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Course review: Electrical Engineering Basics by Engineering Mindset

Learn difficult concepts from Electrical Engineering such as p-n junction, resistors, inductors, capacitors, and diodes with helpful animations.

From lesson “How ELECTRICITY works – working principle”.

Just like the English meaning of the word “basic”, Electrical Engineering Basics is a course designed to cultivate the basic electrical knowledge in the mind of students who wish to venture into the field of electrical engineering as a career path or as a hobby.

Why I took this course

From “Voltage Explained – What is Voltage? Basic electricity potential difference”.

All the fundamental components of electrical engineering were clearly explained using animation which helps in understanding the entire concept. As an individual that has chosen electrical engineering as a career, the quest to understand the working principle and operation of all the electrical components becomes a pertinent task for me to become a successful engineer. To enhance my knowledge, I took this basic engineering class by the Engineering Mindset, which was a dream come true. It was an interesting course, and I can confidently say that the only prerequisite information to become successful in this course is being interested. Once you have the passion to learn, then you are all set.

What I have learned

From “Inductors Explained – The basics how inductors work working principles”.

During my first year in college, it was difficult for me to understand some concepts like how an inductor opposes current, p-n junction (a boundary or interface between two types of semiconductor materials, p-type and n-type, inside a single crystal of semiconductor), and how a transformer works until the day I enrolled in this course. The behavior of resistors, inductors, capacitors, diodes, etc were clearly illustrated with the aid of animation. I enjoyed the course to the point that, on several occasions, I lost track of time staying up for 2-3 hours, despite the fact the course is structured for a short duration (7 hours worth of material in total).

There are 36 videos in this YouTube playlist course, and it does not provide quizzes or a certificate.


From “How Inverters Work – Working principle rectifier”.

This course is suitable for anyone who wants not only to pass the college test, but also to have a deeper understanding of electrical engineering.

I can’t wait to enroll for another course with Class Central.

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Ojobor Ferdinand Chidera

My name is Ojobor Ferdinand Chidera, a student of Electrical engineering.

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