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20 Most Popular Online Courses Starting in July 2022

The 20 most popular free online university courses and MOOCS starting in July 2022.

Most Popular Courses

Here are the 20 most popular free online university courses and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) starting in July 2022, based on Class Central learners’ activity.

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Most Popular Courses

Web Design
Meta via Coursera
In this course, you will learn about the fundamentals of User Experience (UX) research and design, such as how UX insights relate to design decisions and how accessibility affects users. You will get a brief tour in modern User Interface (UI) design, learning the basics of Figma, and understanding the importance of micro interactions.

Introduction to Market Research
Queen Mary University of London via Coursera
This course concentrates on the foundations of market research. You will be introduced to the essentials and nature of market research, the research process and the importance of a research proposal. Focus will be devoted to problem formulation, problem solving, research questions and research objectives.

Public Speaking
Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee via Swayam
The purpose of this public speaking course is to develop the speech and personality of learners in order to convert them into confident, committed and effective speakers. The course will serve as a guide to various forms of public speaking with relevance to numerous emerging situational contexts and provide an overall development in speech delivery in a perspicuous manner.

Network Analysis for Marketing Analytics
University of Colorado Boulder via Coursera
Network analysis is a long-standing methodology used to understand the relationships between words and actors in the broader networks in which they exist. This course covers network analysis as it pertains to marketing data, specifically text datasets and social networks. Learners walk through a conceptual overview of network analysis and dive into real-world datasets through instructor-led tutorials in Python. The course concludes with a major project.

Social Network Analysis
Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology Delhi via Swayam
Networks are a fundamental tool for modeling complex social, technological, and biological systems. Coupled with the emergence of online social networks and large-scale data availability in social sciences, this course focuses on the analysis of massive networks which provide many computational, algorithmic, and modeling challenges.

Introduction to Quality Improvement in Healthcare
Imperial College London via Coursera
This course introduces you to the concepts, theories and application of Quality Improvement (QI) in healthcare from a global perspective. You will hear from patients, clinicians and academics what quality improvement means to them, and how they work together to deliver change. Studying the challenges, they faced and strategies they utilised to overcome those challenges, you will learn to apply and critique core QI methods, from experts in the field.

Programming with JavaScript
Meta via Coursera
JavaScript is the programming language that powers the modern web. In this course, you will learn the basic concepts of web development with JavaScript. You will work with functions, objects, arrays, variables, data types, the HTML DOM, and much more. You will learn how to use JavaScript within the React framework and discover interactive possibilities with modern JavaScript technologies. Finally, you will learn about the practice of testing code and how to write a unit test using Jest.

Strategic Management for Competitive Advantage
Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur via Swayam
The importance of strategic management cannot be overemphasized in today’s business. The course aims to expose participants to conceptual frameworks and various perspectives related to strategic management. The participants would learn to analyze competitive situations, develop strategy, use of various strategic tools and skill sets, and strategy implementation issues that are generally faced in real-life.

C Programming: Pointers and Memory Management
Dartmouth College via Coursera
In this course, we will examine a key concept, foundational to any programming language: the usage of memory.

Economics of Banking and Finance Markets
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur via Swayam
The course aims at providing adequate exposure to the basic concepts and policy issues related to the working of the financial markets nationally and globally. The course will cover basic economic theories related to banking and finance markets, and then will apply those to understand the working of both national and global monetary and other related economic variables.

Database Clients
Meta via Coursera
Explore how to write database driven applications in Python by creating various types of clients that connect to MySQL databases using Python code and Python-related MySQL features and tools.

Teaching with the Smithsonian: Addressing 21st Century Challenges in the Community College Classroom
Smithsonian Institution via edX
This course encourages educators to engage students with the Smithsonian Institution’s experts and collections (both tangible and digital), as they follow Montgomery College-Smithsonian Faculty Fellows (Fellows) on their virtual 2021 series, “Addressing 21st Century Challenges.”

Applied Accelerated Artificial Intelligence
NPTEL via Swayam
This course will cover the fundamentals of the compute capabilities and the system software required for implementing artificial intelligence (AI) based solutions on industrial use cases such as the ones in the domains of healthcare and Smart City.

Programming Fundamentals in Swift
Meta via Coursera
Practice and expand on the fundamentals of programming that are core to any language as well as the unique aspects of Swift syntax.

Statistical learning for Reliability Analysis
Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur via Swayam
This course seeks to present the participants a wide range of statistical learning approaches related to data sampling, hypothesis testing, statistical inference with both parametric and non-parametric methods, dealing data with one or more population, variance analysis, t-testing, likelihood estimation, and more.

Introduction to Android Mobile Application Development
Meta via Coursera
This course is an ideal stepping stone if you want to become a mobile developer. We’ll introduce you to this career path and give you a high-level overview of programming and the tools needed to develop Android applications.

Natural Resources Management
Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati via Swayam
This course focuses on the need of sustainable management of the Earth’s depleting natural resources such as soil, water, forest, minerals and biological resources, in relation to the growth of the human population.

Unsupervised Text Classification for Marketing Analytics
University of Colorado Boulder via Coursera
Marketing data is often so big that humans cannot read or analyze a representative sample of it to understand what insights might lie within. In this course, learners use unsupervised deep learning to train algorithms to extract topics and insights from text data. Learners walk through a conceptual overview of unsupervised machine learning and dive into real-world datasets through instructor-led tutorials in Python. The course concludes with a major project.

Underground Space Technology
Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee via Swayam
Objective of this course is to impart knowledge of methods of analysis and design of underground excavations in rocks and jointed rock masses for hydro-power projects and large underground storages for various purposes.

Real-Time Digital Signal Processing
Indian Institute of Science Bangalore via Swayam
The course helps in understanding of theory, design, applications, and implementations using hands-on experiments for the effective learning of real-time DSP technologies.

Introduction to Probability Theory and Statistics
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi via Swayam
This course provides axiomatic definition of probability, random variable, distributions, moments, modes of convergences, descriptive statistics, sampling distribution, point and interval estimations, hypothesis testing and analysis of correlation and regression. It explains the concepts of probability theory and statistics which are needed for handling various real-world problems.

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