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Organic Farming for Sustainable Agricultural Production

NPTEL and Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur via YouTube


COURSE OUTLINE: Organic farming is an integrated system of agricultural production based on ecological principles, promotion of biodiversity, biological cycles and organic matter recycling to maintain and improve soil fertility and environmental sustainability. The regulations for organic crop cultivation prohibit the use of chemo-synthetic pesticides, mineral fertilizers, growth promoters and Genetically Modified Organisms. Indiscriminate use of these chemicals in conventional farming poses a serious threat to the quality of produce as well as the environment. Concern about food safety and security and environmental sustainability is increasing among scientist, administrator and environmentalist. In view of this, the course is designed to train students on organic farming practices, quality analysis of the products, environmental impact assessment, health benefit of the organic food, etc. After successful completion of the course, the students should be able to design resource efficient farming system for small and marginal farmers for improving their economy while meeting the quality food demand in a sustainable environment


Organic Farming for Sustainable Agricultural Production by Prof Dillip Kumar Swain.
Organic Farming for Sustainable Agricultural Production by Prof Dillip Kumar Swain.
Lecture 1: Organic Farming: Introduction and Status.
Lecture 2: Organic Farming: Introduction and Status.
Lecture 3: Organic Farming and its Components.
Lecture 4: Organic Farming Concepts and Principles.
Lecture 5: "Organic Farming Concepts and Principles (Contd.) ".
Lecture 7: Sustainable Agricutlture.
Lecture 9: Organic Farming and Climate Change.
Lecture 6: SWOT Analysis of Organic Farming.
Lecture 10: Organic Farming and Climate Change (Contd.).
Lecture 8: Key Indicators of Sustainable Agriculture.
Lecture 15 : Enriched Vermicompost Production Technology.
Lecture 12 : Vermicompost Production Technology.
Lecture 13 : Vermicompost Production Technology.
Lecture 14 : Vermicompost Production Technology (Contd.).
Lecture 16 : Vermicompost Quality and Marketing.
Lecture 17 : Introduction to Pest and Disease Management.
Lecture 18 : Pest and Disease Management in Organic Farming.
Lecture 19 : Level "C" Pest and Disease Management.
Lecture 20 : Level "C" Pest and Disease Management (Contd.).
Lecture 11 : Principles of Compost Production.
Lecture 21 : Introduction to Organic Crop Management.
Lecture 22 : Introduction to Organic Crop Management (Contd.).
Lecture 23 : Organic Vegetable Crop Management.
Lecture 24 : Organic Vegetable Crop Management (Cereals).
Lecture 25 : Organic Vegetable Crop Management Cereals Contd..
Lecture 26 : Organic Field Crop Management (Pulse and Oilseed Crop).
Lecture 27 : Organic Plantation Crop Mangement.
Lecture 28 : Organic Meat Production.
Lecture 29 : Introduction on transition to organic crop production.
Lecture 30 : Crop planning and rotation design in organic system.
Lecture 31 : Crop planning and rotation design in organic system (Contd).
Lecture 32 : Integrated Farming System and Urban Agriculture.
Lecture 33 : Quality of Organic Food.
Lecture 34 : Natural Sources of Antioxidants for Health Defense.
Lecture 35 : Antioxidant Capacity of fruits and vegetables.
Lecture 36 : Organic Food and Human Health.
Lecture 37 : Organic Standard.
Lecture 38 : Organic Certification Process.
Lecture 39 : Operational Structure of Organic Certification.
Lecture 40 : Marketing of Organic Products.

Taught by

IIT Kharagpur July 2018



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  • The Organic Farming for Sustainable Agricultural Production course offers a holistic and forward-thinking approach to agriculture. It stands out for its commitment to environmental stewardship, promoting biodiversity, and fostering sustainable pract…
  • The Organic Farming for Sustainable Agricultural Production course provided comprehensive insights into eco-friendly farming practices. It was well-structured, informative, and highly engaging, offering valuable knowledge for sustainable agriculture. Highly recommended!
  • This course helped me gain more knowledge about organic farming and enriched my understanding to support my concept of sustainable agricultural production.
  • Explanation was good subject clarity is good
    Rest of all things are good.
    Information was good
    Best experience on this class
  • Ajay Babbar
    Very knowledgeable
    Thank you sir.
    It's very helpful for my career and my professional growth.
    Lots of new things and subject matter I have done in this particular course it's very helpful
    One again
  • Nitin Kumar
    Course: Organic Farming for Sustainable Agricultural Production The Organic Farming for Sustainable Agricultural Production course is a transformative journey into the realm of eco-friendly and ethical farming practices. This comprehensive course e…
  • I am Muhammad Mesbahul Arefin Dewan from Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh. I was excited to learn about Organic farming. And it's come true by this online platform. Thanks to IIT, Kharagpur to arrange this type of online course for all. It's very much effective for me. Thanks to provide this training.
  • Well explained. Learned a few techniques. Very good for beginners as well as farmers. Organic farming is the future of our country. Sustainable agriculture is the only key for the growing country.
  • Debtirtha Roy
    Organic farming is a sustainable agricultural practice that promotes the use of natural methods to produce crops and livestock. In recent years, it has gained significant attention as a viable alternative to conventional farming practices, which rel…
    The course "Organic Farming for Sustainable Agricultural Production" provided a superb learning experience. The well-structured modules, user-friendly platform, and engaging content made the course highly accessible. Prompt communication and effecti…
  • Profile image for MOHAMMED SHAHUL SHABEER
    I recently completed the "Organic Farming for Sustainable Agricultural Production" course offered by NPTEL via YouTube, and I must say it exceeded my expectations. As someone interested in sustainable agriculture, this course provided a comprehensive overview of organic farming practices and their importance in promoting environmental stewardship and food security.

    The course content was well-structured and covered a wide range of topics, including soil health management, organic pest control, crop rotation techniques, and the benefits of biodiversity in agricultural systems. The instructors presented the material in a clear and engaging manner, making complex concepts easy to understand.
  • Profile image for Kartik Dubey
    Kartik Dubey
    Exceptional course! From start to finish, this learning experience surpassed all expectations. The content was incredibly insightful, presented in a clear and engaging manner. The instructor's expertise shone through, making complex topics easily understandable. The assignments were challenging yet rewarding, providing practical application of the concepts learned. Moreover, the supportive online community fostered collaboration and knowledge sharing. I truly feel equipped with valuable skills and knowledge to excel in this field. Thank you to the instructor and the entire team for creating such a top-notch course. Highly recommend to anyone seeking to expand their expertise

  • I found this course very informative and insightful. I highly recommend the course for anyone interested in Agriculture irrespective of being amateur or professional. The techniques explained in this course are covered in detail.
  • This course had thought me lots of things and valuable information on organic agriculture.
    details information provided on organic farming .
    like the strategy of marketing
  • Abel Kayisi
    I've learnt what an organic farming is, we are told it's a type of farming that protect the biodiversity, ecological and biological structure of soil.
    We also learnt, different types of organic Manuel like biofertilizer, and futhermore we learnt swot analysis on organic farming to ensure the sustainability of the farming.
  • Marjorie Campano
    This organic farming for sustainable agriculture helps me a lot to understand more about a sustainable farming. To promote organic crops that is free from any form of chemicals that could affect the health of the human or the consumer. This course tackle about diseases, integrated pest management. So I highly recommend this course to those who are willing to learn about sustainable farming and together let's continue to promote safe and free from disease crops.
    I am very interested to learn this course. Actually it's explains everything in the organic farming. It's a very useful course. The lecturer explain the topics with perfect examples and the way he explained is excellent. He covered everything releted to the organic farming and application of this things into field is easy after learning this course.

    Thank you so much for presenting this course.
  • Profile image for KEN KENNEDY
    I have liked the course. It will brighten my future agricultural endeavours.
    Most people harvest less because of poor knowledge on the crop requirements and more so understanding the soil needs.
    The organic production can be a solution to food production within us.
    The few who get or harvest less can also benefit from this course.
  • Malath K.Bashabsheh
    The Organic Farming for Sustainable Agricultural Production course offers a comprehensive understanding of eco-friendly farming methods. From soil health to pest management, it equips learners with practical tools for sustainable agriculture. Highly recommended for anyone passionate about cultivating in harmony with nature!

    This is excellent. The presentation is detailed and the content is rich. No doubt, this course can make many citizens develop interest in organic farming and will surely increase the demand for heathy foods, thereby reducing feeding on chemical enhanced food and cutting down the risk of diseases caused by chemical residues.

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