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Forehand Technique

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This course covers the fundamentals and advanced techniques of the forehand in tennis. By the end of the course, students will be able to understand different grips, stances, and strategies for hitting forehands. They will also learn about the modern and classic forehand styles, timing, and the role of the non-dominant arm in tennis. The course teaches skills such as hitting flat and topspin forehands, performing kinetic chain movements, and addressing common issues faced by recreational players. The teaching method includes video lessons demonstrating proper techniques and strategies. This course is intended for tennis players of all levels who want to improve their forehand skills and enhance their overall performance on the court.


How to Hit a Forehand | Tennis Technique.
How To Hit Flat Forehands | Tennis Technique.
What Is The Best Forehand Grip? | Tennis Technique.
Open Stance Forehands vs Closed Stance Forehands.
Relax On Your Forehand?.
ATP Forehand vs WTA Forehand (2018).
Straight Arm Forehand vs Bent Arm Forehand (2018).
Hit Your Forehand Like Nadal?.
The Classic Forehand (Old School Forehand).
The ATP Modern Forehand.
The Federer Forehand.
Role of The Non-Dominant Arm in Tennis.
How to Hit a High Forehand | Forehand Tennis Lesson.
How to Perform Kinetic Chain on the Forehand.
Modern Forehand Problems at the Recreational Level.
How to Feed a Tennis Ball.
Falling Back vs Pulling Back on the Forehand | Tennis Lesson with 4.5 NTRP Player.
How to Load the Forehand | Optimal Setup for Power & Control.
Why the Racquet Face Closes on the Federer Forehand.
Forehand Timing | Why Taking the Racquet Back Early Will Cause You to be Late.
Straight Arm Forehand Tennis Technique (why it has to be intuitive).
How To Hit Forehand Slice & Squash Shot | Tennis Technique.
Federer Forehand PROBLEMS at the Recreational Level.
To CATCH or NOT CATCH the Tennis Racquet on your Forehand?.
Why the WTA Forehand Has a Large Backswing (featuring former WTA Player Ema Burgic Bucko).
The 4 Power Sources on the Modern Forehand.
How to Play the Short Ball in Tennis | 4.5 NTRP Lesson.
Flat Topspin vs Heavy Topspin Forehand | Tennis Technique.
The Biggest Forehand Topspin Myths.
The Reverse Forehand (Not Nadal) | Intuitive Defensive Tennis Technique.
Pronate or Use Wrist on Your Topspin Forehand?.
Forehand Evolution | Classic to Modern to Next Gen.

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