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New Free JavaScript & Web Development Bootcamps (Start Sep 5)

Learn JavaScript and web development with weekly live streams and projects, and earn a certification.

TL;DR – Class Central is launching free and online bootcamps starting on September 5 following fCC (freeCodeCamp) Responsive Web Development and Javascript curriculum with daily streamings, an exclusive discussion forum and a discord server to provide all the support you need to complete the course and get a free certificate from freeCodeCamp. 

Following the success of our previous WebDev bootcamp 2021 (nearly 8,000 enrollments) and JavaScript & Web Development Jan 2022 (over 16,000 enrollments) we are now launching our third edition of our free bootcamp.

The bootcamps will run on Class Central Cohorts, a social learning platform for open courses. They’ll be 6 weeks long and intense. You’ll attend weekly live streams covering the course material. You’ll build a portfolio of coding projects. You’ll listen to guest speakers talk about the reality of being a developer. And by mid October, you’ll earn a verified certificate of completion from freeCodeCamp, like the ones below.

The certificates you’ll earn: JS bootcamp (left) & webdev bootcamp (right — example from @rui)

Note that the bootcamps don’t have any formal prerequisites. All you need is a computer, an internet connection, and the desire to learn. While the JavaScript bootcamp makes for a great follow-up to the webdev bootcamp, you can start with the JavaScript bootcamp if you want.

The bootcamp curricula are built around the JavaScript Certification and the Responsive Web Design Certification offered by the nonprofit freeCodeCamp.

How our Bootcamps are different

Live Streams

Each bootcamp is led by a subject matter expert, who’ll support you through your learning, chiefly by holding weekly live streams covering the course material and practical projects.

Streamings will be in the following time (click to check your local time):

Your bootcamp instructors: Ramón & Jess
  • Lesson Days: On Mondays and Tuesdays, your instructor will walk you through the lesson’s concepts and challenges. And at the end of the stream, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions. If you can’t make it, don’t worry, all live streams will be recorded and you can also take your questions to the discussion forum.
  • Project Wednesday: On Wednesdays, when the week’s curriculum is theory-heavy, you’ll continue working on lessons. But most weeks, you’ll instead tackle a practical project with your instructor. This will be an opportunity to actually apply the concepts you’ve been learning and to build a portfolio of coding projects.
  • Guest session: Once a week, you’ll take a break from the course material to attend a live stream where a guest speaker will talk about the realities of being a developer and concepts and tools relevant to a programmer’s day-to-day. For example, during our first bootcamp, Prof. Barbara Oakley and software engineer Zach Caceres explained how to become better programmers by understanding the neuroscience that underpins the learning process. You can find the video below, and you can find all the guest talks from our previous bootcamp here.

The Discussion Forum

Every live stream will end with a Q&A session. But your main avenue for support will be the bootcamp discussion forum. There, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss the course material, ask for feedback on your projects, share resources, and naturally, ask questions to peers, instructors, and mentors.

A question posted with images and an answer with a code snippet

We use Discourse Forums, a modern software solution well suited for online learning. You’ll be able to write code snippets, copy/paste images, mention specific learners, and more.

Our Discord Channel

As a more dynamic alternative to the Discussion Forum, we also have our exclusive Discord channel for the bootcamps where you can ask questions, get feedback, or just chill.

The three main channels for each bootcamp is general (for chilling and sharing resources), projects (get feedback), and help (if you’re stuck with a problem)

Learner’s Portal

After enrolling, you’ll have access to your bootcamp platform. The platform is the heart of the bootcamp experience. There, you’ll find links to all the bootcamp components, chiefly the course, discussion forum, and live streams.

Cohorts Screenshot
Your bootcamp platform

Why we’re doing this

Many people want to learn programming. But coding bootcamps typically cost upward of $10k, making them inaccessible to the vast majority of people. We wanted to try to fix this.

We realized that by using open educational resources, by relying on the help of passionate instructors, by focusing on what matters most — the learning — and by building a bespoke platform to tie it all together, we could offer a valuable bootcamp experience, entirely free.

Study Group for the online course A Life of Happiness & Fulfillment
Study Group for A Life of Happiness & Fulfillment (ALOHAF): first Zoom session

But learning online can be lonely. We know. At Class Central, we’re all online learners. So for the past year, we’ve been running an experiment: we’ve been trying to add a social layer atop free online courses. Initially, we called these “Study Groups”. Now, we call them “Cohorts”. Our bootcamps are simply a special type of cohort, built for scale.

And scaling, it has. Our Mountains 101 study group (May ‘21) had 200 enrollments. Our ALOHAF study group (Jun ‘21) had 700 enrollments. Our webdev bootcamp (Aug ‘21) had 8000 enrollments. And in January 2022, we had webdev and javascript bootcamps with over 16,000 enrollments. We’re excited to see this community growing!

Fabio Dantas Profile Image

Fabio Dantas

I’m an ESL instructor, writer, and CC's Cohort coordinator working remotely before it was cool.

Comments 24

  1. Dallas

    I took part in the Spring 2022 Javascript bootcamp and thought Ramon did a fantastic job. He’s a wonderful teacher who has amazing, bright energy. I highly recommend this bootcamp.

    • Fabio Dantas


  2. Cesar Augusto Delgado Alvarado

    Pregunta: no domino el inglés… ¿El bootcamp es en español?

    • Manoel Cortes Mendez

      Los dos bootcamps son en inglés.

  3. Emmanuel oyebode

    I will love to partake ❤

  4. Dennis

    What time of day do the lessons take place. I work full time and need to know ahead of time whether I am going to be able to attend.

    • Fabio Dantas

      7am UTC for JS
      4pm UTC for WebDev

      I will update the article with that info!

  5. Sandhya Kumari

    Can we enroll in both bootcamp?

    • Fabio Dantas

      Yes, the streams will be at different times.

      7am UTC for JS
      4pm UTC for WebDev

  6. Tiffany Clark

    I like to join this cohort. However I work full-time. What are the hours for this cohort?

    • Fabio Dantas

      All streaming will be recorded and available at any time. Streaming from Monday to Wednesday will be at:
      – 7am UTC for JS
      – 4pm UTC for WebDev

  7. Jethro

    I would love to learn but I’m posed with the problem of not being able to afford a laptop not to mention that I would need a good and fast computer system to learn proficiently

    • Fabio Dantas

      Hi there Jethro, I hope you can find a machine and a good internet connection so you don’t miss this opportunity.

      Unfortunately, freeCodeCamp coding environment is not so responsive for mobile, so I recommend you get a pc for that.

  8. Akash

    The thing which differentiate other coding bootcamps is the job assistance part. You can see these type of courses previously also but it will be beneficial if you guys come up with job assistance also. If it is there then pardon me for tha suggestion.


    I read that there will be some kind of job assistance too in the end on the frecodecamp blog link.
    Can someone tell more about the same?

  10. Eric

    Thank you so much for providing this bootcamp! Coding bootcamps can be expensive. People should get paid for the work that they do. I always wanted to try a bootcamp out first and here we go! Thank you and your partners for providing this bootcamp and I can’t wait to get to work!

  11. Bessong Philip

    I’m a newbie though I’ve learnt a bit of HTML and CSS, which do you recommend I go for, the web development or the Javascript?

  12. Alan

    Hi everyone ! I have a doubt.. I am finishing the (New) Responsive Web Design Certification and i want to participate on the bootcamp but there we are going to make the same projects if i didn’t misunderstand. Therefore, does it make sense to do the bootcamp if I have already obtained the certification?

    Hope you can answer my question and thanks, i love freecode

  13. Isaac


    I would love to join. How do I go about it?

  14. Zen

    The link doesn’t seem to be working. Are you no longer accepting applications?

  15. Tara

    Hello, thank you so much for organizing this cohort. The previous bootcamp was 12 weeks and I also realize the average time to complete is 300 hours. Can you comment on how we will work our way through this in 6 weeks? I am signing up for WebDev.

  16. victor oghayan

    i look forward in acquiring a certificate @ the bootcamp free course program and i am going to give in my best to it.

  17. Ayid

    I can’t find the discord link. Will it be shared during the first stream?

    • Dhawal Shah

      We will share it a few days before the Bootcamp starts.


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