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Course review: Copywriting for Beginners and Pros Free Course with Exercises

Learn professional copywriting techniques with Swedish copywriter and novelist, Cecelia Elise-Walin, in this amazing and concise course.

Copywriting for Beginners and Pros Free Course with Exercises is a super helpful course I was introduced to on Class Central. The course, sponsored by Inventicity, was taught by the expert copywriter and novelist: Cecelia Elise-Walin.

Why I took this course

It was an amazing course from start to finish and it helped me in my journey to begin building a career in writing.

For a long while I have been an amateur writer with zero experience but lots of talents. Writing comes naturally to me but I’m not so comfortable with just having it as a ‘natural talent’ so I set out to find a course from which I could start building myself up to be a professional. Fortunately, I found Class Central which then led me to Inventicity, a platform where they combine Inventiveness with Felicity.

The instructor

The hero’s journey explained

The Inventicity course on Copywriting made easy, taught by Cecelia Elise-Walin, was the one I enrolled for. Her teaching was simplistic and imparted a lot of enlightening knowledge to something that is a passion of mine: writing. Clearly, by the way she taught, it was quite obvious she practices what she teaches—precision and elegance.

As an aspiring writer it was so good to see someone I could use to measure my future career-expectation, specifically, the type of writer I’d like to be as talented as, or more talented than—hopefully. This writer was none other than Cecelia Elise-Walin.

What I have learned

A FOREST methodology

In this course, the Swedish novelist, Cecelia Elise-Walin teaches about different methodologies that can help make writing better, but the ones that have stuck with me the most are the ‘FOREST’ and ‘The Hero’s Journey’ techniques. Though the Hero’s Journey resonated with me more.

The stages and steps in the narratology and comparative mythology, the Hero’s Journey, are practices I have been applying to my personal life and work since it was made known to me on this course by Cecelia Elise-Walin.

Kudos to Class Central and Inventicity for helping me discover the Hero’s Journey, it’s been such a helpful lifesaver. From the ‘Call to Adventure’ to the ‘Gift of the Goddess,’ I have applied each of the monomyth’s templates thoroughly to my affairs and like the course they have provided useful and potent assistance.


This course did not only change me, most especially in giving me the boost I needed to start my elevation to professionalism in regards to writing, it also transformed me by providing the useful information and tips I needed to thrive better as a writer.

I spent two hours on this course and can joyfully say that it was the most rewarding two hours of my week.

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