hands-on experience developing predictive maintenance and other ML solutions for IoT scenarios.

Developing IoT Solutions with Azure IoT
Microsoft via edX
Start creating and managing your own connected IoT devices today using secure Microsoft Azure technologies.

IoT Data Analytics and Storage
Microsoft via edX
Gain valuable insights from your IoT data to help your business succeed.

Manage IoT devices by using IoT Hub and apps
Microsoft via Microsoft Learn
Manage IoT devices by using IoT Hub and apps

Working with Connected Field Service for Dynamics 365 and Azure IoT
Microsoft via Microsoft Learn
This learning path introduces you to connected Field Service and Azure IoT. Included in this learning path is identifying exceptions, register and manage devices, remotely monitor and service equipment, and using IoT central with connected Field Service.

Implement IoT device communication by using the Azure IoT SDKs
Microsoft via Microsoft Learn
Implement IoT device communication by using the Azure IoT SDKs

Enhance IoT solution security by using Azure Defender for IoT
Microsoft via Microsoft Learn
Enhance IoT solution security by using Azure Defender for IoT

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    Here is another one that MIT just announced:

    Internet of Things: Roadmap to a Connected World

    Taught by a team of world-renowned researchers with expertise in the architectures and applications of IoT,the Internet of Things (IoT): Roadmap to a Connected World course introduces both the broad range of IoT technologies and the most recent developments in the space. Guided by faculty and researchers from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL), Media Lab, SENSEable City Lab, Department of Mechanical Engineering, and the World Wide Web Consortium, you will:

    * Discover key IoT concepts including identification, sensors, localization, wireless protocols, data storage and security;
    * Explore IoT technologies, architectures, standards, and regulation;
    * Realize the value created by collecting, communicating, coordinating, and leveraging the data from connected devices;
    * Examine technological developments that will likely shape the industrial landscape in the future;


    Understand how to develop and implement your own IoT technologies, solutions, and applications.

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    IoT institute recently released an IOT fundamentals course based on Timothy Chou’s book Precision IoT. It’s free for a limited time. http://www.crowdstory.com/precisiontheclass. It includes 14 real solution stories that span 10 industries for business to business IoT

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